YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 97 (CHAPTER 244)

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78 Days Until Relaxation And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester sat before the computer waiting for it to connect. It was to be one of the few communications that they would have in private. Most of them were public via Kony, Kori and Karla, but this one was specified to be private due to the information that was going to be passed on. As Evester waited for them to connect, he kicked up, trying to think of what he was going to say exactly. He worried of what he would say the moment he saw Zeydar. He worried of seeing Zeydar and losing everything he had said before.

“You look relaxed.” Heia’s voice was the first to arrive. Looking to the screen, he saw her hair large and defined, bouncing in the light. Her natural curls were in an afro about her head, with edges laid. She leaned forward towards the screen. She was healthy, and wore makeup which was strange because she had not for the whole time Evester knew her. It was something Kim had started, and she looked startling in it. She was looking over him as he was looking over her.

“You look nice.” Evester complimented her.

“Thanks.” Heia smiled leaning back. “You as well. You look well fed, surprisingly.”

Evester rolled his eyes and then tapped his fingers on the table absent mindedly. He thought of Kim, wondering how he could ask about her mission to finesse the X leaders to get them to work with the Circles. “You gotten further with Kim yet?”

“For your information, I have.” Heia laughed.

“What?” Evester sat up properly. “When? Where?”

“Since we got here.”

“I need details.” Evester thought of the two of them. Kim would have told him everything and she had not yet. He needed to know. This was Kim’s love life. He wanted to tell her everything. He wanted to know all about her life. Why was he talking to Heia when he should have been talking to Kim?

“Ask her for them later if you really need it” She rolled her eyes.

“Please. Kim never has relationships. Did she ask you first?”

“You know that’s your fault, right? EverDanger code.” Heia tilted her head towards him. She had no idea that it was more than that. Kim could not like others because like Uly, she was primed as an option for Europa. She had not yet told that to Heia from what Evester could tell, and he wondered when Kim would admit it. “I didn’t realize you knew, she liked me.”

“How would I not know?” Evester smiled instead. “We’re best friends.”

“Good point.” Heia then spun it around on Evester. “And you and Zeydar?”

“What about me?” Zeydar entered the call at that moment. Evester was tongue tied the moment he saw Zeydar. Zeydar’s eyes had bags, but his cheeks were full. He did not look like a skeleton, despite looking exhausted. He had determination in his eyes and a hostility that was masked behind levels of confidence. Zeydar was sure of himself, and if he was having headaches they were not affecting him then. A part of Evester had wondered in the like he had for Zeydar would disappear in time. Whether or not he was over thinking and over remembering specific things about his relationship and how he felt towards Zeydar. However in that moment, the sparks were flying faster, and deeper than they had before. All at once he was certain that he was deeper than he thought. He was scared, because he knew that he loved and was ready to try to continue to work with that love through time. Love changed and grew and died, and Evester was willing to do that journey.

His heart began to race at a thousand miles a minute.

“If you and Evester have talked.” Heia answered honestly.

“No.” Zeydar looked over the two of them, saying brief compliments that they looked good. He looked the best. He looked sure of himself. He, however seemed distracted.

“What’s with you?” Heia asked him.

“Your brother won his fight.” Zeydar answered off handedly. “But he has another, and I’m trying to think of all the possible approaches that the other Superiors will have.”

“What fight.”

“His fight to prove himself. I’m simply tired from my own practices. I have to prove that what he did was not a fluke.” He rolled his eyes. “Lets get on with this.” Zeydar cut the conversation short. There was a lot going on in the city of Ovaria that Evester did not know, but Zeydar was in control over it. Phil and Shawn were doing well supporting him and Evester felt at ease knowing Zeydar was safe.

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