YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 111 (CHAPTER 258)

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Rewriting (part 1)   

Heia stood before her unit. They stood with their groups, hand picked to form the best compatibility. Most of the faces that watched her were disgruntled but accepting of their arrangement. Heia almost had confidence in them. Almost.

“We will face war sooner than later.” She warned them. “We must show the world what to do.” She waited for their agreement before she went on. “First teams go.” And the training simulation began. 

The units were fighting against each other and against the obstacle course, trying to make sure that they could fight as a proper unit. They practiced with both attacks and dodging, maneuvering the difficult terrain. Three teams fought against one as the additional team Mages acted as support to make the terrain more difficult.

“I’m not sure we are all going to make it out of this.” May stood next to Heia. She had been the one to come up with the training method. It was more difficult than anything that Heia could come up with. However, it made it more life like. Heia had to admit that the method was working to get them a better edge than they would have otherwise.

“It wouldn’t be war if we did.” Heia knew that some of these people would die. She did not like thinking about it.

“Your friends aren’t built for this.” May warned her, looking back to Trace and Robee who laughed with Lynx and Onyx.

“And you are?” Heia glared at her.

“I’m not built for this.” May turned to Heia before looking back to those going through the training. “None of us are. The world is freezing and soon it will start burning. We can not survive on this planet.”

“No.” Heia did not see a way that they were all going to make it off the planet and a way that everyone survived. Not in the current way that the world was acting.

“I never did understand the obsession with the Project.” May admitted. “But I am happy that man kept at it.”

“He saved our lives.” Heia agreed. A part of her was embarrassed that she had agreed with Anti-LOVE regarding the necessary defunding of the project. What would they have done without it? What would they hope to accomplish otherwise? Everything had a purpose and they had forgotten its initial purpose.

“Now we have to make sure it was worth it.” May stood up a bit straighter.

“How many do you think will die?”

“Most of the new recruits. They won’t be ready in time. They will know that.” May admitted. “It also means that they are trying to fight harder, and will try to learn as much as they can in a short amount of time.”

“Will it be worth it?” Heia whispered. Would their efforts change anything? Even if they succeeded would it change the perception of the world? Orange, Blue, and white fighting in unison across the battlefield. Holoblades, guns, and magic used to destroy Aralax. Would it mean anything when the world had a hard time listening?

There were were cheers from the unit as one team absolutely demolished, using team work to get across. Chants erupted from the X soldiers, all of them at once. “you need us.” Mage danced between Circle and X, next to them and as their guard making sure that they were able to take out the Aralax actors in clean movements. The Mage was serious. The Circle cared. The X led the charge, knowing more than either regarding the training. It was the most perfect example of what Heia had intended. The Mages looked to the Xs and then the team and then each other. The Circles seemed to be ancy with how they moved and when the team completed the task they hugged each other.

“It will be.” May answered Heia. “Like Evester said, many of us will die but we don’t all have to.” May began to beam wider as the next team stepped up to try, speaking to each other and seeming to listen to each other for the first time. “We may succeed yet.”

“We will live.” Heia agreed, watching and feeling it in her soul. They were going to succeed. Even when the rest of the world wanted them to fail. “We will save as many people as we can.”

“I must ask.” May asked her, shifting her weight like she was itching to fight.

“Yes?” Heia wanted to act too. She wanted to press them harder, until they broke to see if they would get back up and keep acting. They needed to have more pressure. They needed to be ready for the worst. Heia thought of more scenarios and considerations that she wanted to run by May and Kim for opportunities.

“They’ll check you before you have the chance to act. You know that they will make a choice from there and if they think that we will succeed they will try to stop that.” May then turned to Heia completely. “If the orders are to stay back, will you order us out into the frey?”

“Yes.” Heia answered without hesitation.

“Even if it means acting against direct orders?”

“We will have access to the strategy meetings and tactics. We will have access to the communications.” Heia knew better than to mess up operations like that, however…. “We will make ourselves indispensable. They will have not choice but to send us.”

“I’ll stand with the order.” May nodded. “I have to keep you alive too.”

“Thank you.” Heia felt the smile creeping at her mouth.

“I’d rather like to keep fucking Shawn, so I think I need to keep you alive to make sure that can happen.” May joked before she waved to Kim. Kim nodded and ran over.

Heia was at a loss for a second before she laughed. The three then began discussing what they planned to do to ramp up the difficulty. The injury rule was to begin, and as would the limited visibility rule. New activities were planned and exercises were added. Their team would succeed. They would and Heia now was more certain of that that she ever had been before.

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