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63 Days Until Planning And the Uncertain End

Zeydar was sitting in the dinning room, next to Shawn, when Uly walked into the room with Europa at his heels. Maverin walked in after him. Both Uly and Maverin had different looks on their faces upon being released. Maverin had a pep in his step, clean shaven, cut hair, cleaned up and proper. Uly too was cleaned up, but his expression was distant, darker, perturbed. Zeydar wondered how much Europa and Estashia had briefed them on Zeydar’s freed status, and on the situation on the Stars, or if they’d just gotten them home.

“Zeydar.” Maverin slid in the seat next to Zeydar, where Kony usually sat. Maverin examined him as the room filled with everyone else of the house. Uly sat listlessly, as Europa sat next to him, and Layla helped Europa with her notes. Andre and Endwin walked in as they were talking, with Kony following in and standing in shock that his spot was taken. A glance to his right showed that Shawn was eating as if nothing had changed.

Zeydar looked back to Maverin. “Yes?”

“My son is smitten with you.” Maverin stated a bit too loudly, making Shawn laugh. A bit of conversation dropped into whispers and Zeydar felt the other eyes on him.

“Maverin,” Estashia walked in last. “Don’t bother him. Take your seat.” She moved to her seat and Maverin moved quickly from Kony’s seat to her side at the head of the table. Kony claimed his seat glaring daggers at Maverin. One by one everyone took their seats. “We are all here, so what was it you wanted to tell us, love?”

“Ovaria will be attacked in four days.” Maverin was smiling when he said the news, and all but Uly looked at him shocked. Uly was shaking his head. Zeydar had a feeling it was the reason he had looked so brittle upon walking in.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Estashia glared at him.

“Its in the official report.” Maverin answered, sipping at his juice and smiling at her.

“That report is sixty pages long.” Uly turned his glare to Maverin, and hissed. “I knew I should have proofed it.”

“We didn’t need you to. You got more important things to do.” Maverin wove him off.

“How big of an attack?” Shawn asked.

“Large. Biggest of the ones on the cities. They, may or may not know that this is the capital.”

Estasia actually visibly sighed in irritation. “Will our defenses hold?”

“I will have to check.” Uly answered. “I don’t know for certain.”

“Is there something we can do?” Kony asked then. Zeydar looked to him, seeing an excitement brewing behind Kony’s eyes.

“You? Probably not.” Maverin then pointed at Zedyar. All eyes turned to Zeydar. “Him? Probably.”

“Me?” Zeydar laughed. The largest attack on the cities, and he was supposed to deal with that, himself? His magic dug at his skin at the best of days. How would he win a battle of that size.

“You’re magic. It can probably do something.” Maverin did not give Zeydar any confidence.

Zeydar nodded. Had Maverin always been this audacious? “I suppose that means I need to defend the Tower.”

“Alone?” Kony asked. “No. I’m going with you.”

“No.” Layla disagreed. “You will not.”

“I’ll go with you both.” Shawn went on. “I can protect Kony and Zeydar.” 

“No.” Layla protested.

Zeydar looked to the group and thought to himself. A battle of the caliber may be the best for him. While his powers were dangerous, he needed to learn to use them. “It will be good to test what I am fully capable of.” Zeydar went on. “I’ll do it. If we are in danger, I can save Kony and Shawn.”

“It’ll probably be me saving you.” Kony nudged Zeydar with his elbow. Zeydar laughed. Kony couldn’t fight most Mages, but against the Aralax, Zeydar had far more confidence in the boy’s skills.

“Are you sure?” Uly asked. “Every time that Zeydar has used his powerful magic…”

“He was high or in withdrawal.” Shawn cut in. “He’s sober now. I would know. You can do this?” Shawn asked him.

“I will.” There was no other choice for him. Either he did it or he died. He needed to control his powers before the Superiors turned them against him.

“Then we will. What time is the attack?” Shawn asked.

“Sunset.” Maverin answered.

“We will go out and you will lock the Tower after we do.” Zeydar decided.

“How will we get out?” Kony asked. Zeydar stared at Kony who was beaming in excitement.

“I’ll figure that out.” Estashia told them. “You won’t be able to get back in easily.”

“I’m not too worried.” Zeydar answered. The plans began then. They spoke on what was needed and what they would have to prepare before the attack. There was much to do and little time.

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