YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 17 (CHAPTER 277)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (5) 

Evester turned his blade in his hand, switching his grip, and stabbed up into the base of the neck of the Aralax that was headed for him. He then stepped to the side and ducked as Karla cut off the head of another. He, Crass, and Karla spiraled around each other, in the thick of the bodies. Gun fire rained down from above as snipers took out the clear targets. 

There was the sound of a deafening thud, and Evester looked back to see another Aralax fall. This one was stripped a bit, but Evester did not have time to investigate. He hurried to keep fighting, on a narrow minded path, reaching forward when Karla stopped him. All of the Aralax in the area froze. There was a long moment where Evester was confused before he looked to Karla who shook her head.

“W should kill them.’ Crass hissed.

“Yes. Kill them all.” Evester said as he looked back to the striped Aralax. All at once all of the soldiers rushed to the remaining Aralax, and cut them down with little resistance. Evester approached the striped Aralax. Evester huffed. “Rayda.”

“Drones are reporting a retreat. There are a bit less than ten.” She answered.

“Can we take them out?” Crass asked.

“Let them go.” Evester sighed, kicking at the body. He examined it, seeing the color and as he turned it over, he saw that while it looked near identical there were some differences from its body to the others. “We’ve lost too many.”

They had lost ten soldiers and had fought the whole night. If they continued on their small group would only get smaller. Evester turned back to Uly, knowing it was not the time to investigate further. He’d tell his father about it later, and keep the body if necessary. “Collect our own.”

There was a chorus of yeses followed by the silence of mourning for lost comrades. Evester looked up to the lightening horizon. They had made it to dawn. Evester could only hope that the others had made it to dawn as well.

“How is everyone?” Evester asked. 

“Heia got the go ahead.” Uly answered.

Evester was silent for a moment. “Are we offline?”

“Once you signaled to let them retreat, I cut you off. Heia is now the focus.”

“And Zeydar?”

“What Zeydar is doing is technically illegal. We aren’t recording it live…” Uly’s voice ended in a but statement. “Everyone knows. The cameras outside the Tower are picking it up in pieces and… Everyone knows.”

“What is he doing?”

“Trust me when I say that he is… Zeydar is good.” 

Evester knew that it meant that Zeydar was using his powers at rates and levels that normal civilians had ever seen a Mage do. Soon they’d learn that he was a Class One, officially, and it would put more pressure on the Stars to act. Heia had gotten their aid, and the Superiors would be furious, Evester imagined. Evester breathed a laugh as he thought of the two. “Heia’s plan worked.”

“Heia’s team is amazing.” Uly sighed. “It is a good sign and Europa is calculating public support.”

“I will need the remainder of the planes here by tonight.”

“They will be.”

“I should rest.” But he could not rest until he knew that they all were safe too. He instead started back towards the base with the others, once their companion’s bodies were recovered. Uly disconnected. When Evester got in, he saw Rayda with the computers on. He glanced to the screens outside of the Tower. The surveillance cameras had been made accessible to everyone, which made Evester think of his mother’s hand, under the guise of a “hacker.” He then looked to Heia’s feed, and heard her orders. Everything looked well.

“Next time, we will be with them.” Evester said to no one in specific. The end battles had arrived.

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