YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 113 (CHAPTER 260)

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Rewriting (part 3)

Unlike the previous meetings Zeydar had attended that year, this was not a dinner, nor a schooling and progress meeting. He would not stand before the enclave to defend his right to exist. Instead he was to be a part of the general meeting to discuss and debate. It had been a long time since he had joined one. He knew they had been doing them behind his back, giving him wrong times. He had, however, staked out the council room and had laced it with magic to alert him to their movement. This time he would not miss it. When he had shown up he had seen the way that they had all looked at him, and from the look of it the entirety of the Superiors from all other towers were being summoned in through video calls.

Zeydar sat in his seat ready. Breath in, breath out, his head was clear that night. It was not filled with the shakes and the hallucinations that sometimes came at night as side effects of being off Dreams. No, this night he was in the clear and his magic was not biting at him. It was swelling and filling him, leaving him feeling warm but not burning.

He could read the magic signatures and tethers to the tab that connected to all the Superiors in the room, and to all of the Superiors who were not. The tab had to be held in order for it to control the Superiors. Superior Anthony had it on him at all times. Should he break his connection to it? He had asked himself a hundred times if it were even possible, and now, staring at it, he was certain he could do it right now with a simple breath. He could do it without alerting anyone else. He could do it without them knowing he was tampering with it.

However, now he did not want to.

The tablet held great magic. Old magic. It peaked his interest greatly, making him want to read further in the library about it. History had always interested him, and now as a teacher, perhaps he could investigate it without raising too much suspicion. 

More than that, he didn’t want to break the connection because he was almost certain that there was a way for him to reverse the control that the tablet had. He could block it from controlling him, as it was. He could tug at it to make them recognize that he could tamper with it. He knew that they believed that he could control it without touching it. To supersede that person who did use it. His breaking the connection would be too easy for them. He was certain that they all knew he was more powerful than it and it scared them. As long as he was a part of it, he was an orca pretending to be chained down. He was bidding his time.

He did not want to be forceful with it, and make them bow to him. He wanted the to agree to it out of their own accord.

“Settle.” Superior Anthony’s voice resonated through the room as he stood next to the tablet, calling all those in the room to listen and to quiet down. Majorie stood with him.

Zeydar relaxed into his seat watching them.

“Today we have come to discuss the end war.” Anthony went on. “It has come to our recent attention that The Project has yet again predicted the war, and it’s changed time line. We must decide what to do with our mages.”

“Bring them home!”

“We can not let them die.”

“But we can not do that, can we.” Majorie glared at Zeydar.

“I will give them everything.” Zeydar answered her question. “You have to fight.” He crossed his arms and sat back. He knew that they could not control him. They knew he could not. They also knew that he had no information to give them. They had called him on his bluff and it had worked. It was a tug of war where no side could win.

“You knew about the changed timeline.” Anthony said to him. It was not a question.


“What are you? A Star or not?” Zeydar heard in the audience.

Zeydar ignored them. 

Anthony then placed his hand down on the tablet and Zeydar felt his magic swell with an unfamiliar feeling. He had never known how powerful Anthony was, but in that moment he knew. He was a Class One and powerful, but not so much as Zeydar. And the man was using the tablet to control Zeydar because he was afraid. “What is said from this point on can not be talked about to outsiders.”

He was threatening them all and tying their magic against them. Zeydar could feel the magic of the world retaliating and wanting to fight back but finding itself unable to do so. He flicked the connection just to remind them all that it did not matter.

“We must accelerate our plans for leaving the planet.” Majorie went on when as Anthony glared at Zeydar. “We will go forward with what we discussed last session.”

Zeydar bristled at the words. He knew of the plan to leave early, but no one had told him of the details. They were making his job excessively difficult. Zeydar was to make sure that their plan to abandon the world failed. He had missed too many meetings and he knew then that he was going to have to be more diligent. Could he leave recording devices? Recording spells were too difficult to maintain. He would need to make some plan, to keep information being sent to him. Unless, that was, if he could make a constant connection to the room. Perhaps through the tablet? Then he could take notes as he always did.

Like he wasn’t paying attention at all.

It was as he sat there thinking of what to do that he felt the snap. Startled, Zeydar nearly fell from his chair. As if he could breathe for the first time in his life, Zeydar started coughing up, blood and bile. His body began shaking and his mind began to collapse on itself. Immediately the magic swirled around him trying to comfort him instead of healing.

The bond was gone. It was severed. The backlash of it had been sent back to him and all eyes were on him. Zeydar slowly looked up to Superior Anthony who glowered at him.

“And here I thought you wanted to control me.” Zeydar hissed. He breathed in, coughing with the magic stopped him from taking in the air, as if it filled his lungs. It bewitched him to jump from his chair and away from the colorless smoke that it attempted to keep him from breathing. He smelt it. He wanted it. Burning whiteshade just for him. “I did not know you could break it.”

“I control the connection. I can sever it as I see fit.” Anthony said the words but Zeydar knew that was perhaps not true. From what he had seen and read, the tablet was designed to hold only. From Majorie’s shaking hands and her blank face, Zeydar knew she had no idea that it was possible. Unless Anthony was the only one who knew the truth, Zeydar suspected that it was some lost knowledge recently resurfaced to deal with him. Zeydar felt proud knowing that.

He circled his magic around him to filter the whiteshade. He would not fall into the dreams again. “You know what you have done, don’t you?”

The issue was that Zeydar was certain he had. He knew he could not control Zeydar, and had acted in the best interest of the connection. He could risk Zeydar taking control over it. He had done it so that Zeydar could not ruin them. Yet… For the first time in his life, Zeydar was truly free. He had no bonds, no rules, nothing to hold him back.

“I see.” Zeydar smiled at him. He then looked to them all. With a quick turn, Zeydar knew he had to get out. They would not talk about things around him that he did not already know. His reason for staying was moot. And they were using the drugs to scare him away. Willing to take the excuse, Zeydar left without so much of another word. He did not bother to wait or to listen to their plan. His mind was in too much extreme elation for him to worry about that. He could tell Estashia to monitor all of their activities. He could do it himself. He would do it himself.

However, for the moment, Zeydar was fully free.

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