YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 109 (CHAPTER 256)

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69 Days Days Until Speeches And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar searched for Endwin. He had left almost ten minutes ago and had not returned. Zeydar knew that he had been asked to show, for the sole purpose of trying to help Endwin. However, Zeydar was alone and he did not like it. His mind was beginning to spin. As he tapped his fingers against his sleeves, all he could think of was turning everything off. Kony had not come due to studies. Shawn was not allowed to show. Phil had not gone because he was assisting Estashia.

May had left to the Xs at his behest, although she had disappeared with little more than a letter saying she would do as he asked. He was still a bit spiteful at her act. He was happy she listened, but frustrated that she up and disappeared without saying goodbye first. Granted he had been focused on the fight for Kony and getting Kony’s training up to par.

Where was Endwin?

“Nervous?” Graceon Phyn asked Zeydar, noting the in movement within Zeydar. Zeydar hated this man’s voice. He hated the way that he unconsciously both flattered and looked down at Zeydar in the same instance. Zeydar knew that Graceon thought him a druggy. He also knew that Graceon was jealous in some way. Aether and Zeydar’s relationship had been a lie, but he knew it was not a complete untruth.

“Yes.” Zeydar glared at him.

“Why?” Karly asked as she tossed her hair over her shoulder. Zeydar tried to place her last name but all he knew was her first. He needed to do better if he was going to be associated with Circles from this point on. Regardless it was frustrating. Only Circles had unique surnames. Stars were named after their cities and Xs did not use them. “Don’t you have control over humanity right now? What can we do?”

“Many things.” Hester Phyn laughed. He knew her last name only because she was Graceon’s sister. She too looked down at him. They were joking with him, he knew that, but each time that he had ever talked to these people he’d been extremely high. He’d spoken to them recently with Endwin, but that had been with Endwin. Where was Endwin?

“You don’t need to be afraid of us.” Graceon leaned forward trying to seem less intimidating and failing. Osta, Pepper, and Hazee were not there this afternoon, which was an obvious sign that they were not important for whatever meeting was supposed to happen that day. Zedyar continued to think. What was it that made him more important them?

“Why were we called here?” Zeydar asked. He tried to center himself, but he was failing. He had his test kit, but he was not sure he wanted to bother with it. He wanted the Dreams to take him.

“You don’t know?” Graceon smirked.

“Endwin, only called me.” 

The door opened then, to reveal Endwin who looked a bit shaken. He looked shaken, frustrated, and overall a terror. Something had happened. Something major had happened. It was not okay.

“What?” Graceon asked him as Endwin looked directly towards Zeydar.

“Did you know?” Endwin hissed. He was pissed.

“Know what?” Zeydar asked him. Endwin paused for a moment before explaining that Evester had formally announced to the world that the end war had been expedited from the original time line. He had demanded the cities open up. The strong holds had to accommodate everyone and Evester had chastised both his mother and Superior Anthony, whom he used by name. Uly had dropped the planet information as well as the protocols for who would go to space first, and overall panic was spreading as well as hysteria. Evester was pushing them even further than Heia had and that meant Zeydar had to act quick.

The Superiors had not called him. They had not demanded that Kony join them despite Kony winning in his fights. They were afraid of him and the pull he had over the bond. They might even fear that Kony would be able to do the same. They were bidding their time and acting slowly, and Evester had just forced their hand. The Superiors would revolt soon and Zeydar needed to be better, stronger, able to win agains them all.

Less nervous than he was before, Zeydar tested his drink. Once it was cleared, he drank it. Endwin had been missing because he’d been listening to the speech. Zeydar could accept that. When all eyes were on him, waiting for a response, Zeydar gave the only one he had. “Ah. He announced it.”

“You knew?” Graceon repeated Endwin’s question, this time shocked.

“Of course I did.” Zeydar answered. He tilted his head, smiled and then starred at Endwin. “Why did you call us Endwin?”

Endwin was taken back by a bit. “It doesn’t matter anymore. We don’t have time to discuss easy matters on how to recruit more Circles and Stars. We need to create a mass draft. We have seventy-two hours to send the requested numbers.”

“Why?” Heather asked.

“To stay ahead of the story. If we want to stay in control, we have to do so.” Graceon groaned.

“If we want to protect the world.” Zeydar shrugged. Evester must have known that this would happen. “You could just let everyone die.”

“The people won’t like that being pressed so quickly.” Graceon warned Endwin, ignoring Zeydar.

“It is your job to figure out how to deal with that Grace.” Endwin glared at him. “You are the opposition for a reason, oppose us and control the outlash.”

“Its not that easy.” Graceon rolled his eyes.

“It’s an art.” Endwin shook his head, before he sat down, hands under his chin. “Just like how Europa leads the people like an art. I know. Deal with it.” He then paused. “I will need more meetings and conversations. I believe that Andre can probably assist me.”

“Andre?” Graceon asked.

“New associate.” Endwin answered. Zeydar was happy to know that Layla and Andre had made their skills readily available. “Will you take care of it?”

“I will.” Graceon’s smile finally dropped. “Why would he announce it in that way?”

“To surprise the Stars.” Zeydar answered. “They needed to be caught off guard.” He paused. “He needs them to act so that I can destroy them.” They had been in a dangerous balance and Zeydar had not been able to grab hold of it. Evester was trying to make them react sloppy so that Zeydar had an easier chance.

Everyone looked at Zeydar.

“The Stars might be planning to pull support.” Zeydar went on. “I don’t know. I’m not privy to the plans. They don’t trust me, but The Project predicted it.”

“If that’s true…” Hester gasped looking to her brother. 

“And that’s your job to stop.” Endwin looked at Zeydar.

“That’s what Evester told me.” Zeydar stood up. “I’m supposing that these meetings will be regular as we control the population of the elite?”

“It will need to be.” Endwin agreed. “The others will join us in time as soon as May returns.” He listed the names. The entirety of EverDanger was to be involved. The end war was there and they had to act quickly. “I need ten thousand people to send to Evester and the launch yards.” He said to Karly. “Can you get that done.”

“Give me forty-eight hours and I’ll have the names and the recruits called.”

“I’ll work on solidifying the protections and security to and from the Tower. People got restless last time things seemed impossible. Arcadia may not have fallen because of the rebellions, but they did occur.” Zeydar reminded them. All eyes were on him. “I’m not sure I can do it, but I will be the only one who can. Send the entire military protecting the Towers, all the Towers away.”

“We can’t rely on the structural defenses, those failed last time.”

“Then do it only for Ovaria. I will protect us.”

“You and who?” Endwin asked.

“I’ll figure that out.” Zeydar answered. “But we need those soldiers assisting Evester and what he plans to do.” Zeydar then hesitated before he went into what he predicted Evester was planning. He could not be certain, but he was sure that Evester was going to need the most amount of military support as he acted. If he was going to prove to the world that it was worth fighting for themselves, then he needed backing to do it.

In the dark room, the plans began to manipulate the Circles into moving as if on their own accord.

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