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65 Days Until Suspicion And the Uncertain End (part 2)   

The city itself was a mess. Unlike the other UnderCities that Evester had traveled to, and around, this one in the worst shape. It had been a forgotten town, left alone when the other cities began fending for themselves, and in that Evester had expected it to be a mess. The homes were in shambles. The streets were carved by the earthquakes. There were marks of closed zones, from the danger of the electricity and plumbing. He had, however, not expected it to have nearly the number of people that it did.

“We don’t want you here.” The leader of the town glared at him.

From all over and around, people who had been rejected from other towns and cities had gathered. UnderCity Olor boasted a population of more than most of the surrounding cities in the region, and no one had known. Evester suspected that they had survived, by rejecting all outsiders who they could not trust. It was how the Unwanted Guests staid out. 

“I know.” Evester answered.

“Then leave.” The leader glared at the soldiers who had rejected and ignored their plight. Evester knew not to turn back on them, not then. He did not want to make the military’s guilt, his guilt. 

“We’ll make camp out there.” Evester pointed up the path back outside.

“We don’t want you here.”

“No? Well this location is to be attacked in five days and we need to prepare.” There were more people there than Evester was prepared for. He had expected there to be a large group, but not a fully functioning refugee city outside of the jurisdiction of the X leaders. 

Evester waved his hand for the soldiers to begin implementing the defensive barriers that they had brought with them from the facility. Once the basic layer was added this far down, they’d work on the traps outside. He continued to stare down the man. “Why don’t we talk?”

“We don’t…”

“Yes. I heard you.” Evester snapped. “But you’ve seen what the Aralax can do and I am telling you that they are coming here in five days. If you, if we are not prepared by then, then the whole city might be destroyed.” Was he willing to risk the lives of everyone like that? Evester had known people would reject him, but had not expected this level of disagreement. “We aren’t leaving you.”

The man said nothing and he was the first to leave. Evester hesitated and then lead the others back outside, as well.

“That went well.” Rayda sighed.

“We should be nicer.” Karla suggested.

“Good vantage points. We’ll be able to protect the entrances well.” Crass said the moment they surfaced, pointing to the mountains surrounding the exit.

“We will need to check all the other exits, to see if they are caved in. If not we will need to fortify them.” Evester sighed and then complained. “I am not sure how we can convince someone who hates us to listen.”

“You did it for Heia.” Karla reminded him. “What’s different now?”

She had a point, despite the fact that Evester did not want to admit it. 

“We set up there.” Crass pointed up. Evester nodded and Crass gave the order.

“Set up and wait for them either to help us, or for the Aralax to come. We are here regardless.” Evester knew that the casualties would come, if they could not set up their traps in time. Setting his thoughts aside, Evester headed towards the soldiers to assist them. He heard as Rayda took out her phone to record the set up, so that they would have a video to review for their trap set up the next day. 

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