YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 112 (CHAPTER 259)

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Rewriting (part 2) 

Evester and Uly stared at each other as the plan was refueled. The other scientists were already loaded onto the plane but Uly was not alone in waiting. Maverin watched as the Yasloughve Project information was added to the plane and all of their computers were as well. Maverin was able to access the program from anywhere, as the lead on the project, but he wanted to make sure that other things were not ruined in their move. Some of which were Evester’s paintings.

Everyone was getting evacuated from the facility. Uly, Maverin, and the scientists would go to Ovaria. Evester and the others were going to go around city to city helping with evacuations and protection as necessary. Uly still did not approve of Evester’s plan. He knew it was necessary but Evester wondered if Uly had expected himself to go with Evester on this stage.

“You just returned.” Uly glared at Evester.

“We did.”

“Come with me.” Uly was actually asking to go with Evester. Regardless of the question Evester knew the subtext. He was not going to let Uly have his way, however.

“No. You are going with my dad to my mother. She has your lab set up for you.” Evester knew that Uly did not like being left out. He did not want to be the only member of EverDanger that was coddled. However, he had to be. “You don’t need to go into a war zone.”

“I–” Uly started and then shook his head. They had discussed that Uly would get all the numbers for them. He would start the census and population estimates. He’d direct other teams to smaller established housing communities to help them. He would work to make sure the whole world, from the most secluded to the most seen, knew of the plan and were in safe places. Uly had to make sure they got every human.

“We have to fight together in this. Besides, I’ll have Rayda, Crass, and Karla.” Evester hugged Uly. Uly gripped Evester tightly. The last time they had separated for a long time, Evester had traveled all alone across the LowerLands and Uly had though him possibly dead. Evester knew that his best friend was worried about him more than anything else.

“That is hardly a team.” Uly whispered. It had always been Uly, Kim, and Evester. Until Evester had gone off on his own without the two of them. He knew that Uly did not need him. He also knew that Uly knew. The two of them were able to act on their own.

“When it was you, me, and Kim, we first propelled off of a skyscraper.” Evester stepped back and looked at Uly.

“We were idiots then too.” Uly laughed, tears were in the corners of his eyes.

“And our team is stronger now. ” Evester nodded to him. “We have to fight in this together.”

“Don’t die.” Uly ordered.

“I won’t. You have my back.” Evester smiled at him.

After a long moment Uly returned the smile. “I will.”

Evester hugged his best friend once again. “At least this time, I’m saying where I’m going.”

“Don’t disappear.” Uly urged him. “We need you back.”

“I’ll be back.” Evester said letting go of Uly one last time. He then looked to his father who nodded to Evester and then went on to the plane. As Uly hurried after Maverin, Evester watched as his father let Uly on the plane and looked once more at Evester. They made eye contact and then his father smiled and waved as if it were a normal goodbye. Maverin would have a trail for his disappearance. Uly would be pressed once he got back. And as the door shut to the plane, Evester knew that the next time he saw either of them, the end war would have arrived.

“We will make it through this.” Crass sighed to himself, stepping up to Evester. They were to take the plane with the soldiers to their first city, in a few hours.

“We have to.” Karla agreed.

“Alright!” Rayda called out to the soldiers. Evester looked back to them, seeing his friends standing before the tens of bodies that were going to assist them. “We aren’t playing around. We are, and will be assisting the world in their multiple battles. We will not have rest until we return to Ovaria. Are you ready?”

The soldiers called out to her with their cheers, and Rayda looked to Evester. He nodded and looked to the military plane that they’d know better than anything else in a few weeks time. It would be their new home. He looked to the facility that had housed them, and the planes that took the unfinished transport ships off site. The completed ones would be sent into space in the coming hours. Soon the facility would be fully abandoned.

The people however, were awaiting his orders and he gave them. They were not going to let a single person slip through the cracks. Not this time.

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