YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 110 (CHAPTER 257)

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69 Days Until Speeches And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Evester looked to Heia who was still glaring at him.

“Don’t get lost.” Heia warned him. He had told her about the plane and she did not approve of it. He could already see that in the way she was standing.

“The plane will get us back.” Evester tried to lighten the mood.

“Don’t die.” She hissed.

“I won’t.” He had to believe that they would succeed.

“When will we meet again?” She shook her head, not believing him at all and he could not blame her for that. He did not even believe himself. He knew that the plan was risky, but it was the one way that he was going to, hopefully, get everyone to move and to trust the system.

“Probably not for another nineteen days at least.” Evester calculated the day in his head. They may meet before the end war. He was not sure. He had a lot of preparations to get done between now and then.

“And this is it then.” She starred at him with eyes that said she did not believe that they were going to make it through the end war. She did not believe in the effort that she was putting into the army. Evester believed that it would succeed. She would prove to them to change their tactics. Zeydar would get the Stars, and Evester would get the people to come together. Heia could get them to move. He would get them to trust. He would do it. He could do it.

“We have to survive.” He told her believing it himself. He had to believe it himself.

“We will.”

“No. We have to. Even if the world dies, we must prioritize our survival.” Evester reminded her. “Stay alive. Make it another day. We will succeed. Believe in me.”

“Where are you going to go?” She asked him finally. The plan was for Evester to go to different cities around the world, those who were not defended, and those that were still heavily populated to get them to move. He’d protect them when they were not protected by anyone else, and then get them to move with the assistance of rescue planes. He was not sure it would work but he was willing to try it. As Heia put it, people were going to stay where they believed it safe. They may not even believe that the end was a certainty, but Evester was going to show them that it was, or fight trying to.

“Somewhere, our services will be of the most use. I’ll send Uly back to my mother.”

“He won’t like that.”

“He’s the only one who needs to survive more than us. He is humanity’s hope for survival…” Evester paused, thinking of what Uly would think. Now that he had put out the information, he only had to go over the final analysis, but that would take days to be completed. He would have considerable downtime, which would be used to assist Evester on the population counts and tracking. There were no accurate accounts for census since the Catastrophe and the destructions. Uly needed to roll out a full record of people and tracking so that they were placed in good homes in the transport ships.

“If we can win the day.”

“We will win the day. We will. We have the mages now.” Evester smiled at her.

“For as long as the Superiors don’t pull them back.” She threatened him. “And you made that a bigger possibility.”

“Zeydar will work on that.”

“You trust him.” She did not. Evester was not sure why she did not believe in Zeydar. Was it because of the connection? Or was it because of the drugs? Either way, Evester knew that she was second guessing it because results had not come. Zeydar was fighting each time they saw him, and yet he had not given them anything substantial.

“Should I not?”

“I want to.” She admitted.

Evester was at a loss for a second before he spoke. “You do. You’re just scared.”

“I figured I should let you know.” Heia sighed out steadied again. “I will destroy the Stars if they betray us.” As if they had the chance to do that. If the Stars betrayed them, then they would have no chance for survival. “I’ll protect Kim.”

“Kim will be the one protecting you, don’t flatter yourself.” Evester smiled at her and then hugged her.

“Evester! We need to go!” Karla shouted.

“Oh. By the way, Heia.” Evester spoke to her as he started off. “You have a nickname now.”

“I do?”

Evester winked at her, before he climbed the stairs to get on the plane, waving at her, as she waved in a daze, back towards him. He would let her look it up, and he would let her find all their new nicknames. The EverDanger page should have been updated with all their information and pictures that Uly had found of them. As Evester got on the plane, his eyes narrowed. He looked to Crass and Karla who smiled at him. Their job had begun in full.

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