YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 108 (CHAPTER 255)

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69 Days Until Speeches And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester stood starring down from the second floor at the sleeping shelter. Thousands had been displaced and housed in the warehouse and retrofitted cities. The military was sent out to protect the locations, but these were not their homes. They were surviving but not thriving. Most of them worked at the factories for the space ships, assisting with the loading of the ships that were being sent to space with materials and items. The first set of workers had gone up, a unit comprised of Circles that Estashia had approved. They were supposed to be loading the ships in space with all that was sent up. More was being delivered to the launch stations each day. Food, art, books, supplies for a new world.

The X’s assisted with it all, along with some Circles and a few Stars who were a part of the military. Most of the work was done by the Xs. With the promise that they would be the first ones off the planet, they were working to assist in any means necessary. The workers, however, were not in the living quarters at this time. It was their families who could not work, the injured, young, old, ill, or pregnant. They were doing their best to make sure that the living quarters did not become diseased festering grounds, and were working to support each other despite not fully knowing their new neighbors.

“More people than you expected?” Heia asked him. This was his first time in such a location, and her first time as well. The camera crews worked to set up the equipment for Evester’s speach.

“Less.” Evester had hoped that there would be more people. He knew that many of the major cities were fully protected, but he had hoped that the smaller cities would have left and went to these locations. The more hands they had, the faster they’d be able to get up to space.

“More people would rather wait for a guarantee.” Heia answered.

“And with the war coming.” Evester shook his head? The smaller cities were going to be abandoned by the military. They needed to get to bigger compounds in order to be better protected. There were only so many soldiers, only so many tactics. Without the full support of the Stars, and the full integration into the world force, the military was never going to protect everywhere.

“That they don’t know is coming sooner.” Heia reminded him.

“You haven’t told anyone that its coming sooner?” He was surprised by it. He had assumed that she would tell the leaders.

“They know.” Heia read his mind. She then shook her head. “The general populace? Not yet. They’re keeping the information under wraps in order to avoid mass panic.”

Evester sighed. He understood the logic and yet felt frustrated. It was no wonder that Heia had tried to embolden the world to act. She had not failed, but her smoldering had not done too much. People were waiting for a sign to act. They were also holding back, just a bit. What happened from then was going to depend on them. She had set the stage and he needed to follow the script.

Looking out to the group of people, Evester tried to understand how he was going to get them to listen to him fully. He needed the world to act and act then. They could not wait any longer. The longer they all waited, the less likely they were going to succeed. He needed them to act. To try. To believe in each other. To take the risk. 

“People aren’t going to easily agree.” She warned him.

“I know that.” Evester shifted his weight as he looked to the cameras that motioned to him that they were ready.

“And still you want to try.” Heia shook her head. “I’ve tried.”

“Yes.” Evester was only going to succeed thanks to Heia’s efforts. He was not sure yet, but he had a feeling that his plan would work. He could do it.

“Then do what you need to do.” Heia went to walk off. He grabbed her wrist and shook his head. He needed her with him. Nodding she stood next to him arms crossed. They both looked to the camera. Glancing about, Evester looked to Kim and winked to her. She gave him a look of momentary confusion and then nodded. She turned to gather the others as Evester was given the cue to talk.

“Hello world. I am Evester Igilistal coming to you from live from the launch grounds outside old Valaria. I am here with thousands of citizens who are working each day to ensure your long term safety in the upcoming future.” Evester then breathed out a sigh. “And I must say I am disappointed.”

Evester felt Heia bristle next to him.

“Estashia Igilistal. Where are your promised ten thousand? Where are the scientists and crews, the individuals dedicated to the insurance that this project will succeed.” Evester then paused. “Superior Anthony.” He used the name that Zeydar had told him. By saying it he was giving the world leverage against the Stars that they had not had before. They did not know his name. They knew him by his title as Superior Supreme. Evester would be damned if he could not humanize him. “Where are your Stars who do not specialize in combat, those of your people who can use their magic for the assistance of our global effort?”

Evester glanced to Heia. “The Xs have already acted. They have bled. They sweat. They stand here before me doing more than you do.” Evester placed his left hand on his chest, showing his tattoo. “And yes, I know I am a Circle.” Evester then looked to those who were starring up at him from below. “What of those who need our assistance?” He stepped towards the camera. “The end war is coming. Heia has already given you the call. She has already asked you to come. But this is not enough and I will demand more.”

Evester nodded to Kim who sent out the others, before she took her space by his side.

“EverDanger has pushed the rules. We have broken laws. We have fought and we will survive. You have seen us take down the Unwanted Guests.” Evester was speaking to the Xs. “You have seen us save a Tower.” He knew that Valaria had not been revealed to be them, but he was going to claim it then. “You have seen us fight the Aralax and win.” Evester glared into the cameras dropping his smile. He was tired of playing nice. “We have twenty days until the end battles begin. All people need to gather in secure cities, and all secure cities will take all refugees. We will see that you do.”

Evester looked back to Heia.

“You need us.” Heia spoke understanding her cue. “And we will succeed.”

“I’m not giving the world a choice. Estashia. Anthony. We are working together now.” He knew his mother would act immediately. He doubted that the Stars would. And in that he was turning the world against the Stars. He was splitting them. He was forcing their hand. He knew he would bring panic with the words of the accelerated timeline. “To the military, I ask your help with escorting all refugees to the secure cities, especially those from more secluded areas. You have twenty days.”

He did not need to say what they would do if they did not act in that time. The world knew already. They knew what the Aralax could do. They knew that the end battles were coming, but they were acting as if they could survive until then. They could not. Evester walked back to the others, standing with Heia who looked to the camera with a glare. Evester smiled at it in the way he had now learned to smile, feeling it heating at the base of his skin, and the moment he was done with that, he started off, rolling up his sleeves. He then got to work, helping with everything he could, mapping it in his mind so that he could let his mother know what they needed in order to speed up the process.

Most of the space ships were done. The transport ships were still being completed in space, but they majority were completed. People, cargo, and scientists were already in space preparing for their new home. And as Evester worked, he knew that Uly had revealed the list of the final three planets to the world. Giving them the information on the vote that would happen, as well as the released information on the diagnostics of each possibility. EverDanger stood with the Xs. The planets were released. The end war. With as much information that was given up at that time, Evester was sure that Heia’s fire was reigniting.

Thus ended phase one. Phase two, was far more difficult. Phase two was about proof.

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