YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 98 (CHAPTER 245)

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78 Days Until Relaxation And the Uncertain End (Part 2)  

At first Evester was in shock, and Heia was worried that he was too preoccupied with Zeydar to be able to say anything intelligent. However, an odd calm swept over him, much like the way he calmed when his adrenaline raced. He became cool and calculated. Something had made him panic, fear, something, and she knew that something had to be Zeydar. Or it had to do with Zeydar.

She wanted to ask him to confirm, but she was certain without a method of doubt that it was because of his feelings to Zeydar. Something had transformed in the way that he felt towards Zeydar. Something made him more confident. Heia had so many questions to ask him. She did not ask a single one.

“We have twenty days till the end war begins.” Evester began.

“Yes, we know.” Zeydar nodded. They had received the reports of the new fight days. It was why the implementation of the Military Mages with the X armies was so important. They were going to be fighting for the fate of everyone and they had to be prepared for what that meant. They had gotten the Mages now, not too late but there was not much time to prepare properly.

“There will be two major all out offensives. Uly will send over the dates and the predicted locations.” Evester went on.

“Why did you call us?” Heia asked. They already had the information. What new information was he going to give?

“We are all going to be live. Be coordinated. We need to make it a rallying show, to get the world to understand we need to get to space and to abandon homes. From this point on to then, we need to get everyone to a set of cities. Uly is going to give you those lists. If we can get everyone there, and then get all those who can not fight, up to space then we can start to take down casualty counts. We will start sending everyone up starting soon, starting with children and elderly.” Evester paused. “We will need to do a full census and record of all people who live so we can keep families together in the ships.”

“You want to send people up already? The resort—“ Heia stopped talking. She thought about it. This was going to be announced? Evester was going to use it as a way to get people to fight and protect their loved ones who were going to go up. If they could make the upcoming end battles count with no causalities, people would be more likely to join them and assist with the fighting and drop casualties even further. “You want to put them to sleep with the non-understanding of where they are going?”

“Yes.” Evester whispered. “Uly will give the world their choices. He will give three. We will vote on the one we want. That one will be the one we press and make the most pleasing to get the world to vote for it. However, Uly is running diagnostics and final predictions until the day he leaves. In the event that something has to change.”

“They will never agree.” Zeydar shook his head. “Those ships are in space. They aren’t done yet.”

“No. But many will be the time we start and the transport ships are all ready to go to get people up there.” Evester looked to them. “They will have to live up there for a while, until we can get them into to correct places. We will have to send our team up and trusted people, to ensure peace and proper protocols are followed.

“How many people? Who would we decide to fight? Everyone will want to go up.” Zeydar went on.

“We give them the chance to, but tell them that if no one stays behind to help fight, that people will be left behind. That there might not be a chance that the final location is realized. Getting people to space is to protect them, not an end all. And…” Evester paused for a second. He seemed to look at Heia instead of Zeydar.

Heia was at the edge of her seat.

“You don’t want to send them all up until after the battles are fought.” Zeydar understood. Heia had, as well. She believed that Evester was going to use it to radicalize everyone in the way that Heia had. She knew he would take her spark and run with it.

“Yes. After first round of battles. Use the battles as our leverage, and then get people up after that.” Evester leaned back.

“It will be hard.” Heia reminded him.

“We will talk more on the coordination of it, but think about it for now.” Evester was not giving them a choice. It was the plan and they were going to go with it. Their job was making sure that it worked out. They had to help with the plan and the coordination.

“And when are we grouping up?” Heia asked them both

“Fifty Days until the Uncertain End. If the plan works out there will be a lull that will allow us to group up at the end of all the first stage fighting.” Evester was avoiding looking at Zeydar. Heia could see Zeydar prickling at it, as if he noticed he was boing avoided.

“Fight, then we regroup and use it as a show.” Zeydar spoke before Heia could.


“And?” Zeydar asked.

“That is when the Stars are predicted to betray us.” Evester then looked to Zeydar. Heia knew he was looking at Evester. He was giving Zeydar his deadline to take over the Stars. He had twenty-eight days. How many battles would be fought before then? Was Zeydar ready? He looked better but Heia was not with him. How well was he?

“No surprise there.” Zeydar sighed.

“What are they going to do?” Heia asked.

“No clue, won’t know until then but we will do it and get through it like everything else.” Zeydar nodded. He knew more than he was letting on. he had an idea what to expect, but was not telling them. “Okay.”

“That’s it. I will give you more information as we go, but I wanted to tell you first.” Evester said the words and a notification rang out. Heia looked to the encrypted email and saw a file from Evester. The plans. The full plans. He already had them? “Preparation for the world heist begins now. As EverDanger members, I expect your full cooperation with the preparation and plans.”

Heia opened the document and saw how there was a section addressed for Kim. Curious, Heia closed the document and went back to the video conference. Evester was fixated on Zeydar now. There were other things he wanted to say but not with her there. “I have to go help Kim, so just let me know when we talk next.”

Without waiting for their goodbyes, Heia clicked out and looked to Kim who was looking at her confused. “Zeydar and Evester.” Kim nodded with an understanding going back to her work. Heia grabbed Kim’s arm. “What is Evester telling you to do?”

Kim starred at her and then paused. “Igilistal duties.”

“You aren’t an Igilistal.”

“I was trained as an Igilistal.” Kim answered with a straight face. Heia knew that her face had levels of confusion as Kim went on. “Europa was going to marry Uly or I.” Heia’s heart crashed in her chest. “As such, I was trained to be the best partner for her. I am doing what I was trained to do.”

“Manipulate people?” Heia placed details together with how Kim was acting and what she knew about the Igilistals. “Do you like Europa?”

“No.” Kim took Heia’s hand. “I like you. But it’s why the EverDanger rule against love exists. Uly, Evester, and I could not love for we were to be used by the family.”

“And…” What did that mean for them? Was it scripted? Was it calculated.

“Evester fell for Zeydar. Uly is picked by Europa and that means I’m free.”

“But you’re working for them.”

“I’m doing what I was trained to do, and getting the X leaders to do what is best for the people. Heia, you are brilliant but do you think empowered speeches and being a symbol are all that matters? I have made deals and conditions for their agreement.” Kim did not lower her eyes. She would not hide who she was and she wanted Heia to see her for that. She was asking Heia if that person was still allowed to like her. Kim was asking for Heia’s acceptance. “I am following your lead, but I…”

Kim was doing the dirty work that Heia wanted to pretend did not exist. In her perfect world it would not. This world, was not that world. It would not be as much as she whined and cried. They abandoned their people. They discarded others. They would continue to do it. Heia could raise the people up but she could not strip those in power of their power. Not yet. Not without consequences. Kim had to work the system to break it to what they needed. It was dirty. It was terrible. It was necessary.

“Tell me everything.” Heia squeezed Kim’s hand. “I do not want to be left out.”

“Even if it is terrible?”

“I want to know Kim.” Heia sat next to her. “I want to see just how rotten the core is, so I know what I need to work from.”

“And if you hate me?”

“I won’t hate you.”

“You can’t know that.”

Heia kissed Kim’s cheek, and whispered. “I do.” Heia could not confirm she would not be angry, or disgusted, or furious. She could not predict her own reaction, but she knew she would not hate Kim. Kim was trying to save the world in the best way that she knew and Heia wanted to see that. She wanted to know that and she wanted to support Kim. Arm looped around Kim, Heia leaned close. Kim shuddered a sigh and began to speak, starting from the beginning when she started her training at six years old.

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