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62 Days Until Leaving And the Uncertain End 

Heia stood watching. Teams maneuvered about each other and the magic tactical course that May had developed. There was teamwork, legitimate teamwork of the likes Heia had been afraid would never happen. It was all she had hoped for but seeing it made her dread it more. Would the act keep up the moment that May walked away?

“Good?” May asked.

“Do you have to leave?” Heia hoped that there was a chance that May would not have to leave and that she would stay and that this would not be a momentary success.

“Unfortunately. Zeydar needs me.”

Or was it Shawn that May wanted to go back to? Heia doubted that Zeydar actually needed May’s assistance.

“We’ll see each other in ten days.” May then offered, reminding Heia that she too would leave soon.

Heia sighed. The date was coming too quickly. There was not enough done. There were two large attacks headed her way in that time, and perhaps more difficulty with Alan Penn and the other world leaders. Going to the Circles in their sky Towers, would be as if acting like nothing mattered anymore. She could not help, but feel that by doing so that they were ignoring the true problems of the world.

“Yea.” Heia finally said.

“You don’t want to return?”

“It’s less that. More… that’s not my home.” It would never be her home. It would never be a place that she belonged, and she knew that. They all knew that.

May was silent.

“I want to protect people as best that I can.” Heia offered next. Truly, however, Heia did not believe that by going back, that she’d be able to do that. In some way going to the Circle city, would hinder her. She had to be on the ground helping them, not in the sky doing politics.

“Why did you guys decide to meet up at Ovaria?” May asked.

“Because it is the majority of EverDanger’s home. My family is there too.”

“And when you see them all?”

“Then we begin other parts. I guess. I don’t think we’ve exactly thought about it.”

“You know it doesn’t mean you won’t ever come back.”

“No.” She did think that was what it meant. This would be the last time she’d be to a UnderCity and be happy to see them. The LowerLands would be rife with battle soon. The moment she went into the Tower that would mark the beginning of the end. She’d never see the UnderCities, the LowerLands, anything, the same way. The day she left would be the day that the end began for her.

They heard May’s name called out. Kim waved at them both from where she stood far away, signaling. May laughed and waved bak. “Looks like it is time for me to leave.”

“Are you afraid to go back?” Heia asked her.

“Why would I?”

“What if this all falls apart once you leave?” Heia hoped that she was not the only one who was afraid that May’s presence was the only thing keeping everything together.

“If my discipline was that fragile, I would have never got the title that I have.” She winked to Heia. May then reached out and hugged Heia. “Stay safe. Keep your mind alert.”

“Good luck with the next attacks.” Heia patted her back, unsure how to reciprocate the hug. She didn’t think she knew May well enough to get affection of this sort.

“You as well.” 

May then let her go and walked off towards Kim. Kim handed her a few bags and the two walked off. Heia watched as their figures disappeared into the side of a vehicle, and then watched the vehicle drive away. Heia returned her focus to her soldiers hoping that they would be ready. A few mages stared at Heia and then went back to their exercises, as if May had never left. How Heia hoped that the discipline would hold. She hoped they would not be betrayed by the Stars, like she always had been.

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