YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 11 (CHAPTER 271)

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60 Days Until Reports And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia refrained from clenching at the hem of her shirt as she listened to the reports that were coming in over the headsets. She stood with Kim watching out as the three teams led by Lynx, Onyx, and Robee raced around as the teams representing the Aralax, Trace and Kori, attacked them back. Heia continued to keep her face as monotonous and straight lipped as possible. The screens showing the camera angles from the drones, depicted the magical effects from the mages and what it possibly could be like with a real battle.

However it was not real battle, and Kori and Trace were not touched, nor were their teams. Seeing the way that the magic was used, however had her thinking. What were the best maneuvers to employ with the magical protection? What about new moves? With the new assistance, a whole world of possibilities opened up before her.

“Okay call them to stop.” Alan Penn spoke in irritation.

Kim hurried to call everyone to a stop as Heia looked to the man. He grimaced at the computers, and Heia felt a swell of pride level within her chest. IT had been an excellent display, far greater than the man had expected, and with that, Heia was in the position to use it to her advantage.

“You pulled it off.” Alan Penn looked at Heia. In his eyes she saw layers of frustration, but a hint of relief rested on his shoulders. He had been hoping for her to succeed even a bit. Was this enough proof that they could all work together?

“Yes.” She needed him to say that they could fight. She needed to prove to the world that their unity was possible.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” Whatever relief was there, vanished into hostility.

“Proven that we can work together?”

“Ruined us.” He laughed.

How? Why? What had changed? In those few seconds, what had he realized that she did not?

“You’ve given them the chance to manipulate us.” Alan Penn said holding his hand out to the screens, looking back to them with anger.

“The Stars?”

“And the Circles.”

Rage bubbled inside Heia. How was it that he had been so hopeful and then toss it all aside in a moment’s notice. She knew he knew it was a good thing. She knew he knew it was worthy of praise. She had been worried as well, but it was a success that they should have been jumping on. not rejecting. “This is why we will fail, because you can’t learn to accept them.”

“When did they learn to accept us, Heia?”

“Never,” she paused. “but we will make them. And we need to survive.”

“We are surviving.”

Heia gaped at him. This was surviving? This constant fight for their lives, toeing the line and deciding to distrust each other was surviving? What happened when they were on the new planet? The had to learn to work together or else when they got to the new planet, they would wipe themselves out. “Perhaps but we need to thrive too.”

“You are not permitted in the fight tomorrow. You will be on the backlines.” Alan ignored her.

“What! But—“ Heia started when Kim grabbed her arm.

“Understood.” Kim said. Heia looked back to her. Kim knew that the man was breaking his word. Heia had enough conversations with Kim to know that Kim knew that. He originally wanted them to make a fool of themselves and now he would not let them act at all? He was taking it all back because it meant possibility. Because it was the path forward and he would not be able to control that. Kim had to know that too!


“We hope you change your mind.” Kim said next.


“Let’s go tell the team.” Kim told Heia, pulling her away. 

As soon as they were far enough away, Heia ripped her arm free from Kim. “What are you doing!”

“I need to think of another route.” Kim answered, hand over her lips as she walked forward.


“Obviously he’s not going to change his mind. We are going to have to think of something else. Just…” Kim rose her hand to her head, running her fingers through her hair.. “Let me think.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think that i might be able to force their hand, but fighting it right now is going to do nothing to help us.” Kim started walking again and Heia trailed after.

They had worked so hard to be told no. If the world could see the combination, so much would change. What could Kim do to make them force their hand? Heia watched her think.

By the time they arrived at their team, Kim was lost in thought. Heia was the one who had to give the bad news to the group. Some looked relieved and most looked pissed. No one said a word in retaliation as Heia explained that it was a higher up decision.

When Heia relieved them of duty, she turned to find Kim walking away as well.

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