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After Lingering

Zeydar was asleep in his bed dreaming of his Superior tests. He was standing before the conclave, presenting himself, when he woke up by falling out of bed. At first he was confused. His lights swung overhead and his senses alerted him that he needed to be aware that things were happening. The floor shook and the lights of the city outside his window went blue. Zeydar hurried to grab a jacket and left his room.

Tyler stood outside his door when Zeydar opened it.

“What’s happening?” Zeydar asked, pulling the jacket on.

“Earthquake.” Tyler smiled.

“And they are putting us into evacuation?” Zeydar wasn’t sure a regular Earthquake could do that.

“Not just any Earthquakes. The final predicted earthquakes that Marverin Igialistal provided the World Council last week, before they told him that he had to turn off the Yasloughve Project for good.” Tyler walked into the room and grabbed the staff that Zeydar had purposely left behind, before then leading Zeydar on towards the Star Campus evacuation center.

“Did he?”

“I hope he kept to his convictions.” Tyler answered. “This is not the first time they told him to turn it off, and if he’s right, we need it.”


“I believe that the Catastrophe has begun.” Tyler ushered him on across the lawns towards where the other students were walking leisurely. Tyler had them almost running. “I don’t think anyone expected it to be this dangerous.”

“What do you mean dangerous?” Zeydar glanced around at the other students who joked back and forth, looking invincible.

“Many towers have fallen, including Havelia.” Tyler answered. Havelia was a costal Tower known for its durability. It was the most fortified and strongest Tower to exist.

“How.” Zeydar asked the question he already had the answer for.

“Tsunami.” Tyler answered.

“Did everyone…” die?

“We haven’t heard of any survivors.” Tyler whispered to him. There was another shake and Tyler grabbed him. It reminded Zeydar of the time they were on the Train in Valeria and it had gotten bumpy and he’d panicked. A warm, safe embrace that told Zeydar that Tyler would protect him forever. When Tyler released him, he forced Zeydar to move on in.

Zeydar’s stomach dropped. “What are we doing? Magic could save everyone.”

“Magic couldn’t save them Zeydar. Those Towers had some of the most powerful Stars in the world and they couldn’t save them.” If Havelia fell, then that was a terrible sign for all the other costal towers and…


“Ovaria. What about Ovaria?”

Ovaria was a costal Tower. EverDanger had planned an epic jump that Zeydar had planned to catch up on the next day. It was where the Yasloughve Project was housed. If they lost the project… If they lost the one scientist in the world that could… Zeydar’s stomach lurched.

“Reports say that Professor Igilistal placed the security measures to immediately reply on the first shake. We have no other word.”

Zeydar’s heart began to pound. EverDanger. Evester. Professor Igilistal. May… May was there! He needed to get his communicator to message her. Was she okay? Was she…

“We need to leave.” Tyler pushed him when he tried to turn back. “Evacuation protocols.”

“But May.”

“May will be fine.” Tyler told him as they took a sharp turn somewhere else, towards the Superior building.

“Where are we going?” Zeydar asked.

“Superior evacuation protocols.”

“They are different?”

“They are different.”

Zeydar glanced back to where the other mages were headed to the general evacuation pod. They walked into the building and to the general conference room where Superiors and Class Ones were going through a secret entrance under the stairs. There were only Class Ones and Superiors. Something about it felt wrong.

Perhaps it was the buzzing in Zeydar’s head. He had not taken his medication. Perhaps it was the fact that there were other Class Ones asking about their friends and the Superiors answered no questions. Tyler got Zeydar into the line, and sighed. It was then that Zeydar noticed that Tyler did not have his Superior hood on.

A woman walked up to Tyler handing him a hood that he threw over his shoulders.

“All Superiors have retrieved their children.” The woman told Tyler who pulled his hood over his head.

“Continue the communications.” Tyler instructed.

“Yes, Superior.” The woman nodded. She then leaned closer whispering. Low enough that she thought that Zeydar did not hear. “Survivors from Havelia are flying to Valaria at this time.”

“Majorie?” Tyler asked in a low voice.

“She’s alive.” The woman nodded. “The Patriarch wishes to speak to you.”

“Tell Anthony that I will contact him when I have us evacuated.”

“Of course Elder.” The woman nodded. She then walked away from them both.

“The Patriarch?” Zeydar asked.

“Don’t call him that.” Tyler hissed, pulling Zeydar aside as the others moved on. “To you he is Superior Anthony. He will never be your Patriarch. He will never be better than you.”

Zeydar nodded slowly.

“Swear it to me.” Tyler ordered him. “He will make you try. He will ask you to. He and the other Elders will want you to respect their titles. Will you?”

“No.” Zeydar answered. “I’ll use their names.”

Tyler nodded placing his hand on Zeydar’s shoulder, squeezing. Zeydar knew that if they were in a less public place, he’d have hugged Zeydar.

“Who is Majorie?” Zeydar asked Tyler quiet.

“A… Superior.” Tyler answered.

“From Havelia?”


The weight of the words was enough for Zeydar to understand. The Superiors and Class Ones were the only ones to survive the tragedy of Havelia. Their evacuation protocols were different. They were the uncounted most powerful group of people in the world. No one but the Elders knew how Superiors and Class Ones that there were. They could disappear if they needed to, and reappear. 

“The others so far, weren’t so lucky.” Tyler then said told Zeydar. “Only Havelia.”

Only Havelia? How many other cities had already fallen?

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