YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 91 (CHAPTER 238)

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83 Days Until Possibility And the Uncertain End (Part 1)

Heia sat across from Alan Penn staring at him down in the same way that he starred her down. She had watched the live press conference. She had known that as soon as the Military Mages were deployed for integration into X armies, that Alan Penn would call for her. Kim had gone over protocols for going forward, and had submitted them. She had given Heia a run down of how the meeting was going to go. Thus far she was right. It had started in silence. He talked about the conference and she had said she watched it. Then there was silence again.

Heia took the initiative. “We got them.”

“Apparently.” He sat back. “How?”

“I told you they would help us.” She needed to figure out what he wanted and quick. Kim had given Heia a few options and once Heia knew which one it was, she had to spin it into her favor.

“How?” Alan Penn repeated.

“They believe in humanity.” She saw the way he rolled his eyes. They both knew it was not the reason that the Superiors had agreed. Zeydar had exposed them. It was a surprise to no one, however, he had forced them to act again. No one knew why, and that was because no one knew how powerful Zeydar was. They saw him as a Star, one who had broken a Tower but they did not know what that meant. She did.

“They want something.” Alan Penn was fishing for the answer. This was the route he wanted to go and Heia was happy to oblige.

“And Zeydar will figure that out.”

“He is a Star.” There was a deep seeded resentment in his voice. “How can you trust that?’

Kim had said to be as honest as she could be when pulling it into their favor. So Heia gave the best answer that she could. “Because Zeydar is one of the few people that we need to know can pull off what he says he can.”

“He’s a star.” Once again the hatred had returned, this time more prominent than before.

“And I’m an X. Next point.” Heia took control then. He would not give up distrusting them and she did. She moved on. “When are they arriving?”

“A few days.”

“We have a plan of how to incorporate them.” Heia brought out the file that Kim had worked on completing for the better half of an afternoon. She had been drafting it for weeks, but with the announcement she had to move fast. Heia had not read it.

The man took the papers and flipped through them as if he knew that Heia had not written them. “This will not be easy to manage.”

“The Mages need to support us.” And then they would be able to do an all out offensive for the first time since the war had begun. They would not be forced to cower on their own planet.

“They can’t be on the front lines.” He reminded her.

“With the mages there will be no front line.” The war would be everywhere. The Aralax would go after them. With the mages as the backline, they would not need to act the way they did, with slow wars of attrition. They would be able to strike and kill quickly. Enchantments could do more than this man knew. Heia had never used enchantments before. Zeydar was not capable of doing them in his half dead state before. She had seen the videos of Military Mages fighting. There would be no front line, because the battle would be over before a single soldier fell.

The Prime Minister did not seem to have the same optimism that she did. “I need to present this to the other leaders.”

“Kim already sent it.”

The man smacked his lips as if to say of course. What was she doing? Heia had a billion questions in that moment. None of them were for him but for Kim. Determined to learn more Heia excused herself. Heia she left with a smile.

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