YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 19 (CHAPTER 279)

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58 Days Until Retreat And the Uncertain End (1) 

“Move on ahead.” Heia ordered, rushing forward, reading her attack agains the next wave that was before her. There were only a few left in their area.

“Retreat.” Another order came at the same time that she spoke.

“Why?” Heia asked as she sliced an Aralax down.

“Not us.” Lynx answered. 

Heia whipped her head around to the main battlefield. The Aralax were racing away, disappearing into the ground. The sky above was no longer black, but dark blue and the flirtation of the sun was over the mountain line. Heia’s heart leapt as she stood by the dead bodies and burning green fires. “We made it.”

“Full retreat has been issued.” Onyx repeated.

“Retreat!” Heia agreed. Pulling her feet back she started the head count of those of them who had been injured and were dead. They had lost people, but not as many as they may have if the Mages had not assisted. Heia’s heart sank, as she ordered them to collect the bodies. She refused to leave them out there. To each one she made a promise, that their actions would not be in vain. Humanity would survive and their families would be safe. She swore it to herself.

Heia’s mind began to drift once they were close to the camps. She wobbled as she walked forward. 

“Not yet.” A soldier helped her stand. The one who knew Shawn. What was his name again? She could not remember. “Stay focused.” 

Was this how Evester felt after his adrenaline spike disappeared? She was so exhausted. Centering herself, she straightened her back, took it slowly, and kept her wits about her. No one could see her as weak.

“Good work.” She told them all as they jogged to retreat.

“We did it.” Kim sighed.

They had done it. They had survived the night and they were going to make it to the future. They had gotten the mages to act and now the world would see just how capable they were together. When they got back to the vehicles, there was a hushed silence as they moved through the grounds back to their specified grounds and barracks. 

Heia took a visual inventory on how everyone looked. The soldiers looked worse for wear, and mentally worn. Many of them would need time to recuperate from losing their allies and friends. She then looked to EverDanger. Kori had a few cuts while it looked like Trace and Robee were fine. Kim’s hair was a mess and singed, but she looked more tired than anything. Lynx and Onyx were safe.

“How did you get hurt?” Heia glared at Kori.

“These?” Kori asked touching the scrapes on her face.

“She was saving people.” One of the soldiers ratted Kori out. Heia glanced back to the man to thank him for the truth when she saw how all those in Kori’s team starred at Kori in awe. Heia once again did the mental count, and placed names to teams in her head. They had not lost many people due to their training, but all the other teams came back short at least one person. Kori’s was the only exception. Kori had not lost a single person. Heia looked back at her sister.

“We’re fighting to survive.” Kori said standing at attention. “That means we fight to live, and I’m not going to let someone die if I can save them.”

Heia’s heart swelled as she starred at her sister. Kori may have been reckless, but her recklessness was always in service of someone else. Kori wore her scratches like medals of honor, and with a few cuts she came back with a full team that lived to see the dawn. Heia swore they would not lose another person, because Kori was right. They were fighting to live.

“Well.” Kim sighed. “Everyone should go back to rest, we have training to do today.” All eyes were on her. “Alan will come to us and we are then going to have to send out our teams to train others for full implementation into the army. I have a new drafted idea that we can use combining more soldiers and mages who do not know our fighting style. They will be what we train. The whole world is going to be watching us.”

“For the end battles.” Heia confirmed.

“For the end battles.” Kim nodded. She then addressed them all. “This was just the first wave. The second wave is said to come in seven days.” She then paused. “And they hypothesized all out final attack is supposed to happen thirty days after that. We all know that will change. We know that will not happen.” Kim then smiled. “For now rest. We will be able to make it happen. After all, you all had far less time.”

There were a few cheers followed by the sound of people moving to their rooms to sleep and others preparing to mourn their lost comrades. Heia looked to Kim who still seemed to be contemplating something. When she looked to Heia, she motioned for them to sleep, and Heia decided that was the only thing she wanted. 

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