YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 15 (CHAPTER 275)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (3) 

The car was filled with a thick silence. They had been parked for a long time, outside of the Tower. Sirens called signaling final call for lockdown. There were more cars than just theirs stationed out. Most of them were military vehicles, however there were no staff. From what May had determined, as they sat watching, the military had left the vehicles out the tower with either explosives or poison gas. It was the most that Estashia could force the Military Mages to do. The X armies were not going to assist the Towers that had abandoned them. Even with Heia’s assistance to pressure Alan Penn, they had to protect their own, not the Circles and Stars. The two groups were not helping each other willingly and this night was the best way to fix the situation.

May tossed back two sets of over the ear headphones to Zeydar for himself and Kony. He watched as she placed her’s on before assisting Shawn with his cord. Zeydar set up the headset and placed the chord out of the way and taped it back so it would not go flying. With a flick of the switch on, the noise of the world canceled. Removing them, he was about to ask why when he heard a high pitched reverberating sound that both rocked his soul deeply and sent chills down his spine. His mind screamed, he saw stars, and stopped breathing.

“Headphones!” May saw him.

Kony helped Zeydar to place the headphones back on, and Zeydar was met by sweet silence. Her voice came over the connection, unbothered by the outside disturbance. “That sound is the electrical fields of the Tower activating. They will have solidified the structure’s defenses so it will not fall. We are officially stuck out here until the end of the battle. I hope you know what you are doing.” 

Zeydar nodded before he glanced to Kony who was adjusting his own wires so that they would not hinder him. Zeydar asked, “Ready?”

“Pretty much.” Kony nodded.

“Its a closed loop,” Shawn warned them. “Don’t lose the pack.” He prepared his guns that were stored in the vehicle, packed with them. Kony grabbed a holoblade before tossing one to everyone else in the car. The sun’s fading orange light cascaded in the car, when suddenly they were shaking. It was followed by a hollowed feeling of emptiness that was filled shortly once more by rumbling.

Zeydar sighed to himself as he waited for the rocking to pass. He felt his stomach twisting and felt a bit nauseous. Their car was not too far from the east exit. They were more southern, but they had not had enough time to get far from the exit. They had not wanted to be in the — predicted — strongest path for attack. The sun set quickly from where they were and they had not made it far. Breathing in sync with the vibrating Tower , Zedyar knew that there was no point in waiting any longer. Opening the door to the car, Zeydar hopped out, followed by Kony. In the distance he could see the figures of the Aralax armies approaching.

“What are you —“ May asked, as Kony slammed the car door shut. “It’s not safe out there!”

The sun dipped under the horizon and the night drastically cooled. 

“We are fine.” Kony brandished his holoblade. The fresh air stripped Zeydar of all fear. Within seconds his body began to scream in pain from the saturation of the natural energies around him. It was as if the sunset was a battery overloading him. Above them the full moon gazed upon them like a protective eye. 

“Keep them from activating the explosives.” Zeydar told Kony. They wanted the Aralax to think that there was an easier way in and divert their attacks. It would give Zeydar a reprieved as they manipulated the attack from the North to the South. With people, the Aralax would be drawn closer. Without explosions, they’d come in packs. If they could be redirected, it would give the Tower time against an onslaught of attacks.

The first Aralax came from the shadows from the other side of the Tower, avoiding the explosives. Zeydar walked out past the line of the military vehicles with Kony. They stood in the empty vastness, with the frost circling around them. The air froze into sharp crispness. The snow glimmered in the light, just ready to be dyed. 

“There they are.” Kony sighed, seeing that they did not approach, the two figures in the light. Instead they turned to the other explosive vehicles, falling to the ground with single shots of powerful guns that Shawn was wielding from their car. 

Zeydar’s magic scratched at him, begging to be used. Breath out, Zeydar had no Staff to use. Kony had Zeydar’s Staff, in the event he needed it. However Zeydar had to know, to see, that he could do what he had practiced for weeks. Hand up, Zeydar released his magic in his body, before squeezing his hand tight, and the snow shot up from the ground into spears of ice, impaling the bodies of all the Aralax within the vicinity in a single motion. Those that did not die, could not move. Those that were flying, continued onwards so Zeydar turned the ice downwards and impaled them into the ground.

“Christ.” Shawn gasped.

“Not Christ. Zeydar.” Kony was the first one to move, headed towards the darkness ready to cut heads. Breath out like frost, Zedyar shifted on his feet, walking towards the closest one that Kony had not decapitated. He leaned towards it.

He grabbed the creature’s mind. If Maverin’s research was correct, the creatures had a way of communicating and Zeydar had magic that could exploit it. Using his memories of terrorizing the Aralax strong hold and destroying it, Zeydar set the memory into the Aralax that screamed. He felt different connections and relations in the creature’s mind. Curious, Zeydar did not think much of it, vowing to tell Maverin about it later.

“Come and get me.” Zeydar said to the Aralax as he stepped back, feeling how all the Aralax were screaming.

“What did you do?” Kony asked as he cut off another head, before turning outwards into the darkness. The Aralax were storming in their direction.

“Focus.” Zeydar said more to himself, figuring that it was good enough of an answer. Breath in and out. The thumping of a heart beat that was not his own, sounded his mind, like a melody he had memorized. Powers out, Zeydar, used wind magic to cut off the heads of all those impaled by his ice, before dropping the bodies, and throwing the ice towards the approaching armies. He spun snow into water and washed them back, before freezing them in the wave that became a wall.

Kony aided Zeydar with his own wind magic, cutting off the path of the stragglers that Shawn could not shoot. Zeydar watched as Kony threw his magic behind him, and then shaped it into a wall before it reached May, protecting her from the Aralax blood.

“I thought you were an offensive mage.” May hesitated.

Kony turned forward again, throwing out a wind wall, to stop the Aralax’s progression. “I’m a wind mage.”

“Stay with Kony, protect his back.” Zeydar told her. “Cut down those that I miss.”

Zeydar used gravity magic on a few of the explosive vehicles, before using wind and gravity to launch the explosives out into the blackness. When the vehicles landed, the ground shook and light filled the sky, revealing the mass of forces that approached. Kim cursed and Shawn laughed in partial fear. Kony, however, chuckled in anticipation and Zeydar felt excitement. Using the fire, Zeydar wielded all the elements at his disposal, ripping the night apart in screams and death throws of his enemies.

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