YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 16 (CHAPTER 276)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (4) 

Heia stepped out to the cool ground, eyes up, lights off from the vehicle and their holoblades. Her night goggles lit up with movement far enough away that she knew that the Aralax would see them soon, if they were not already on their way.

“Go.” Heia said as she raced forward with her team, igniting her holoblade in one hand before she grabbed the weapon with both hands. The Circle that worked with her was skilled, as was the mage behind them both. Magic lit up their field in flames, electricity, and cool light. Holoblades of different color, wove a path together as Aralax bodies began to drop. They clipped the wings of the flying Aralax, and had the mages focus on the skies to keep them down. There were many flying Aralax but most were foot soldiers.

The first formation was like a flock of birds, a V that acted like a spear, and moved on in. They worked to make the Aralax move about them, so that they could focus their efforts. The Mages stood on the inside, spreading the magic to support their team and defend and heal if necessary before pushing the Aralax back. Bodies dropped as the Circle and X pair danced around each other under full support of the Mages. While the Aralax seemed like they wanted to attack further, it was clear that Heia’s tactics were something they had not prepared for. The Aralax had never had to fight magic before other than Zeydar. 

And Zeydar was a bomb. 

These Mages were no where near him in abilities or capabilities, but they were able to push the Aralax back. Information filtered through their communications, regarding placement, retreat, advances, and current battle locations. All of the hybrid teams were close enough to see. Heia could see Kim’s and Kori’s teams on either side of her. Robee and Trace and Lynx were further out.

“Any news on the Mages?” Heia knew that it was only a matter of time before the Aralax, realized that Heia’s team would never be able to compete to Zeydar. They only had so much time before the element of surprise left their control. They needed the other Mages to interfere, to act, to see their brethren needed assistance.

“Keep pressing forward.” Kim ordered. “They will come.”

They continued to press forward, cutting down the Aralax that were in their way. Come on Alan.

He wouldn’t let them die out there? Would he? He would tell the Mages what was happening, right? He would tell them that her teams needed them, would fight because she needed him? For a small moment, Heia was almost concerned that he would let her die. That the Mages would let them all die. If he wanted to get rid of her, this would be the best way to do it. Despite the fact that her camera was live, she would be easy to kill off. Not only her, but it would be a great way to open dissonance for the Stars, and the Stars would use it as an opportunity to rebel against the Circles and X’s.

The moment where Humanity came together, had come. Heia prayed with each body she cut down. The Mages would act. They would see them, and understand Alan’s order. They would protect their own. The Mages would assist. They had to. She needed to believe in the best in them, like May and Zeydar.


The gun fire resumed. At first it startled Heia, who glanced back to see the firing line had moved closer. From above bombs rained down further out into the Aralax forces, taking out the aerial soldiers. Heia pressed her team further, cutting down the Aralax that they could as the X army supported them. 


She had to believe in her intuition. She needed to believe in the Stars. She needed to believe that they were good people.

When the volley of magic came from the back, it supplemented the gun fire, wiping out Aralax in waves of fire that had Heia screaming the next tactical formation. The members all moved out to a circle and raced forward. Ebbing and flowing their formation was not stable, but they were able to protect each other’s backs as they barreled deeper into the Aralax’s forces. Magic came from behind along with the gun fire, as ahead of them planes used fire and bombs. It was strong enough to make a message: humanity could work together, and they would not die that night.

Heia emptied her mind of all other thoughts. She focused on the battle, and on survival. They would see until sunrise and then the Aralax would no longer be their issue.

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