YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 12 (CHAPTER 272)

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60 Days Until Reports And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar waved his students off. The few stragglers, collected their books. A few asked Zeydar some questions before the room emptied and finally Zeydar collapsed in the chair next to Shawn who was half asleep.

“I’m going to go get lunch.” Shawn yawned, standing. “Don’t wander off.”

“Disappear. Got it.” Zeydar laughed as Shawn flipped him off and left the room. Alone, Zeydar started grading papers, thinking to himself on the books he needed to look over and the information that he had to retrieve for the tablet. The news about the attacks was scheduled to have broken during his class, and thus more than anything, he was waiting for the talk. He was waiting for Majorie to walk into the room and—

Superior Anthony walked in. Dressed in his white cloak rather than black, the old man entered, head high and demanding respect that Zeydar would never give him. From outside, Zeydar heard ‘hello Patriarch’ and curled up his hands. Elder Anthony closed the door behind him and then walked down the stairs to Zeydar.

“What can I do for you?” Zeydar asked placing down his grading pen.

“Don’t interfere.” Anthony said as he stood before Zeydar’s table. Before Zeydar could respond, he felt his heart pull as the man’s hand touched his shoulder. Zeydar gasped, glaring at the man, unsure of how it was that the man was controlling him. In the arms of Superior Anthony was the tablet lording power over Zeydar. Interesting.

“You are surprised?” The man smiled.

Zeydar glared at him. “How?”

“I might have released you, but your blood remains in the tablet. So long as it does, I can force my hand when necessary, bringing you back into the fold is as simple as flipping a switch.”

Zeydar eyed the tablet. Was he unable to control Zeydar without the close proximity? Did he have to have contact with Zeydar to do it? Was Zeydar fully free? No, he knew he was. The breaking had severed a part of him, and left his soul longing for connection in a way. They had cut him out so that he could not retaliate and control the connection, but there was more to that tablet than a constant connection. There was much he still had to learn. Zeydar made a note of it.

“Interfere with what?” Zeydar asked as innocently as he could.

“The attack. Let the Aralax attack.” The man said and there was a sting on Zeydar’s chest and soul as the tablet wrapped its way around him as a tether.

“You want me to let them attack us?” Zeydar repeated the statement. Words chosen carefully, Zeydar felt at the tug of the magic from the tablet on his own control. He studied it, thought of it, tried to memorize it.

“The Aralax must attack. Do not interfere and stop them.” Once again Zeydar felt the control around him tighten. Interesting.

“You are crazy. They could destroy us.” Zeydar said instead. How easy would it be to break this control? How strong would it matter when the man walked away? He began to probe further with his magic.

“Swear it.”

“I swear that I will let them attack us.” Zeydar said thinking of himself and Kony and Shawn. The man lifted his hand and the pressure disappeared, save the tingling at the base of Zeydar’s skull. He made note of it as well. When he felt the connection fully clear again, leaving him in isolation, he swore at himself for saying the words so quickly. If he had a little more time under its control, he would have found a way to take charge of the bond without the books. “I take it, you just found out.”

“I take it that you already know. You are a terrible Star, refusing to tell us what can help us.”

So the man could not read his mind then? “I had a feeling you’d force my hand.”

Shawn walked back in then. Superior Anthony turned. “You swore it, or you die.”

“No need to be so melodramatic.” Zeydar wove him off as he left and Zeydar knew in an instant that he was a true threat. The presence around his heart and spine lingered. Superior Anthony had come directly to the room after finding out the news, to control Zedyar. It meant that Zeydar definitely could change the course of the war. It also meant that the man wanted the Tower to fall and for more people to die. Zeydar could not let that happen.

“What was that about?” Shawn hissed. “I thought he couldn’t control you.”

“He… I thought so too.” Zeydar thought of a thousand possibilities. “I need to do more research.”

“What does this mean?”

“I have to let the Aralax attack us.”

“Us as in the Tower or us as in…”

Zeydar smiled at Shawn. “I suppose it will be an experiment to see if his intention for my oath matters or not.”

Shawn laughed and tossed Zeydar the lunch, before he sat down at his seat. “These Stars really don’t know, do they?”

Zeydar shook his head. They did not know and they had no way to control the situation. It was what scared them. Zeydar could do so much and none of them would be able to stop him. None of them would ever be able to stop him.

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