YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 22 (CHAPTER 282)

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57 Days Until Longing And the Uncertain End

Evester looked at Ms. Jymes one last time before she nodded. Her city had been thoroughly evacuated as had the entire area around them. It was a desolate land, without a single human life. Other places had been evacuated under the urging of Evester’s message and Ms. Jymes reaching out to them over the radio. As people moved from smaller residences to larger ones for evacuation, Evester’s team was switching over to assisting them. He looked at his maps to see where the smaller Aralax attacks would happen.

“We have a few more large battles.” Karla asked looking at the map. “Then we meet up?”

Evester nodded. The date had officially been decided. In one week, Evester would see his family again. In one week he would see Heia again. In one week he’d see Zeydar again and when he saw Zeydar, Evester knew he’d begin courting. He was not sure that Zeydar had finished the Golden book. If he had, it would make things all the more easy. Evester wanted to see Zeydar and to touch him and to…

Seven days.

Evester pointed to the maps. “Since we acted, residencies have changed. We are going to follow the minor attacks and assist them.” Evester planned to help as many people as he could until the prospective date. Two places were circled in red. The first was labeled 55. It was where they’d defend on the second major battle in his area. The other was labeled 51. If everything remained the same then on the 51st day before the Uncertain End, the whole world would be under siege at the same time. 

Heia’s army plans would not be able to be implemented quickly. Zeydar’s magic would not be able to reach everywhere. Evester had put out the call for the location he planned to assist, and knew he had to get there before the promised date. The countdown made Evester’s heart pound. They had so many people to save and not nearly enough time. Planes were being used from all over the world to transport people from smaller towns to small cities to large cities. The large cities were being fortified further, and people were being transported up into space. Uly’s call to action to get people moving up en masse, had worked so far. They may have been able to drop the numbers down, but Evester had a feeling that it would not be enough.

Evester feared on whether or not that they’d make it. “Yes.”

“I can’t wait to see Kony.” Karla laughed. “He looks all proper.”

“He’ll be amazed by you and Kori too.”

“Kori’s the same.” Karla wove her had. She then looked up to the sky. “I miss them all.”

“I do too.” Evester looked up with her, thinking of the faces of those that he loved.

“Seven days until full evacuations off the planet begin. Right?” 

In seven days the mass evacuation of people into the ships in space would begin. The crews were established. The stock and supplies were supposed to be finished with securing by then. People were registered and placed in cryostaisis pods. They would get the city numbers cut down. Even then, Evester was worried about their progress. There was not a lot of time to get the entire population off the planet. It could be done, but Evester had his doubts about cooperation, specifically regarding the Stars.

“Yes.” Evester looked to her. “Are you ready to save the world?”

“I am.” Karla shot Evester the widest grin he’d ever seen on her before.

“Ready?” Rayda called out to them. Looking back once more to the graves they had left, Evester headed towards the plan and boarded. There were a few people from the town who had wanted to join them. They were new members, under trained, but they would assist where they could. 

Evester took his seat and placed his folded map into his pocket, staring out the window. The next location would be easier for them. They had ten cities to assist in two days. They could do it.

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