YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 96 (CHAPTER 243)

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79 Days Until Politics And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia stood across from Trace who had her hands up. Kori pulled her holoblade around and then pointed it to Heia. “Go again Heia.”

Heia and Kori raced at each other again, moving around with the stances and new training videos from Evester. They attacked at each other until Heia was able to do the technique properly.

“That will work.” Robee called out to Heia when she breathed out gasping for air. Kori and Heia had been at it for hours.

They were practicing how to fight with the idea of magic. There would not be any results until the mages were there, but the idea that they could prepare was what they hoped for. They had fought with Zeydar before, and knew what he and Kony could do. They had been there fighting by their sides the whole time. Kori, however, was the most practiced at it thanks to her partnership with Kony. Even if the Mages were on the backline, they would be affecting the whole battle and they had an idea of how that would be. The siblings practiced, alone, as Kim, Lynx, and Onyx worked on other things.

Kim had, once again, disappeared off on whatever mission Evester had given her. She had told Heia what the mission was. Heia worried that it was an aversion to admitting what she was doing. Heia worried that Kim was doing illegal things. She was almost certain Kim was doing illegal things.

“We will have to practice with them.” Trace sighed.

“But it will work.” Kori bounced over. She seemed the most confident out of everyone.

Heia looked between her siblings thinking of when she was going to see Karla, Layla, Andre, and Kony again. She knew how Kony and Karla had changed, but how had Layla and Andre changed? Had they changed at all? Heia paused and then asked them, “How do you think they are doing?”

“Fine.” Trace answered quickly. “Karla never needed any of us. Kony has Zeydar. Layla and Andre… They’re fine.”

“Why are you thinking of them?” Robee asked Heia.

“It’s been so long since we last saw them.” Heia admitted. She did not feel embarrassed for missing them. She knew they were safe, however she had not see them for too long.

“They’re alive.” Robee reminded her. She thought of the look Robee had given her more than a year ago, when he saw that she was alive. Heia thought of the way that Trace had broke down crying when she saw their whole family. How they had thought that they were alone and only had each other. She knew that Robee and Trace were more worried than anyone else. They had thought they had lost everyone only to see that they had not. Heia could never fully understand their pain. She knew that both Robee and Trace were acting strong, but they were perhaps the most worried out of everyone. It was why they deflected.

“Our family is so broken.” Heia sighed. She wanted them all to be happy. She wanted them to be able to relax. She wanted them never to have a worry ever again. Unfortunately, it would never happen. They were going to be stressed for the rest of their lives as they survived. Heia was determined to make sure that she made the best of it, while she could.

“Apart but united, or together and divided. I’d choose this any day.” Trace shook her head. “We will get back together when we need to be back together, not a moment before.”

“The war is coming, we have to focus on that.” Kori reminded her. “That is going to be the moment that either saves us or breaks us.”

“It will make us. We need major war contributions in order to make the world listen to us.” Robee answered.

Heia nodded and looked amongst them wondering if that was going to be enough. They needed another strong push but Heia was not sure she could give it again.

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