YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 95 (CHAPTER 242)

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79 Days Until Politics And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester sat tossing his holoblade in his hand, waiting for his father to appear at the oddest hour of the night. His father had the habit of showing up consistently, with the information for Uly to be left in Evester’s room. For some reason Evester terrorized the minds of all those in the facility, making his room the safest place to hide records. Endwin had called Evester back almost immediately after he hung up to go over additional deals, dates, and an itemized list of actions that were needed to solidify Europa’s reign. Kim and Uly were to be used. Endwin worked through most of it on his own. EverDanger as a whole was to be involved and Evester knew most would accept that. They wanted to save humanity as it was, however…

“What are you doing?” His father appeared at the doorway.

Evester pointed the holoblade towards his father and then deactivated it. He placed it down on the bed and leaned forward. “Graceon likes me and wants me.”

Maverin walked in with the records and pulled out the chest under Evester’s bed and unlocked it. He put the new information inside and then locked it again.

“Dad.” Evester lightly kicked his father.

Maverin looked up at him baffled and annoyed. “Tell your mother that. I am not the one who manages that.”

“I was asked to consider courting someone…” Evester paused for a moment. He felt his heart about to break from his chest. “Someone, who is not the one I like.”

That had Maverin stopped. He starred at Evester for a long time, sitting back on the floor hearing Evester and decided to press on. “Endwin asked you? Or Europa.”

“Why would you not think Mother?” Evester laughed.

“Your mother swore to me that you would not be roped into political marriages. When she gave me you, she gave me that freedom for you.” Maverin got up from the ground and sat on the bed next to Evester. The two of them look to the wall ahead of them. They were both silent for a long time. Evester knew that his father was asking him if he were certain. He was giving Evester the chance to take it back.

“Because I could die.” Evester laughed trying to joke despite the frog in his throat.

“Accidents happen, and if you were that incompetent after my training, then that was my own fault.” Maverin sat back. “Are you sure.”

“I’m an Igialistal, my marriage partner will always be political. Grandfather told me that.” Evester whispered. “That’s why you made me into a play boy, so I never settled, just in case.”

“You are sure about Zeydar?”

Evester felt his heart thud in his chest. “I…” He had said it before, but saying the sentence again. Could he? Would he? Should he? He did like Zeydar but after saying it, he wanted to take it back. He clenched his hands together and begged himself to say it to believe it.

“Are you sure?” His father asked him again.

Evester looked to the ceiling, searching for an answer. He had been so confident before. He had been so sure before. He had said the words and meant them, but once again the freedom was in his hands. It was given back to him. His father was going to let him slip away and… But it wasn’t his choice. It was Zeydar’s. Zeydar had read the book. Zeydar had the right to make the choice as well, and if Evester always kept him at an arms reach would either of them ever be truly happy? If he never had the chance to love, would he regret it?

Finally Evester whispered. “Yes.” He coughed a bit and looked to his father. “Yes. I like Zeydar.”

Maverin breathed out a long breath and then laughed. He laughed more and more, before he sighed and looked to the ceiling. “Courting him will be a better political match than what any other Circles could offer you. Leave that to Endwin. He can broker those alliances. Your sister will pick who is best for humanity as a whole.” Which meant Uly. They both knew that it meant Uly even if Uly refused to accept it yet. Maverin no longer spoke as a father but as an Igilistal. He was no longer the scientist but the politician he had been built to become by Evester’s grandfather. “You picking a Star will solidify our connection to the Stars themselves, specifically if Zeydar is a powerful member of their user elite. He might be strong but his position of power will change in coming times. Especially after they betray us.”

Evester looked to his father. “I thought you said politics won’t be involved for me.”

“I thought you said you are an Igilistal and that your marriage will always be political. Your father taught you better than this.” Maverin smiled at Evester. The two starred at each other for a long time and then they laughed. Evester went over all his lessons as an Igilistal and what that meant. His father had given him the chance, and his grandfather agreed. Yet, Evester was an Igilistal. He never would escape the last name. With each passing moment, he felt more certain of his decision with each day. “If you truly like Zeydar then there is nothing anyone can do.”

“I don’t love him yet.” Evester tried to give a positive to the situation. The moment the words were said, however, Evester knew they were wrong.

Maverin looked at Evester blankly. Maverin knew they were a lie too. “Yes, keep telling yourself that. As if you have a chance once you have admitted to liking. You would do anything for him. Review the facts first, son.”

Evester had gone to his father about it. That meant it was important to him, and he wanted to tell his father his decision for the family. Not as his scientist father, but his Igilistal father. It meant it was deeper. It meant that as an Igilistal, he would work to make it work. It meant that he had made his decision and needed the blessing of the family’s matriarch, and before he asked her he wanted to make sure it was okay to like Zeydar. He could have told Zeydar, and kept it a secret but Evester was doing it officially. He was already thinking of it from all the politics and proper protocols. He was serious. He wanted permission to let his emotions exist, knowing that there was a chance he’d never be able to back off. He was an Igilistal, and once they picked, they picked for keeps. He was already in love before he ever said he liked. “I’m screwed.”

“That was my reaction when I realized your mother liked me. Now look where I am.” Maverin put his hand on Evester’s shoulder. He patted it a few times.

“The middle of nowhere?” Evester put his hands in his head. He loved Zeydar. He was giving Zeydar the chance to break his heart. He was willing to risk that for someone he knew well enough. But he did not know Zeydar, sober. He knew Zeydar in pain, and Zeydar who suffered, and the Zeydar who needed him. He knew the Zeydar who wanted vengeance, but not the person he was happy. He knew that should have been wrong, but Evester would do anything for Zeydar. He wanted to know Zeydar in every mood and every way, and felt as if his heart was connected to him.

“Completing my life’s work.” Maverin stood up. “Never thought I’d have the chance.” He started to the door. “Magic will be important to our continued survival. The partnership you could broker with it will be stronger than other Circle connections. I approve. Your mother will. Do what you want Evester.” And that was the approval that Evester needed. Maverin then smiled bright and then teased Evester with a wink. “Good luck.”

Evester pushed his father out of his room. “Don’t stay up too late dad.”

“Don’t parent me.” Maverin ruffled Evester’s hair. “The project adaptation is going to process smoothly and the code is almost completed for the navigation and adaptation.”

“Isn’t that impossible without knowing that world?” Uly was rerunning the statistics. At this rate the navigation systems would not have the information until the last minute. And then they would have to go with it.

“I already consort with impossible. The Uncertain End date was my discovery.” Maverin laughed. “If the Uncertain End was my life’s work, I need a new one because I don’t plan on dying just yet. Creating the program to predict a new world based on Uly’s calculations and efforts once the planet is chosen and to recalibrate if necessary? I can easily do that.” Maverin left the room laughing, and whistling to himself. Evester was stunned and shook his head. The fate of the world was left in the hands of two hyper focused idiots and Evester had never felt safer. He was surer of himself after speaking with his father.

He had to do the work for the X’s and push the plans into motion as Heia had laid them. Eyes to his paintings in his room, Evester closed the door and met true darkness. He greeted it as a sweet lover’s embrace.

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