YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 106 (CHAPTER 253)

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72 Days Until Brilliance And the Uncertain End (part 4)

Evester stepped off the plane squinting as he looked up towards the sky and sun. It took him a moment to register his surroundings. Then he saw Heia standing next to the Prime Minister, Alan Penn. Heia looked good. She stood sturdy, watching him, smile growing on her face as they starred down each other.

“Heia!” Karla cried out, racing towards her sister. Karla jumped in Heia’s arms, and Heia spun them around. Alan Penn stepped away, as to not be hit. Evester saw the slightest smirk on Heia’s lip as she forced him to flee. Crass and Evester stepped up to Heia as soon as Heia stopped spinning.

“Karla.” Heia hugged Karla, looking to Evester with sleep deprived eyes. “You look good.”

“You look like death.” Karla called her sister out without remorse.

“New forces.” Heia said shooting a look over to Alan Penn.

“Well.” Evester nodded. He refused to look at Alan Penn, knowing that Heia did not want Evester to address him. Evester hugged Heia when he got the chance to. She squeezed him and they stood in each other’s comfort for a minute. “I guess that must be difficult. Good work.”

“Why are you here.” She asked despite knowing. He had dropped his arrival late, in order to make sure that Alan Penn was surprised and had no time to put on a masquerade.

“To see the refugees and their ships.” Evester finally addressed Alan Penn. He shook the man’s hand.

“What for?” The Prime Minister asked.

“Why?” Evester smiled. “We have the location of our new home. It is time to prepare to leave the planet and we must decide how we are going to do that, of course.”

The words seemed to take the man by surprise. They were not a lie, but sounded like a lie. Evester threw out the words in order to throw everyone off kilter.

“Of course this news had to be shared privately and not publicly.” Evester spoke and watched Alan Penn who did not seem to be able to contain himself. He took control of the conversation as his eyes darted around to see who heard. “The ships are not done, you see. So only certain people can go up first and we need to decide who that will be.”

“When will we be able to?” Alan Penn asked hesitant.

“Mmmm, say, twenty days from now.” Evester kicked a stone, having full control over the conversation. Heia looked a bit too giddy that the man was flustered. Heia did not like him, which meant Evester did not like him.

“Before the end battle?” The Prime Minister asked.

“Ah. Mmmm.” Evester forced his expression to shift. He gave no real answer, so that he could not be called a liar later. His entrance had been exactly what he wanted, and thus he needed to maintain control and go off somewhere else. “We will need to talk about that. For now, I would like to rest so we can discuss in detail.”

“Of course.” Alan Penn nodded.

“When is the new end battle?” Heia cut in quickly, giving Evester the chance to say the truth. He was not sure why she wanted him to, but he decided to answer her.

“Less than twenty-days away. The project changed its predictions.” Evester knew Uly was planning to send out the new updates soon to those that mattered. They could not change too much, too quickly. It was as Evester answered that he realized that Heia was staking her claim as more important than Alan Penn. Evester did not know when she had learned to be decisive, but he knew Kim had taught her.

Heia as if it were her first time hearing it. The Prime Minister looked shocked and quickly gave an excuse to walk off. He raced away, towards his own council to give the news as if he hoped to get ahead of the information and plan. Heia directed Evester to follow her. The four walked away slowly, until Alan Penn was out of sight and then Heia began updating Evester. “He’s horrible, but are you sure this is the right way of doing this?”

“Its going to have to be.”

“May is here.”

“Zeydar’s friend?”

“Shawn’s girlfriend apparently.”

“Did Zeydar know?”

“He’s the one who sent her. She said it was to keep her from being distracted.” Heia sighed when Evester started laughing loudly. He never would have imagined Zeydar’s uptight friend getting together with Heia’s uptight friend. “She is helping me.” Heia paused and then stopped walking.

Evester knew that Heia was hesitant about trusting a Star to help her. She wanted to believe that Zeydar had her best interests in mind, but biases would not be changed. “Show me your recruits. I have some time to help.” As he said the words, she gave him a thankful smile. With May’s assistance, he prepared to kick her unit into shape.

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