YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 92 (CHAPTER 239)

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83 Days Until Possibility And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar sat on the grass looking to the sky. His next class was his worst one. It was the general education class and his students hated him. Granted, he hated them too. There were too many wrong ways to work with them. He did not want to work with any of them, in an effort to stop the noisy complaints. it almost seemed premeditated at this point, as if they were being told to make complaints about the most minor things. The other day, Zeydar’s shirt had been wrinkled a little and they had complained. He was tired of their nonsense.

Kony ran over, in uniform, huffing and puffing the moment that he stopped before Zeydar. “I was searching for you. Why weren’t you at your room.”

“Change of scenery. Why are you running?” Zeydar offered Kony a place to sit. Kony did not take it.

“I want to fight.”

Zeydar was not sure if his hearing had short circuited or not. He looked to his hands. His eyesight was normal. His head was not pounding. The day was actually pleasant if he ignored the fact that he could hear more than a mile away if he concentrated. The air wasn’t bleeding him without making a wound. His magic wasn’t acting up against him. He wasn’t hallucinating. So why was it that it seemed like Kony said he wanted to fight?

“I was challenged to a fight and I want to try.” Kony went on as if he had not just watched Zeydar check himself for Dreams. Zeydar, now certain that he was awake and lucid, glared.

“We haven’t been able to get your magic to work the way we want.” He was not going to allow Kony to go out there, before it was perfected. He could do offensive and defensive magic. If Kony went out there before he was solid in both, then Zeydar was going to be attacked even more for changing teaching protocols.

“It would make them stop going after you.” Kony said sitting in the grass. He sat on his knees as if begging Zeydar to consider it.

“What do you mean.” Since when was he right? Since when was it a premeditated scheme by the staff and Superiors to drive him nuts with complaints? He had been assuming. They were not supposed to be that petty. However, the more he thought about it, the more reasonable it seemed. If he lost control for a minute, that would be enough to take Kony from him, and claim that Dreams was the only way to control him.

“I need to prove myself.” Kony tired again.

“Who is it.” Who was ruining both of their lives.


There was a long moment where Zeydar sat confused. He searched through all the names of the Superiors, finding no name that was Kris. He started through the Class Ones. When he landed on the right age and name, Kristine, he knew. She was the closest Class One to Kony’s age at a year older. A classically trained Academy Class One, indoctrinated and pristine. “What did you do to piss her off?”

“Nothing. She never challenged me.”

“Then why do you want to fight?” Zeydar did not meant to sound so crass at the words. He had intended to be softer with them. However finding out that Kony was provoking fights uncalled for was not what either of them needed.

“Because I need to. I need to prove myself.” Kony explained, determination was blazing beneath his long lashes. “I need them to stop doubting you. Do you know what they call you? Insane. They think you can’t function properly after all the drug use. They think that your classes are stupid and that you have no reason to be teaching because you’re wrong. And thus if you’re wrong and your teaching method are wrong, then I’m wrong. I’ve never once used my magic outside of specific exercises in class. They don’t think I can.”

Zeydar could not fault Kony for wanting to beat them all to the ground. Zeydar wanted to do it himself at Kony’s admission. He did not want to bring more attention to the both of them before either of them were ready to fight the total horde. He did not want to expose himself more. However, Zeydar was a sore loser and he was petty. “You might not win.”

“Who cares if I win. I’ll be able to stop her from talking nonsense.”

“Nonsense?” What more were they saying? What more could be worse.


“No. What is she saying?”

“She was saying that you’re hyped up and can’t do magic either.” Kony paused for a moment before saying. “And that you’re just a groupie for Evester who wishes he was as important as the media makes you out to. That you’re nothing more than a spoiled, pretty boy.”

Zeydar’s mind certainly short circuited then. A groupie? Him? A spoiled pretty boy? He was, but he knew she had seen his tests. He knew she saw his records. He knew that they all knew just how terrifying Zeydar was. People were scared of him for being the only survivor of the Arcadia collapse. The words were a taunt to get at both him and Kony. If he were a better person he’d walk away from the blatant manipulation and tell Kony to let it go.

However, Zeydar had already accepted his pettiness. “Alright. When’s this fight?”

“Serious? Aren’t you supposed to tell me something about how we should let this go?” Kony also understood that Zeydar was petty. It was why he said the words. He wanted to prove himself and he wanted to back Zeydar’s teaching. However Zeydar never cared for any of that. The only thing that got Zeydar moving these days, was a direct attack against those he cared about.

“Why would I? I’m your Superior Guardian. We are a unit, a team. The closest our class gets to family. You’d defend your sister’s honor wouldn’t you?” Zeydar was going to let Kony rip them apart.

“Always.” Kony smirked.

“Then I’m not going to stop you from trying to defend mine.” Zeydar took to his feet, knowing he’d be late to class and not caring at all. Let them complain. He was going to prove to them all that he was the superior Superior. His teaching was not wrong.

Kony got to his feet as well. “Whenever I want it to be.”

“We don’t have time to slack off then. Do we.” Kony was going to be superb in both offensive and defensive magic in the next few days. “How unfortunate that you’re sick. You should go back to Estashia’s.”

Kony blinked and then nodded. He raced off, the moment Zeydar gave him a note. Zeydar was going to take paid leave. He was going to drill Kony until Kony could do the magic while sleeping. He was going to burn everyone who had ever scorned him. But first he had to get to Phil and Shawn, to get them to leave as well. He couldn’t very well leave them behind when Kony needed all of their care.

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