YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 20 (CHAPTER 280)

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58 Days Until Retreat And the Uncertain End (pt 2)

Zeydar had just enough energy to say good night, as he walked past the bustling dining room. He wanted nothing more than to get into his bed and call it a night. He’d missed two days of work, and the Superiors were undoubtedly looking for him. He knew that he had to tell Maverin his discoveries, but his mind was spinning too much for him to focus.

“How is your cold?” Europa asked him before he could get too far.

Cold? He turned back to her, eyeing her confused. His body ached. His head was pounding. He probably did look like he had a cold, but he knew that the house had full knowledge of his schemes. “Terrible.”

The cold must be what the told the Stars that came looking, which meant that he could not simply fall asleep. He was going to have to talk, and hated the fact of it more with each passing moment. Walking on to his room, Zeydar did not hesitate to get clean. Upon changing, he made his way to Estashisa’s study to report, finding Kony and May sitting along with Majorie.

“Superior Majorie.” He hoped he still looked miserable, considering how weak and powerless he felt. He wrapped the blanket he’d pulled as a last second decisions, tighter around his shoulders.

“Zeydar, you’re awake?” Kony rushed to him to check over him. Kony and May were both cleaned as well. Zeydar looked to Majorie for a moment wondering how long she had been in the house. Since they got home? No it had to be after.

“So, you truly are ill.” Majorie’s eyes narrowed before turning her attention to May. “His illness gives you no reason to leave your post.”

“I was worried.” May answered brisk and cool. “I’ve always been the one to take care of him with Tyler.” The words hit Majorie who did not visibly recoil, however Zeydar saw the woman’s body tighten for a second. Zeydar refrained from smiling at his best friend.

“Now, if that is all. I can have my staff escort you out. Superior Zeydar needs his rest.” Estashia waved her hand for the staff to begin to escort Majorie away.

“He can rest on campus.” Majorie refused to be moved. She looked Zeydar in the eye that told him that she knew that none of the Superiors were fooled. He knew that his fight had been broadcast, but so long as he swore it was a cold the Superiors could not force him to say anything else. Besides, the whole city then knew that the Mages would protect them. The Superiors rebuking him, would be to their detriment only.

“So you can drug me again? No thanks.” Zeydar shook his head, glaring at her. She hesitated a moment before nodding and walking away, out the door. Zeydar sat down. No one spoke until Estashia sighed, signaling that the danger had passed.

“At this time, the city assumes another attack will be imminent tonight. However, you can assure me that it will not?” Estashia asked.

Zeydar thought to himself for a moment. He doubted it would be as large, after he had given the threat. “Even if there is. I can not do anything. The Tower defenses will have to hold themselves.”

She nodded. “Excellent work. May and Kony told me of the approximations for counts.”

“I did what I was told to do.” Aralax glanced to May, wondering how many Aralax he had killed.

“Get a good rest. I assume, you will be returning to work in the morning?” Estashia asked him.

“I will.”

“I need to continue speaking with May and Kony, have a nice rest.” She dismissed him. Without a second thought, Zeydar left. He did not know why Estashia had singled out Kony and May, and he wasn’t entirely sure he cared either. Making his way towards his room, he passed by the library, seeing both Layla and Andre sitting within. They were working on things, the both of them better dress and prepared than they were to begin with. 

“How are your jobs?” Zeydar was not sure what convinced him to speak to them at all.

“We’re managing.” Andre said after a second of awe. “How are you?”

“I’m alive.”

“As are we.” Andre smiled.

“So, I suppose I did my job.”

“Thank you for your service.” Layla gave a curt nod and then the two turned back to their work.

Zeydar had many questions to ask them, mostly regarding their family and how they felt. However not once had they said anything to him since they had started their jobs. Perhaps it was because that they had realized that they needed to work, or maybe it was that they realized that their siblings were doing more. He said nothing as he walked to get more sleep.

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