YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 27 (CHAPTER 287)

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55 Days Until Life And the Uncertain End (pt 2)

Zeydar was flustered. His heart raced uncontrollably, as he taught his class. Where it was day, it was certainly night for Evester, who was preparing or working on an Aralax fight. One battle, that Zeydar could not watch. He had little doubt in Maverin’s predictions, but far greater irritation in the man’s lack of decorum, announcing to the family that an attack would happen for Evester that night. Zeydar had been about to leave when the man told them all the truth, as if he had meant to hide it until the last moment from the beginning.

Once more Zeydar stumbled over his words, coming to a stop abruptly in his lecture, glaring at his presentation, and then turning back to the students of his class in the hall. The number had grown exponentially in the last few days, more than doubling in size from the first day. Everyone knew that he had been interrogated by the Superior Council after he had fought for the Tower. There was not a student on the campus who had not seen his actions in the videos. The videos themselves, had been censored and banned on campus, keeping Star campus from knowing that Zeydar had done anything until the rumors began to spread and students smuggled in downloaded copies from the outside.

The Superiors had done nothing in retaliation yet. It was as if the secret was no secret at all. He suspected Kony, or perhaps May, had been the one to spread the rumor in order to assist in building up his reputation. Instead it made his class — that had dwindled down to an attendance of eight — sky rocket back up to numbers he did not expect. The intensity was palpable. Not a single student wanted to fight him, but he suspected that they believed that being by him, they would gain some of his insight and capability.

“Sorry, my head is not in the right place. Where was I?” Zeydar asked, knowing full well where he had left off but wondering if his students even cared. He suspected that they wanted to learn more about theory and actual fighting, than history.

Calling upon a student he got a response he expected. “Is it true you went out to fight the monsters?”

“Aralax.” Zeydar corrected. “Easily killable.” There was a palpable silence as they waited on bated breath for him to answer. He was not sure he should answer at all. He glanced back to his notes and spun the chalk in his hands, ready to move on regardless.

“Yes we did.” Shawn spoke up from where he sat, bored. Zeydar looked to Shawn who often slept through the classes, without a care for who watched him. “And Zeydar killed thousands of the creatures. To make a point. There were enough out there that they could have destroyed this Tower.”

There was a sharp intake of breath of those in the room.

“Not all Class Ones can do it.” Zeydar sighed, not bothering to hide his truth. Of this he had not been forbidden.

“Are they coming again?” Another person asked.

“They will return until we are dead or gone.” Zeydar answered. “It is for that reason we are preparing to leave the planet.”

“My Superior.” One of the few Class Ones in the class started speaking. “Says that isn’t necessary.”

“Your Superior is telling you bold faced lies.” Zeydar eyed them. He felt the singe at the base of his skull warning him not to talk ill about the order of the Superiors. “We have to leave. This planet is not suitable for us. Our people are working towards a solution and a better location to house our species, but as it is now, we are at the mercy of our planet.” His eyes darted around the room to those who didn’t know what to believe. “Arcadia and Valaria have fallen. Let alone the many other Towers, LowerCities, and UnderCities. Our world has fallen into chaos and you want to believe that we are not in the position of necessity? Has history taught you nothing?”

“There is nowhere suitable for us. We should fight.” Another student chirped out, picking a fight with Zeydar directly.

“A location has been found for us.” Zeydar knew it was a lie, that was told to Circles and Stars alike, but a lie he had to perpetuate. “We have a new home. We are only in need of finalizing the transportation to get there.”

The room did not seem impressed nor convinced. 

“If we do not leave, what will happen to us?” Someone asked.

“Death. Either by climate change, unpredictable disaster, or Aralax. I can protect you from Aralax, but not the other two.” Zeydar answered.

“You can stop a Tower collapse.” Shawn threw out nonchalantly. Zeydar glared at him. “You stopped Valaria from fully falling.”

“I—“ Zeydar was at a loss of what to say. Why was Shawn outing his capabilities in this moment? What had Zeydar missed? “I don’t think I could do it again.” Another lie. He could easily now, however he could not let that amount of power show. If the Superiors thought him too much a threat, he’d lose his upper hand. If these loud mouthed Stars could not…

It was then in the moment of silence that Zeydar understood what Shawn was doing. As he looked at the idolization in many of the Stars eyes, he understood what was necessary. The Stars preached security, peace, and stability. At any moment, the Superiors did everything in their path to ensure that all were ‘equal’ in the Star society. They minimized communication and sequestered the Stars to the Star campus to keep control over them.

However he was a legend amongst the students. He had survived Valaria and Arcadia. He had survived the Lowerlands. He had passed his exams for Superiority with questions of obscene difficulty, all of which were public. His pass rate for each test had been higher than a ninety-eight percent correct rate. He had destroyed Aralax in close proximity of the Tower, in videos they had seen and with powers no one had heard of before. He was friends with EverDanger, and EverDanger understood the power of an idol.

They were all was boosting his image, so that he may use these Stars when it was necessary. Rebellion against the Superiors was to occur, and even if Zeydar did it alone, he needed the backing to make sure that his transition into power was seamless. Taking control of the tablet would bind the Superiors, and in theory all the Stars. However theory was not always application. Having the backing of other Stars could only benefit Zeydar.

“However.” Zeydar leveled his eyes, and made sure his voice was clear. “It would not stop me from trying.” He then let himself smile. “And who knows? Perhaps I could pull off another miracle.”

Shawn snorted and Zeydar closed his notes, placing the chalk down. 

If they were going to idolize him, then he needed to give them something to talk about. If they were going to pass rumors, he needed the words to be awe inspiring. If they were curious, he was going to answer all their questions.

Zeydar grabbed a chair, spinning it around so that when he sat, he faced the room. “What else do you want to know?”

Tens of hands shot up all at once, and Zeydar heard Shawn chuckle under his breath.

If they were going to make a myth out of his story, then he was going to make it worth reciting.

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