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65 Days Until Suspicion And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Zeydar stood in the middle of the arena looking towards the targets. Spell on his mind, theory on his lips, history as a flash of memory, Zeydar cast his first fire spell. Then water. Then earth, shadows, wind, electricity. Element after element. Spell after spell. Still his magic stung, still his head span, but he was in control over it. Hissing he looked at his arms, seeing the skin turning red from the magic lashing out against him. 

Since he had talked with Majorie earlier that day, he had been wondering. Why was it that his magic hurt him? Had it been that way his whole life? If it had, had they really made Dreams to save him? Or was it only given to him as he was a child and they found out his skill? Somehow thinking that it was given to him because the magic was killing him, made him feel better. Tyler hadn’t done something to hurt him then. 

He, however, wondered, if it were given as a preemptive thing. That by doing so that he had injured himself. Majorie had not had any complications with him, so said his birth records. If it were true, it meant that he had not injured her or himself while being carried to term. His magic had accepted them both. Even weaker, he had been in equilibrium. He had a feeling that they had been afraid of his powers, that they could possibly be out of his control, and had reacted. By doing so, they had screwed him over.

“I was looking for you.” Shawn called out from the stadium.

“I’m here.” Zeydar looked up to him. “Did Kony go home?”

“Yeah.” Shawn leaned against the stadium wall. “Why are you here?”

“I was bored.” Zeydar shrugged using his magic to fly up towards, landing on the wall and then sitting next to Shawn who stood. “Did I scare you?”

“As long as you don’t Dream, we’re good.”

“My mother tried to get me to drink it.”

“Your what?”


“You’re kidding me.” He blinked twice at Zeydar. It was then that Zeydar fully understood that he had not explained to the others what his relationship with the Superiors was.

Zeydar changed the conversation. “Speaking of strange… I did not tell you, but I was disconnected from the Superiors.”

“What?” Shawn looked at him.

“They kicked me out from the connection. I was ignoring orders, but they stopped me before I could learn to control it.”

Shawn stared at him for a long moment. “How long?”

“Couple of days now. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back in, and I’m not sure I can.”

“So they can’t control you?”

“No. Not the way they used to.” If at all. “We should go.”

“Yes…” Shawn nodded before he stopped. “Wait… no.” He placed his hand on Zeydar’s shoulder. “Don’t avoid this. She did what? Since when was Majorie your mother?”

“Since I was born?” Zeydar tried to joke.

“Don’t make me smack you.” Shawn glared.

“I didn’t drink the tea.” Zeydar offered instead.

“And you’re certain that you aren’t drugged?”

“I’ve only eaten what you’ve given me. So unless you are drugging me, then no. I’m not.”

Shawn’s eyes narrowed but he said little. Zeydar knew that as a drug abuser, he was the least likely to be trusted on these matters. However, Zeydar would have known what it would feel like to be on Dreams. Raising his arm to Shawn he showed the rash that was on his arm. “I swear it.”

Shawn’s eyes darted to the rash and then back up to Zeydar with a nod. 

“When does the official report of days come out?” Zeydar asked jumping down to stand with Shawn on the stadium floor.


“And the Towers are fortifying themselves?”

“As you suggested.” Shawn was pissed about it.

“I simply want no fights again. We aren’t abandoning the X’s.”

Shawn sighed but said nothing as he turned his attention towards the stadium exit. “Any news on Star betrayal?”

“If I had anything, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.” Zeydar gave Shawn the only answer that he could. However it was not a no, like he always said to Shawn when Shawn asked. Shawn glanced at Zeydar with a hard look, before nodding again.

“Just… Be safe. Once we get home, you need to tell us everything that you were unable to say before.”

Zeydar said nothing in response. “We should head home.”

“It really controlled you?” Shawn asked with a shrug, walking towards the exit. Zeydar wondered if, for a moment, Shawn was testing him.

“The control that the Superiors have is interesting, yes. I know it can force others to their knees and make them do anything that Superior Anthony wishes. I’m not sure what it can and can not do to me, now that they’ve broken my connection to it, but I will find out.” He needed to know exact details before he took the risk to break it.

“You had better.”

The two of them left the stadium without another word, Zeydar pushing and testing the binding on his magic, trying to understand. He could not wait long, the others were waiting for him. The longer he waited, hesitated, faltered, the higher the likelihood that the Superiors would use it to their advantage.

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