YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 14 (CHAPTER 274)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

The reports had begun to come in from the front lines with numbers that were far over the predicted ones. Heia had to wonder if the size of the Aralax assault was because of all the things that EverDanger had done. Was it because the humans had been persistent? That most had not died in the recent attacks? Was the change, her fault?

“We are dying out there.” Trace growled.

Their whole team sat around their vehicles, listening to the reports. They were fully dressed and fully prepared to be sent out. Kim had ordered them to be prepared. For hours they had been ready to be deployed but when all the others left, they had remained behind. Most of the Mages, sat in a circle going over spells together. Kori spoke with some of the Circles, telling them stories of the Aralax.

More chaos reports came from the radio.

“Our firing line will be breeched.” Robee hissed.

“Nothing we can do.” Lynx shrugged. “If they send us out, it’ll only be when the backline crumbles.”

“Wait.” Kim looked at the radio, listening with her eyes. They flickered at the words and the smallest of smiles appeared at her lips. The radio reported the order for the mages to begin their aerial assault. She then took out her phone and made a call. All at once everyone went silent as she spoke. “We’re going to die.”

All eyes turned to Kim.

“No. I did no such thing. Why would I sabotage tactics?” Was she talking to Alan Penn? “The numbers were off. The Project is never perfect.”

Heia stood up and motioned for everyone to prepare. The camp silently packed up, and then stood ready to be told to move. All eyes remained on Kim.

“The Mages won’t attack because they’re the backline. They were given explicit commands not to attack unless another Star was in danger.”

Heia heard the words and looked to the other Mages in the area. Everyone was looking between each other and then back to Heia. The mages had started their aerial attacks which meant… Heia grabbed the radio that reported how none of the mages were acting. They were withholding their attacks despite the direct order.

“It was an checkmate move. Why else do you think that the Mages were given to us? The Stars were forced to, but now they will not do as you ask. This is not on me.” May sat back, waving her hand. Heia nodded to the others. Cars were turned on, people began checking their weapons and checking their bodies.

“I had a hunch. It was why General Arcodia had to help us. She had to give our mages the authorization to attack on another’s command.” Kim then stood up and walked to Heia. “Yes sir. — Yes. — Understood.” Kim handed the phone to Heia.

Heia took it. “This is Heiphillia.”

“You have authorization to move. Get those Mages to help.” Alan Penn then hissed low, barking orders to other people.

“Understood.” Heia nodded. She handed the phone back to May.

“Pleasure doing business with you Alan Penn.” May winced at whatever he said to her and she hung up. The others connected to the private communication channel, calling in and checking, ready to move when Heia deployed them. Heia grabbed Kim.

“What did you do?” Heia asked her.

“Nothing.” Kim answered. “I thought I’d have to do something, until I realized that I did not. I did not need to force their hand because the Mages already did so. We can tell them what to do, because they got the order to listen to us. The other Mages did not, thus they will not take the orders other than to protect themselves. I realized that last night.”


“Once we go out there, then they will be forced to act because our Mages will be with us.”

“Is that true?” Heia looked to the Mages who avoided her gaze. “Will you betray us?”

“No.” They shouted. And Heia had to believe that it was true. She looked back to Kim.

“What did he say to you?”

“Called me a Estashia’s bitch. It’s true. I was built for this. But I promise you, the Stars did this themselves. I did nothing.”

Heia reluctantly nodded and looked back to the others.

“Alright.” Heia addressed them all. “We move out. Onyx, your team will remain behind to be our central command, relaying orders from Central to us.” She placed her headset on and connected.

“Understood.” Onyx then motioned to her team, who began to connect their technology, and computers in the control van. Team by team, they got into their vehicles. Heia gave Kim a kiss before she too jumped into her unit’s vehicle. It was mere moments after the car sped off that Kim called out to the EverDanger leaders.

“Stay alive.” Heia said to them all, and she heard the response back. They had to prove that they would stay alive, so that the world knew that they could survive this ordeal.

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