YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 13 (CHAPTER 273)

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59 Days Until Mastery And the Uncertain End (1)

Zeydar tossed his bag over his shoulder, shifting his weight, as he jumped down from the car. Kony landed next to him with a soft thud. Shawn landed last, moving past them to walk to the front of the car, as Kony shut the door. Zeydar watched as Shawn took a map and a set of keys from the driver, before nodding to Kony and Zeydar, walking away from the car that headed down the alley as if its short stop had never happened.

Leaving the CloudCity had been the hardest part to plan. Uly had to make a secret compartment in a car, rented by Graceon. The group getting them out had been a crew hired by those that Europa trusted with their lives. Zeydar and Kony had to hide in the car, in the compartment, as the car left the main gate of Ovaria. Everything had been checked, and even with the bribes and control, Zeydar’s heart had been racing. He could feel the Superior bond tugging at him as he moved away from the Superior campus. It was as if it were reminding him, that he could not act first.

The second vehicle that they were going to get would take them from the top of the Tower to the bottom. Unlike the slow bus that had struggled to get up, they were to take a top of the line military vehicle. With the quiet tap of their feet, Zeydar walked close to Kony, trailing after Shawn who was breathing sharp in the crisp Tower morning air. They had a day to get down, and needed to get on the inter-floor Tower elevator in order to accomplish the task. It was exclusive for military, and Zeydar could only hope that Shawn could get them through.

Zeydar’s magic prickled as they moved further from the CloudCity. Hood over his head, he searched for anyone who watched them turn corners. No one did, minding their own business in the morning. He then felt a familiar wave rush over him as they turned into a parking lot.

“How did you follow us?” Kony spoke when Zeydar could not. May stood waiting dressed in all black.

“My boyfriend is dodgy, my best friend avoids me, and the whole house is operating like they are going to war?” May approached them. Her hair was fresh cut, short and controlled. She had her weapons at her side, and despite looking intimidating as all hell, she was not in uniform. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You’re a Military mage. Also we aren’t dating.” Shawn answered. He placed his hand in front of Zeydar. Glancing about, Zeydar searched for other Stars. He could not feel any other signatures of magic, but what if they had something to control what he sense?

“Sure.” May stopped before them, a few feet away. “I should not let you go down.”

“That’s why we didn’t tell you.” Zeydar sent out a wave of his magic, sensing all those around him, each registered as an X within his power. Zeydar then turned his focus towards her, ready to knock her out if necessary. Who else was further out, waiting? Did she have communication with others outside of his range?

“The Superiors want to abandon the people, May. We can’t let that happen.” Kony urged her.

“We can’t do anything. Three mages?” May offered her hand out to them. She then smiled at Zeydar. “I told no one. I’m alone. Trust me. Please.”

There was a long tense moment where Zeydar debated on trusting her before he nodded. If he could not trust her for this, not after everything, then he had no one within the Stars. He needed her. He had to believe in her.

“One Mage. Kony isn’t going to be fighting and neither are you.” Zeydar sighed stepping past Shawn. “I am, and if it gets too bad then we will leave immediately.” 

“How? They are locking the Tower.” May asked, looking around.

“Well,” Shawn walked past Zeydar again, hovering over May. His shadow covered her smaller frame, and as she looked up at him, Zeydar saw the flicker of challenge between the two. She glared up at him, lifting her hand to push him away. He took her hand and pulled her closer with a smile. “That’s where you come in.”

“Don’t lie. You weren’t expecting me.” She laughed, glaring at him.

“But we won’t throw away help when it comes so willingly.” He kissed her forehead and walked past. “Let’s go. We don’t have time.”

Zeydar watched as May flushed and touched her forehead. In the single most intimate act Zeydar had seen enacted on his best friend, Zeydar knew he had made the right choice to trust her.

Zeydar and Kony hurried to follow. Once they caught up, May whispered to Zeydar. “You think we can save the tower?”

“We have to.” Zeydar answered as Shawn unlocked and started the military vehicle. Shawn laughed to himself as he examined it. Zeydar went to say something else to May when he saw her racing over, giddy herself.

“Do you even know how to drive this?” May asked Shawn.

“Of course I do. Do you?”

“Of course.”

The two started trying to one up each other with status, rank, and title. Zeydar followed Kony to the back, checking the inside for any bugs. He then spread out his magic checking its defensibility. Out front he heard May. “If we are caught, my rank and status matters more than yours and no one would question me.”

“Shawn let her drive.” Zeydar snapped at the two, just wanting to get out of the city. He didn’t hear much more after that, as he took a breath and leveled himself. He sat back, eyes closed and heard the two front doors shut.

“Nervous?” Kony asked him.

“I would be a fool if I wasn’t.” Zeydar sighed.

“You’ve fought worse odds.” Kony reminded him. “You saved us those times.”

“I didn’t kill anything.”

“No. But you also were not in a good head space. This time you are.”

“I have no explosives.”

“But, you have better control over your magic. How else will you know exactly what you can do?”

“If it becomes—“ The car lurched forward at impossible speeds, May breaking all known laws almost immediately. “May! We want to be discrete!”

“Lockdowns aren’t favorable to discretion, now buckled and shut up!” She answered driving towards the elevator.

Zeydar turned back to Kony. “Protect yourself. You understand?”

“Yes.” Kony nodded, leaning against the metal trying not to be sick with the wild driving and changing pressure.

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