YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 107 (CHAPTER 254)

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70 Days Until Spinning And the Uncertain End 

Heia sat in the inner room of their training grounds starring out the window to the training grounds. She spun her pen in her hands, keeping her mind almost focused, but thoroughly distracted. She saw Evester, Crass, and May talking with each other and then giving orders to the soldiers who were working in their units disgruntled but more effective than before. Kori clung to Karla who was trying to assist. Karla continued to shove Kori off but Kori reattached to her as if Karla was a magnet. Heia thought it charming that her sister was so attached, but Karla seemed to only have a distaste for it. In that, Heia knew that Kori needed to grow up a bit. Karla and Kony would not be the same people she once knew.

“Why are you here?” Kim asked sitting on the table. Heia had not heard her enter. Kim was dressed in a military uniform with her hair tied up in a high ponytail. She reached for the papers that Heia had ignored for the better half of the hour. She flipped through them.

“Speech. Going over it for Evester.” Heia answered. He had given her the papers and told her to read over it. She knew that her presence was not missed from the training grounds. Her job had never been expert training. She also, was no good at speeches.

“You know as well as I do that he will not be using this speech.” Kim placed the papers down.

“I’m trying to figure out what he is going to say.” He’d given her the information so she could prepare. So she knew what he wasn’t saying outright. So she could be ahead of whatever criminally stupid plan he had going for himself. He was not giving her all the details on exactly what he planned, but he was willing to give her the heads up. She just hoped he did not brutally go against everything that she had set up.

“Don’t try to worry about it. Be prepared for anything. Its what we’ve learned.”

“What he says could ruin the delicate peace we have.” Heia could not allow for that. No matter who he was, she had worked too hard to get them on the current path. She wanted to trust him to follow her lead, but she had not seen him for too long. Nothing about how he was acting or speaking convinced her that he had changed at all. She could not allow for hi to see it as a game.

“He wants to give a message to the Xs not to us.”

“Yes, but of what?” And would the X’s accept a message from the Circles? If they did, how receptive would they be to it? Accepting and following it were two different things. The X’s were already angry. Evester had to tread carefully and nothing about his speech said he would or would not.

“Something that will have us all worried. You know that.”

“I’m scared.” Heia looked to Kim. She knew she should trust Evester. She had believed in him and EverDanger. She had acted out because she believed that he would find a way to take her righteous fury and shape it into a direct attack. However she did not see a way to contain the flames. She did not see a way to control them herself. How would he? He did not understand the Xs pain. He did not know of their struggle. What would he do? How would he do it? Would he succeed at all? And when he failed, what was she going to do to pick up the pieces? The fragile peace could not be broken because of cocky, self righteous Circles.

Kim reached out, lifted Heia’s chin and kissed her. Heia breathed out starring at Kim’s eyes as Kim spoke light. “It will be okay.”

“I don’t doubt that, but we have to fight a war far before we are prepared, and then have to risk the possibility of a betrayal from the Stars.” She reminded her. “We have to send the world into space. Everyone has to work together. We cant— We can’t fail.”

“Why will we?”

“That is implied in how Evester is not going to Zeydar. He is focusing on the Circles and X’s. We out number the Stars. We can beat them but…” Heia knew that with their power the Stars could overwhelm them. No amount of military training to create a superior unit was going to make them less deadly. If the Superiors called them back and abandoned the world…


“Zeydar won’t betray us will he? Even with the spell that controls him?” As Heia vocalized the words, it stabbed her gut. She had not realized that it was a general fear that she had. She knew that she was supposed to trust both him and Evester, and yet she was unable to do even that. She had betrayed them both in a way. She didn’t believe that they were capable of change, let alone changing the systems. Yet she had seen Estashia Igilistal command the world. She knew that Evester meant business. Why was she so afraid of them failing her? She had not failed them.

Kim was silent for a moment as if contemplating it herself.

The spell could turn Zeydar against them. They had no proof that he had broken it. The last talk she had with Zeydar made it seem as if he were still under its effects. Heia did not know what to do with that information not what to believe. Xs would not listen to a Circle. The Stars would betray them. Those were the two facts that Heia was certain of. Yet, she wanted to believe in Evester and Zeydar. She had to believe in them. They had sworn to trust each other. Had they not?

“He’s stronger than it.” Kim finally said.

“I don’t know if he’s tried to break it or not.” Heia was not sure she would even know if Zeydar betrayed them, if he were controlled by it. What if he was already forgone? What if they did not know? Or… Heia looked back to Evester who laughed as he talked with May. Evester, Zeydar, and her had made a promise to trust each other. So as long as she could not see Zeydar herself, she had to believe in him. Like Kori who tried to hang to Karla, Heia needed to grow up. People changed. People grew. She needed to believe in them.

“He won’t betray us.” Kim spoke more to herself than Heia. “We must believe that.”

Heia nodded which was when Evester turned back to her and waved a little bit. He smiled at her and in his smile Heia found a stranger. She’d never know Evester much, yet the smile was not the same flirtatious charming smile he held before. This one was honest and certain.

She would believe in them. Thus, she smiled back.

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