YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 23 (CHAPTER 283)

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56 Days Until Orders And the Uncertain End (pt 1)

Zeydar stood with his hood up, walking towards the meeting that was being held in his honor. Kony jogged after him, with May. Neither of them would be allowed in, but they’d walk him as far as they could. Kony continued to recite lectures and concepts to Zeydar, in preparation for his tests later. When they stood at the door, he stopped speaking.

“Doesn’t seem real.” Kony looked over the intricate detailing on the door. He then stared at Zeydar. “You’ll be okay? Don’t drink strange things.”

“We’ve been waiting for this for a day. We knew it was coming.” May sighed. “We’ll be out here.”

The EverDanger video was live. The camera feed recordings were public. Everyone knew. It did not take the investigators going out to see the scorch marks, to confirm. Everyone knew he had done it, and because he had done it, they were safe. There had been no attacks since Zeydar tested his abilities in full. The Igilistals, Kony, May, and Zeydar had been waiting on bated breath to get the call from the Superiors. 

Zeydar felt about ten percent better than he had the nights before. His magic accumulation was smaller inside the city than it was outside. he believed that was due to the lack of nature and the distance to the open sky. It was, perhaps, why he had not died when he had saved himself from the Tower’s collapse, the first time, or when he saved the Tower the second time. he’d been immediately met by the real world outside the Tower as it was destroyed. Then he had been outside shortly after the consumption of his magic, and recovered quickly… Additionally all the other times he used his powers more than he had before, he’d been outside. The Tower was stifling him, however it was also, perhaps, the reason he hadn’t exploded earlier. With the slow energy gathering, he wasn’t running over powered all the time.

“I will be fine.” Zeydar told the two.

“You disobeyed an order.” Kony reminded him.

“Semantics.” Zedyar smiled, and he hadn’t felt the tug of the connection since the requirements were met. He stopped at the door to the Superior hall. “Worry naught. I’ll see you for practice later today.”

“Are you sure?” May caught his arm. “They will—“

“What?” Zeydar felt the smirk on his lips before he actively thought to give one. “They’ll try to kill me?” The laugh rumbled from the back of his throat. “They can try.”

He pushed open the door, gave the two one more smile before stepping in and shutting the door behind him. He walked to the center of the room, feeling the energy pouring into him like he was siphoning off the magic of those glaring at him. All the Superiors had been waiting for hours. He had arrived late, on purpose, when they had summoned him long ago. If they could make him wait, force him to be uncertain of their meetings, then he could make them wait.

“Why don’t we get this show on the road?” Zeydar threw his hood off, standing proudly in the center. “Its been a few months since I last stood here. Were you getting lonely without me here? It is far easier to talk this way.”

“Stop your nonsense.” A Superior snapped.

“If you expected me to sit still and be good, you really haven’t learned anything in my twenty odd years of life.” Zeydar sauntered over to the tablet of the Superiors and touched it, feeling his connection to it. Yes. It was still there, weak and severed from the main connection. With a bit ot time he would be able to get back into the connection and then taking command from Anthony would be difficult but — A jolt of electricity sent his hand back, as the tablet was flown to Elder Anthony, where he say in the center. He knew just touching the tablet would push them. He was not supposed to be able to touch the tablet, without permission. He also was not supposed to be able to ignore a direct order.

“I explicitly told you not to interfere.” Anthony’s voice boomed, turning Zeydar’s attention back to the Superiors.

“You told me to let them attack. I did. And I attacked back.” Zeydar leveled his eyes on the hood of the man who he had to over throw. The magic of the room pushed against his body seeping into his body all the faster as the Superiors as a whole tried to pressure him. 

Thoughts occurred to him in that moment. It was never the magic itself that hurt him. It was that his body had not grown up with the pressure of the magic around him due to the Dreams masking his senses. Using it all of his magic made the act of pulling new magic into his body hurt less. He had lived with the Dreams as a dampener, keeping him limited in ability, and limiting how much magic he could intake. Because of it, he had been in so much pain once he lost the dampener. However that pain was lesser after having used all the magic in his body, now that he understood that the way it was meant to feel. 

“If you wanted me to let them kill us all, you should have told me that.” But they wouldn’t because they needed his skill to defend, in the event that the Aralax got to the campus. “I think that what I did was—“

“You exposed yourself.” Majorie cut him off.

“The Circles know I am a Zero. The world was probably made aware. What is the issue?” He doubted that the Aralax were their concern. “Or…” He placed his hands behind his back and stood tall. “Is it that you are afraid that I am too powerful to control now.”

“Zeydar Arcadius.” Anthony used his voice and tablet to claim Zeydar’s soul. Zeydar felt not a thing. “You are forbidden to act without our expressed permission, from this point on. You will be watched daily.”

“Just like if I were a student again?” Zeydar lifted his hand. “And I have to ask permission for everything? Eating? Sleeping? Shitting? Where does it end?” He knew he would get a rise if he kept pushing, however, he decided to smile instead. “Besides you can not control me. You aren’t touching me.” There was a sharp mummer through the room as he said the words. He had guessed that the physical contact was necessary, and he now knew that Anthony was never to do it again. The man had to know how close Zeydar was to taking the connection. “Have at it. Do what you like. Contain me as you like. There are fifty-six days until the uncertain end, and I’m saving humanity with or without you.”

With that he slid his hood back on his head and went to leave.

“Where are you going? I have not given you permission to leave. You will stay until we are done.” Zedyar stopped. He waited for the command to wrap around him and threaten to break his mind if he disobeyed. It did not so much as choke him. Zeydar paused for a moment, wondering just what else they could do that he did not know. It was not worth it, not yet. He decided to play their game.

Looking back at them, he held his breath and decided whatever lecture they’d give him would never be anything he could not handle. He walked back to the center of the room, knowing that every Superior either sighed in relief or grinned in delight of his subservience.

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