YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 18 (CHAPTER 278)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (6) 

It wasn’t that Zeydar couldn’t use his magic without a physical manifestation of the element. It was that with the physical manifestation, his magic was stronger. It was for that reason he kept the fire from the water and the fire from the plants. He kept the earth from being submerged and continued to throw around his wind like it was nothing. The more he had to work with, separated, the better his skills were and the easier it was to manipulate.

Attack after attack, Zeydar felt as if his mind and body were expanding. Explosion after explosion, he lost himself in the rhythm of it. Kony, May, and Shawn were additional actors, additional musicians that aided him in the silence as he learned more about his magic than he had ever known. Class One Mages were significantly different than Class Two. Kony and May were the perfect example of the distinction. Where May would get tired and worn out, Kony was able to almost keep up with Zeydar the whole night. Although Kony knew less, his output and stamina were greater than her’s naturally. He had to pace himself differently, and he rarely used magic as it was, as he did not have the control, but Kony was better suited to running along side Zeydar than May was. Perhaps it was from his experiences on the run, however his magic was fundamentally larger with a greater pool. Kony was able to heal Zeydar each time that Zeydar’s magic snapped back at him from over use.

“You okay?” Kony fed his magic into Zeydar, as Zeydar turned it into healing, and cleansing. Zeydar looked at his hands for a moment. He could feel something at the tip of his fingers, that he could not place.

“Take May back to Shawn and rest for a few hours.” Zeydar said looking back up to the attack.

“What about you?” Kony asked.

“I’m okay to keep going.” He needed to figure out what it was. The new road block had to be overcome. When Kony retreated, without having to be told twice, Zeydar focused on the task at hand and experimenting with his magic.

Zeydar lost track of the hours, using his tracing, that expanded and expanded, learning how the Aralax mind connection with each interaction. Their hive mind was complex and a bit difficult to navigate through, but every so often he’d grasp the head of an Aralax, and try to push his way through to understand more. He’d need to tell Maverin of the discoveries later.

His magic was thriving. He was thriving. He had never felt more alive that in that moment. There was no residual pain, no residual memory, only him using his magic at its fullest potential and expanding that further in order to try harder, to do more. The burning at his fingertips was warm, soothing, dragging him further into the abyss of his powers that had once consumed him. He let himself fall into their waves, and let the world’s magic become his and his alone.

The army of Aralax began to retreat back in time, opting to try to attack another location. When the last body dropped Zeydar realized that he no longer hand an enemy and they had traveled to the other side of the tower. Getting there was impossible via regular travel. Zeydar shook his hands, as the magic told him, he’d be able to get there.

With his magic in his mind creating a map of all the locations of the Aralax, Zeydar picked out an optimal location and stepped forward. When he teleported into the center of the army, the first thing he did was eliminate those that surrounded himself. Teleportation usually only worked in large groups of Superiors, with time to build a circle and time to focus on the spell. His ability to do it had been nothing more than a hypothetical moments before, one he’d been working on since childhood.

Once again his understanding of how magic worked, expanded. He would need to investigate further into history and theory, and his previous notebooks to see if he were able to determine additional possible spells. Zeydar had a feeling that each spell that he determined to take too much time, for the output, would be a spell he’d be able to do. If the power difference between a Class One and a Class Two was calculable, then the different between him and a Class One should be as well.

For the moment, Zeydar focused on the fight, transporting himself around the battle, whenever the Aralax began to flee, cutting them down. He could feel everything. From the way the Aralax fought and moved, to the thread that tied him to the Superiors. He could feel it all. He let himself memorize it, breathe it in, and live in it.

“For every one of me there are ten more.” He spoke to the Aralax knowing that they could understand him. It was a threat, impossible to verify, but a threat that would hopefully protect the towers in the future. Yet, Zeydar gave no chance at retreat. Throwing everything that he had, he cut down each and every Aralax that had come to attack, leaving no survivors, sending a message, not to try again. 

Then there were none and he contemplated where to go next. A hand landed on his shoulder, feeding him with more magic as the dawn sunlight washed over Zeydar’s face.

“Is that everything?” Kony asked him.

“Yes.” Zeydar breathed out, pulling himself back from the wash of magic that fed him. His mind began to scream and his body began to shake, like withdrawal. Swallowing, Zeydar knew better than to sink into it again, because he knew the feeling was not from escaping the magic, but from what the free ranged magic did to his body. He needed to find a way to filter the raw magic better, so it did not burn him from the inside out. He cut off his connection to the magic, and found himself with very little remaining inside.

“Why? You have no magic. What if…”

“Don’t worry about the Superiors.” Zeydar breathed out in a sigh. “The magic needs to replenish itself in my body on its own. Only by doing that will I be able to do more.”

It was like a dying plant. Sometimes old leaves needed to be all cut off to let the new growth flourish. He needed his magic to replenish on its own, and he had a feeling that by doing so, it would stop hurting him so much. He had an excess of magic before from years of accumulation and little release. He could feel the magic of the world flowing into him naturally. He let the soft light fill him.

“Let’s go back.” Zeydar turned on May’s words and walked back with her to Shawn who was alone in a car with empty weapons of all sorts.

“Everything you hoped for and more?” Shawn asked him.

“I need to try more than this.” Zeydar answered. “There is so much that I learned.”

“Slow down. Professor.” Shawn laughed as Zeydar stumbled and Kony caught him. Sleep deprivation and over use of magic caught up to him as his adrenaline disappeared. “First have to sleep it off and get yourself centered again.”

“Thanks for your support.”

“As if you needed us.” Shawn shook him off, helping him in, however Zeydar knew that he had. He needed them at his back to give him the comfort he needed to know he was supported and the motivation to keep going. 

Zeydar had been sitting in the vehicle no more than two minutes when his eyes dropped and he fell asleep.

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