YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 88 (CHAPTER 235)

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86 Days Until Tests And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia looked at the papers once more, rolling her eyes at the unnecessary use of words. It was made and built to make her bored. They wanted her to give up. It was made so she wouldn’t complete it all. Red pen in hand, she changed what was necessary in the contract. With Evester’s words, they had to get people to build more weapons. Children and the elderly were being sent to the Ships already built and headed to space. Those who did not need to give their lives for a cause that they were going to lose in the end.

They had to keep their people alive, and if by relocating them, they could do that, then they had to push for it. Heia continued to redline the contracts that the people would have to sign and the rulebooks they’d have to read. Equality and Equity would power her through the hundreds of papers. She would do it for them.

“Heia.” Kim leaned against Heia’s back. At first Heia thought nothing of it until she realized that Kim was dripping wet and was not wearing clothes. Her breasts pressed into the back of Heia’s shirt as Kim circled her arms around Heia’s waist. Kim forced Heia to put the papers far away from the wet hair.

Heia placed the pen down with the papers on the other side of the desk. “Yes?”

“I was taking my shower when I realized that you haven’t.” Kim whispered. Heia knew she had been busy as of late. She had gone off to the city on her own. She had come back and been interrogated and then jumped into a fight. She had not had the time to be sensual. Sleeping in Kim’s arms had been enough for her.

“I will later.” The words were dry in her throat. She couldn’t focus on the jargon now even if she tried. Kim’s finger’s traced Heia’s collar bone. Heia wanted nothing more than to follow her in. Her guilt told her not to, but Kim was begging her to follow. “I’ll go after you.”

“Oh.”  Kim whispered lightly against Heia’s ear. “No~”

The last of Heia’s rationale broke. “Are you to imply that you wanted me to join you.” Heia twisted a bit to see Kim’s expression at the words.

Kim’s smile glided across her face, like a secret opening up between the two of them. “Wouldn’t you want to?”

“I never took you to be so direct.” Heia let her hand trail over Kim’s soft waist.

“I’m best friends with Evester Igilistal. I’m a flirt.” Kim whispered rubbing her nose against Heia’s.

“What is he having you do Kim?” Kim had changed too. When Evester sent out the message to her, she had begun working in closed door talks. She had not told anyone what she was doing.

“I’m seducing villains.” Kim answered honestly. “I won’t sleep with them, but I have to make them like me.”

But why with Heia was she held back. Why with Heia, was it like she was trying and testing reactions. “Why now? Why do you have to?”

“Its what I was raised to do. Politics are a game that I know how to win Heia.” Kim did not avert her eyes when she said the words. Heia had so many questions, but with each moment Kim pressed up against me more. “I can tell you after.”

“Swear it? No secrets.” Heia begged her, wanting to make sure that there would be no secrets. Heia was not sure her heart would be able to take that if there were.

“Now I’m certain that you like me.” Kim lightly kissed Heia’s lips, pressing the two of them closer. “I certainly like you.”

“EverDanger says no relationships.”

“I’m best friends with Evester Igilistal. I break the rules.” Kim repeated pulling Heia from her chair and towards the bathroom. Heia thought of how much Evester had fallen head first for Zeydar. Adrenaline rush or not, Evester had dove into that. It made Heia question if this was the first time that Kim had feelings, for real.. She and EverDanger seemed to be the type to hit and quit, to do what they liked and to never let them be tied down. To have no weakness, especially not weakness that is romance. There was something more to it that Heia did not know and she hoped Kim would explain.

Heia stopped them before they closed the door, the steam of the room from the running facet made it difficult to breath. Heia slipped her hand around Kim’s neck, bringing their faces closer. “I will kiss you.”

“Please do.” Kim whispered to her, pulling Heia closer to her as their lips met and Heia’s heart fluttered softly, then more, and more, until the lust roared its way past the pesky innocent emotions.

The papers could wait. Explanations could wait. Everything else could wait. The door was shut and locked.

“I suppose I should take a shower then.” Heia let Kim strip her of her shirt. Whatever else Kim said did not matter as Heia discarded the remainder of her clothes.

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