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65 Days Until Suspicion And the Uncertain End (part 1)   

Zeydar sat in the library looking at the files that he had requested. The private room that he requested was not so private, with multiple surveillance spells and three different incognito Superiors sitting going over their own books. He was happy that no one bothered him directly.  

He flipped through history texts on old magic, things he had not been able to read before in his youth. The books on the Superior Binding Tablet were unfortunately, too easy to read through. There were many pages missing and obvious changes to the text. It almost seemed as if the Superiors wanted to accuse him of treason, if he used the information.

Zeydar glanced at the obvious wrong information and tossed the thoughts aside. He’d get access to the full files in time, for now, he would use the time to get what was accurate out of the files. As he read, he thought of what the Tablet did to him. He thought of what had been like to have his magic pulled from his control. Even if he studied the texts for hours, he was going to be unable to do much with the information. It would take weeks to prepare with the limited knowledge they gave him, and he did not have much time for weeks. 

Uly and Maverin had been detained upon arriving at Valaria. It was official protocols to debrief them, although the Superiors had wanted to run their own tests. They were not going to return to the house until the next night. Without the two, Zeydar was in the dark regarding where the next attacks were to be, until it was too late. There were six more days until the attacks that Uly and Maverin predicted, swept across the lands. Without their information, Zeydar was stuck in a limbo state.

Back at the house, Kony and Shawn had been itching to fight. Zeydar did not blame them. They were all in the mood to stop the attacks that were headed their way. The end battles were on the horizon and Zeydar’s time was ticking down faster than the others. As he could not fight at the moment, all he could do was prepare for what he knew was headed his way. The Tablet already had controlled him. He had to figure out how to control it.

The Tablet could be broken, which might be the best route for him. Breaking it would make his life monumentally more easy, but it would leave a few problems with the fact that then he would not be able to control the Superiors. He needed to be able to control them. Stopping its control over him would be his first test. Then he would need to make sure he could reverse it and control it. And still, he could not do so without them knowing, because if they knew he could do it, it might expedite their plans. They might capture him and isolate him from the world.

Worse, he wasn’t sure he could do it yet.

Glaring at the pages, the words began to spiral and disappear in his mind. His head began to pound as his ears began to ring. The sound of people eating food, and those flipping pages, made him want to scream. He felt like a fish out of water and knew that his time in the library was over. He needed to get to Phil who was waiting outside. Another bout of…

A tea cup was placed before him on the table. He looked at the familiar milky white color, and clenched his fists, pulling them against his lap as he heart raced and his mouth salivated at the look of the tea. Just one taste and all the pain would be over. His skin crawled, as it started to peel at itself. Looking up he saw a familiar face, looking down at him in anguish. “Drink it.”

“I won’t be drugged.” He forced the words out, remembering them, tapping a rhythm to his thighs. Focus on me.

“Lesser attuned mages might not feel the fluctuations but we all can.” Majorie told him. “You need the Dreams to survive. There is a reason we made it for you.”

“And then controlled me with it.” Zeydar patted his thigh with the rhythm reminding himself of its weight.

“Your power scared us, yes, but it was originally to save you.”

“I don’t need it.” But he wanted it. He needed to get out of the chair, walk out the door and get to Phil. The white milky tea was tantalizing, calling him to taste. 

Zeydar forced himself to stand up and glared at his mother. He searched her eyes, her lips, her soul for any sign of the woman she could have been. Instead he found the monster who he’d never give the title of mother, not when she did what she had done to him.

“You won’t be able to free yourself from it.” She warned him, touching the rim of the cup.

“Is it the reason why you are so horrid to me?” Get out. He told himself. Get to Phil.

“We are Class Ones, Zeydar, comfort was never something we could give each other.” 

She said the words, seemed to mean them, but there was pain in her tone. Zeydar had always wondered if she had truly loved Tyler. Tyler had been the one punished to keep and take care of Zeydar. Tyler had been the one to be an Elder, the leaver of Arcadia, a teacher, and a father all at once. He had never faltered and Zeydar had never had the chance to think of his mother.

Seeing her now, he could see the pain in her eyes. Has their separation been her punishment? Had she been forced to the vice chancellor of the Superiors as penance? Had she cared about them both? Had she convinced herself not to care? Or had she been forced to? The Superior Binding Tablet circled heavy on her magic.

“You are to be the next head of our people.” Zeydar reminded her.

“Yes.” Majorie agreed. “You disagree.”

“I think it is wise, however, the way our people are is not sufficient. We can not leave this planet without the aid of the others. We may be Mages, but we can not do everything.”

Majorie was silent for a moment. “What are you planning Zeydar.”

“Nothing that includes you.”

“Don’t kill us.” She whispered to him, placing her hand over the tea. His attention that had continued to drift to it, snapped. He turned from her and walked to the door.

“I never planned to.” Zeydar opened the door, taking a breath and knowing she had helped him with the control. “I was chosen to save humanity, not to end it.”

Zeydar walked out of the room, headed down the stairs making a beeline to Phil, who would center him. They had to get off campus.

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