YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 101 (CHAPTER 248)

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74 Days Until Facades And the Uncertain End (Part 1)  

Evester ran his hand over the plane’s hull. It was marvelous and the last one that they had. Taking it would strand all of those at the facility. Taking it would mean that he had to go back for them. They were leaving the soldiers to protect them, all the scientists to rush and work around the clock. the current world was using all the other planes were being used to move the soldiers around the world to unite armies together. The splicing would prove futile if they could not bring everyone together. He was taking their world’s hope ability to flee. All for the possibility of a convincing the world for the final fight and flight.

“You ready?” Karla dropped her bag with a thud.

“Yeah.” He turned to her and was stunned. She wore a white dress with a flower pin in her hair. She looked sweet and innocent, and Evester knew she had safety shorts underneath. “Why are you wearing a dress?’

Karla looked to her dress and twirled about. She then changed her voice to a bit higher and threw out a peace sign. “It is on brand for me. I’m the sweet sister, remember?”

“A dress?” Evester couldn’t remember the last time she wore a dress. Had he ever seen her in a dress? Maybe when he first met her back in LakeLost, but not ever after that. She never wore white or pastels outside of her video conferences, but to wear a dress? There was no practicality to it. Part of her body was exposed to Aralax blood.

“I wear blouses for the video calls.” Karla snickered at his confusion.

“That’s different.” A dress could potentially harm her. “Did you pack pants?”

“Pants aren’t on brand for the sweet sister.” Karla leaned forward, hands on her hips, sinister smile on her lips. She was tempting fate and knew it. She was willing to fight Aralax and avoid all of their blood? If it touched her it would burn and she knew that. Evester knew Karla was daring but not stupid.

“Why do you have to be on brand?” Evester sighed. Heia would kill him if Karla got hurt.

“Brands sell, silly. That’s why EverDanger did so well. Nicknames, concepts, the brand. I am the sweet sister of the EverDanger members. Kori is the radical hotshot. Kony is the level headed magic user. Robee is the cool and aloof one. Trace is the hostile but cool one. Heia is the dependable and reliable one. If we are to be members of EverDanger I must stick to my brand. I must give the people something to remember, and to root for.” Karla lectured him. She had been briefed by Uly. This was one of his ploys. Evester darted around searching for Uly. He had to be watching. Karla continued to giggle in his confusion.

The nicknames for their members had been decided by their fans. They all had a brand, but that had been developed in time based around their initial personalities. Karla had not said anything wrong. The new member identities were the same as how the old members had been developed. Lynx, Onyx, and Crass rarely spoke because of their former lives. It wasn’t because they wanted to be cool. Kim and Phil were wild because Uly and Rayda were calm. They were just who they were, but somehow who they were had become their brand. Uly was the genius who people liked to see disheveled. Kim was the put together one who sometimes showed too much skin. It was fan service and calculated.

Their personas had become so much a part of them that Evester had forgotten that the new members needed them. They had picked skills that they had liked, but now it was weird to think of someone else having the skills that they specialized in. 

“She’s right.” Crass walked over with Uly. Crass was dressed in his darks and coat like normal. A coat that Evester hadn’t realized that Crass had been not wearing until that moment. It billowed behind him as he walked, making him even larger than life. Uly was clean shaven and his hair was properly gelled. He looked like himself again. They all looked like themselves again. Evester had cleaned himself up and threw on his long sleeve shirt, military vest, and cargo pants. He too had fell into the image of The Immortal.

“Just, wear leggings please. Aralax blood…” Evester begged her.

“I brought tan pants for fighting, and leggings. Don’t worry.” Karla had finished teasing him. “Where are we headed first?”

Evester handed the map towards her as the military members who were going with them began to prep the ship for flight. Karla flipped through the map, showing it to Crass before handing it back to Evester. Uly had already seen it, and he nodded.

“Everything is going to be okay Evester.” Uly told him.

“I’m not worried.” Evester lied.

“Wow.” Karla blinked. She then started cackling. “That was a bad lie.”

“I’m not!” He felt himself heating up.

“Keep telling yourself that.” Karla grabbed her bag and went to the ship. Crass walked to Evester and put his hand on Evester’s shoulder before walking past. Evester looked to Uly once more who nodded. Evester felt himself relax. He would pull off his plan. They would help shape the world forward. He was Evester Igilistal and he was the leader of EverDanger.

The Immortal who survived regardless of the danger. Impossible to kill and the consort of adrenaline. He laughed in the face of fear. Calm and level headed. Life’s playboy who would never stay in his own lane. That was who he had to become. He could be that person. He had always been that person and this was another show as all the others ever had been.

When Evester opened his eyes, he stepped to the plane, smile crossing his face as his adrenaline began to spike in anticipation. This was going to be fun.

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