YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 21 (CHAPTER 281)

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58 Days Until Retreat And the Uncertain End (pt 3)

Heia sat with Alan Penn, Kim, and many people on computer screens including Uly, Maverin, Europa, and Estashia. Uly looked a bit worse for wear. His stern face had lost weight, and overall he looked as if he were not sleeping at all. He looked the way that she felt, after having gotten little to no sleep from the battle the night before.

“As it is right now.” Maverin looked over his notes. “We probably have no more than twenty days to whip the whole world into action.”

“Will we be able to implement the changes in that time?” One of the world leaders asked Alan.

“The whole of all the armies have been taught and trained in the techniques that Evester gave us.” Alan Penn admitted. “Implementing the changes and formations that Heia and her teams created will take time.”

“It will not be ready by the second wave, but the third? Yes.” Kim told him. “Uly and I worked on battle tactics and formations that can be used for further incorporation for those who will not be a part of the small tactical units.”

“Regardless.” Uly sighed. “In order to properly train and prepare, we will not have enough teams. Even with the Mages agreeing.” Uly spoke softly after. “We need to move the cities down from the hundreds we have to less than fifty. We won’t be able to survive if we can not do that.”

“Are we sending people up?” One person asked.

“We can start that after the second wave, sending people en masse.” Uly agreed. Heia watched as the other X leaders all nodded. Alan Penn gave his final nod and with that the X leaders had agreed. Uly went on. “I’ve been able to do the math and so long as we do the exact plan that I’ve set forth, we will be able to narrow our cities down to twenty-one X cities by the time the third wave comes.”

“Twenty-one?” Alan Penn repeated.

“If we do exactly what I say to do. No acting out of turn. No skipping the line. No doing what you want because of bribes or money. We can narrow the X cities to twenty-one and the Towers down to eighteen. This will allow us to focus our military effort, as so long as we continue at the same rate, but the time we get to the all out Aralax assault, we will be at even less.” 

Everyone was silent as they waited for him to continue. Heia knew that Evester’s efforts to move the smaller towns to the larger cities, had already narrowed their numbers down by a lot. There were, however, only seven teams of Heia’s trained soldiers. Even if the teams trained more people, they could only go to seven cities. Unless she separated the teams. Separating them into three units per team. The teams were only nine units strong. That would leave the new teams at three units to go and train the new soldiers in time to bolster their numbers. If they separated the groups into two units for new teams, they still would not have enough to cover all the cities and to train everyone. She could not have her teams separated into one unit each, that would not be fair. 

“That will be thirty-nine strong holds to protect.”

“We don’t have enough…” Heia warned him. “I’d rather keep my teams together.”

“You will.” Uly nodded. “There will be twenty one teams, separated from your seven that exist. We will send them out.”

“What of the Towers?” Alan Penn asked.

“The Towers have their special defenses, and by implementing them, as well as additional traps and arial defenses we should be able to mitigate any damage to them.” Uly answered. “The Towers only ever fell because of Star interference. Plus we have Zeydar, here, which is where the most danger the threat of collapse currently is with the Star leaders.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Uly nodded. 

“For now.” Kim nodded. “We will separate out the teams, and then pick the Mages who we will use as the supplements for the new teams. With May’s effect and the current situation, we should be able to get the Mages here to work with us and learn.”

“You have six days then.” Uly nodded. Would they be able to make it.

“I suppose this means that we can save everyone?” One X leader asked.

“No.” Uly said starring at her. “We will save everyone we can. After all. We’re living. We have to support each other while we can.”

Uly said the words, and Heia was confused for a bit until she saw the looks of the others. She had been right. He had used code under the watchful eye of everyone. There was a chorus of nods and with that they were dismissed so that Estashia and Alan could talk. Uly said he’d send the reports.

As they left Kim took out her phone and got to the internet, quickly scrolling through searching their names for highlights. She pressed a video complication and Heia and Kim stood in the hallway looking at it.

There they saw Evester working with his team yelling out orders, and how he traps buckled and Aralax fell. They watched a clip from Tower security footage of waves of Aralax being frozen and destroyed. Zeydar had went off and done crazy acts with his magic. And then there were clips of them, fighting, helping each other, working in unison. Structured as a count down, the second to last video came up with the footage of someone racing towards an Aralax that was about to kill a soldier. Heia watched as the body cam slid under the beast, sliced it down and then ripped its head out. Kori. 

Kori spun around to help the soldier up. Heia recognized the face. She was crying. Kori wiped the tears away. “Save your tears. You’re alive and we have to fight now. We have to fight.”

“Okay.” The girl cried, as Kori raced around her, to assist her companions in her unit. As Kori’s unit hurried over, the two units becoming one. 

Kori took down two Aralax with such skill and finesse, that Heia wondered if there were anyone else on their team as capable at fighting Aralax in combat as Kori. Heia had seen others, and Zeydar could take down waves with magic, but the way that Kori handled her blade was like a master craftsman. The way she moved her body was like that of a practiced fighter. She was far above the rest of EverDanger when it came to combat, and each moment she was on screen made that clear. When? How? Heia was not sure as her heart began to race. Kori then was off rushing to save another person. The last video then began to play. It was of Onyx camera that apparently had not been turned off when they returned to the camp. Or had she turned it on, on purpose? Heia would not have put it past her.

“‘We’re fighting to survive.’” Kori’s voice made Heia’s heart swell. “‘That means we fight to live, and I’m not going to let someone die if I can save them.’” There were images of following that as a quick real of them saving so many other people. The final line was the number of days until the Uncertain End and Heia immediately looked up to Kim who was laughing.

“This is good?” Heia confirmed.

“The best.” Kim agreed, putting her phone away. The two walked out, deciding how they were going to separate the teams.

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