YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 26 (CHAPTER 286)

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55 Days Until Life And the Uncertain End (pt 1) 

Evester sat with his back against the wall, and his shoulders pressed flat. He once more glanced over the information on his tablet as he listened to Karla give instructions to the soldiers. He flipped between Heia’s fighting footage and Zedyar’s footage, going back and forth between the two of them. He skimmed over the fights, looking in specific at their reactions and how healthy they looked.

There was not much time before Uly would give them the update on the communication plans for the next big battle, but Evester wanted to see them both before he heard them. He wanted to see that they were okay himself. Seeing them fight in new ways was giving him hope that maybe their plans were not for naught.

“Are you Evester?” A small voice asked.

Looking to the left, Evester saw a girl no more than eight and a few other kids with her. They were dressed in clothes that were too big for them, bunched up and layered for warmth in the cool air.

“Yes.” Evester smiled at them. When was the last time he had seen his fans? In the modern world, it felt as if more people wanted to shut him up than to listen to him. The days of celebrity EverDanger were over, and seeing fans gave rise to feelings that Evester had not felt in months.

“Mama says that you know what new planet we’re going to.” She pulled at the hem of her shirt.

“I do.” He smiled at them even brighter. “It will be a beautiful place.”

“And…” The boy who clung to the girl’s back looked at him. “That you’ll have medicine for us.”

“Liar.” Another boy snapped before Evester could respond. “Circles will never give their medicine to us.”

“We are all the same people.” Evester shook his head, unsure what the children meant by medicine. “Did you know that originally the Stars, Circles, and X’s were designed to help save the world?” He asked shutting off his tablet. “In the new world the distinction won’t be there anymore.”

Evester knew that Heia would push for it and he did not blame her. The system was broken and it needed to be changed. Circles were not Circles because they were better, but because they had trace levels of magic. Saying the words to himself, Evester found himself facing the person he once was. Had he not, less than a year ago, believed himself better than all of them?

And now he was working to make sure they all survived. 

“You don’t care.” Another kid said.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t… However.” Evester turned to face them completely, sitting cross legged. “We are going to be going to a very scary place. It might be beautiful but it will be dangerous. Can I trust you to protect your families?”

The kids stared at him as if seeing him in another light. He motioned over to the soldiers that Karla was training. “One day we will need lots of protectors.”

“Soldiers.” The one girl looked over and nodded. “Like Heiphillia’s team?”

“Magic and non magic working together.” Evester nodded. “The way it’s supposed to be.”

“You mean it?” The little skittish boy asked.

“My fiancé will make sure of it.” Evester smiled. 

“I’m not sure he agreed to marrying you.” Rayda’s voice startled Evester. Leaning back on his palms, Evester looked at Rayda upside down. She smiled at him. “Come, we have work to do before tonight.”

“Right.” Evester got to his feet and smiled at the kids.

“Wait.” The little girl said holding out a book. Looking at it, Evester took the book and her pen. It seemed to be a diary, messily written, and small enough to carry. Flipping to the first blank page, Evester signed his name, title, and a message for her. He then gave it Rayda who signed. She handed it back to the little girl and the Evester headed off with Rayda towards the city hall where they were planning the evacuation for the night, and planning how they would keep everyone protected. Most of the residents would be evacuated before the fighting had come, but they’d still have to fight.

“What did she mean by medicine?” Evester asked Rayda.

“Common issues. Disease due to the lack of plumbing and fractured support systems. Easily cured when they get to one of the bigger cities.” Rayda answered.

“Have they been requesting aid for a while?”

“I think so.” Rayda bit at her lip. Evester wondered how many had been lost from something curable because no one got along. He thought of all that had to be fixed and changed and did not disagree with Heia. Things needed to be fixed in the new world immediately and the status quo could not be kept.

“Focus on saving us for now, Evester. We have to get through the attacks.”

Evester nodded. He knew that while the internal threat was bad, the external threat was worse. As they stepped into the room, Evester’s eyes narrowed. He focused on the task at hand, again banishing all thoughts of the other world he could not join yet.

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