YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 24 (CHAPTER 284)

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56 Days Until Orders And the Uncertain End (pt 2)

Heia looked over the time tables and her new schedule for training, as Kim sat across from her, looking over personal notes that Kim had taken. There was a lot to do and not much time. If they implemented the full training, there would be little more movement that could be done. Heia looked back at the timeline and then to her notes. If only they had started earlier. If only the world had believed Maverin. If only… There were too many if only’s and the present moment did not care for any of them. The way the world was, was what they had to work with.

She’d make sure they made it to the end.

“When we leave are those going to Europa?” Heia asked peeking at Kim’s notes.

“Yes, their detailed notes on all the X leaders.” Kim said holding up the notes with a quick wink and a smile.

“Were you stalking them?”

“Reading them in a way, yes.” Kim laughed.


“I’m doing my part to protect everyone.” Kim looked up at her. “I know you don’t agree, but anarchy is not the way.”

“The system is broken.” They could not let it continue to function the way that it did.

“A new one will have to be made when we get to the new world.” Kim wrote on the papers. “However erasing the system leaves room for others to fill it. Revolution is not about eliminating everything all at once, but slowly working so that the change sticks.”

“And the new system will be one that the people have decided on. You realize that the Igilistal’s may lose power right?”

Kim seemed to hear the news for the first time. She looked up, blinked blank for a few seconds and then shook her head. “I have a hard time thinking that will be the case. The Igilistal’s did not rule simply because of money.”

“What else?” How could she make sure that they did not rule in the future.

“Fear.” Kim answered. “Even in a new world that fear will not disappear. It is woven into the fabrics of genetics. The Igilistals are at the top. Even without money, they have all the other skills to get the money and resources to control the world.”

“Like your notes on everyone’s secrets.”

“Exactly like that.” Kim said as she continued to write the notes as if she had no problem doing it. Kim was a part of the Igilistals just like ay of them. Heia knew that, and she wondered just how she’d be able to help Kim break free.

“What happens when they do fall?” Heia whispered to her.

“Then I’ll be free.” Kim paused. “But until then, I do as I have been asked. As it is right now, we need to make sure that mutiny does not happen and someone has complete control.”

“Yes but…”

“Would you rather that person is Alan Penn?”

Heia had to admit she did not. She knew that Estashia was the best leader for the job, simply because Estashia already knew how to do it. The woman was ready to adapt to anything. Estashia might have been cruel, and control the world under her fist. She might have been the most power hungry person in existence, but Estashia was capable. And Estashia was, perhaps, the only one who could guarantee their survival in a new place.

“You are not the only one who is afraid. The issue for an Igilistal who is afraid, is that they know how to hide it and act regardless.” Kim paused, tapping her pen. She contemplated for a full fifteen seconds before she spoke again. “In the future, we will figure it out. But for now, we need to make sure that the world is united and this is the way to make sure politics do not come to play.”

“I suppose.” Heia looked back to the schedule. “We won’t have much time to teach them.”

“Our teams will be able to teach when we leave.”

“I don’t want to go.”

“To Ovaria?”

“It’s not my home.”

“No. But its the next phase in what we have to do. We’ve gotten the Circles and X’s. The Stars have yet to fall, but Zeydar will get them to. I believe in him.”

Heia nodded. She went back to her own notes, glancing to Kim’s every so often reading notes on behaviors and implementing the details into her memory. The day that Heia rebelled, she knew that Kim would have all the information needed to take down every world leader all at once. Estashia would know that as well, and so Heia vowed to make sure she kept Kim alive at all costs.

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