YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 87 (CHAPTER 234)

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86 Days Until Tests And the Uncertain End  (part 1)

Zeydar could feel Kony tapping his feet under the table. Zeydar wanted to tell him to cut it out, but he was nervous too. It was Kony’s first official dinner, and Kony was there for more than just the dinner. Zeydar would absolutely no control over his dinner, and so they had brought supplies. It had taken time, but Estashia had been able to provide them with tests to check if Dreams was in any of his food or drinks. It was a mandatory event and thus Zeydar could not say no and could not bring anyone along, other than Kony. Kony was not invited, as a student who was not yet a Superior. However, Zeydar had gotten the approval after a few minor threats of destruction. As the Superiors entered and sat down, Zeydar took out his supplies and tested his water first.

“What is that?” Majorie asked as she sat next to him. Zeydar checked for the changing color, and waited the full thirty seconds before he placed the strip away for further use.

“Tests.” Kony answered for Zeydar, as Zeydar sipped his water that was clean. Zeydar watched as her face paled just the slightest. Something was drugged at that table. A combination of things may have been drugged. Zeydar wondered if, for a moment, this was their expression for love. They sure were determined to control him. Their obsession was embarrassing.

“Why ever would you need that?” Majorie tried to double back.

“Let’s not play coy.” Zeydar glared at her. “You, me, everyone in this room for that matter, knows that you drugged me on Dreams for years. And now that I’m clean, why wouldn’t you want me back on it?” Zeydar looked amongst those who had been pretending not to listen. Everyone took their seat Zeydar as their only melody. He drank away, leaning back in his chair as his heart thumped against his chest. The lights were brighter than usual, no doubt to make him crave the Dreams more. He already did. He wanted their sweet release. He had the desire to bask in their soft lull, but Kony was there. He had to be a good role model for Kony. With a tap of his fingers against his thigh, he measured the sound of Evester’s heart beat for focus.

Discussions began regarding mundane tasks. They talked about school and yard work. Touched on classes and training. Then they got to the catastrophe and their process of heading into space.

“We have to prepare.” Zeydar cut in.

“For?” Anthony asked.

“Our support.” Zedyar stopped tapping.


“The Military Mages should protect those that can’t instead of killing them off.” Once again there was a deep silence. The military mages were out there. They were protecting what they had to. Zeydar knew as well as they did that it was bullshit. They were not doing anything to truly support the cause. The Military mages protected the Towers. The X’s protected their own. The two had to come together in full and the Superiors had to be the one to push it.

“What are you saying?” Majorie asked.

“Exactly the truth.” Zeydar shrugged. “We need to send the Military Mages out to the X’s.” They already had the answer, they wanted him to say it so they could get angry.

“They aren’t our people, they have their own—“

“Military? Right. You just want the X’s to die which is why you destroyed the Towers.” Zeydar was on a full attack. Once more there was silence. He turned to Kony to ask, “Am I being too direct?”

“Perhaps?” Kony asked as he began to eat. Motioning to the food for Zeydar, that which he had tested already. “Not sure though.”

“It is not our job.” A Superior cut in as Zeydar began to plate himself food.

“It always has been. We got magic because it was our job.” Zeydar began to use his lecturing voice reserved for classes. With a slight tug on the control that Anthony held over all of them, Zeydar watched as each and every Superior in the room snapped their focus to Zeydar. They had felt it. They had seen him try to break it, as he intended them to feel.


“You made me the top History of Magic Professor and you have the audacity to tell me that I’m wrong?” Zeydar looked to the Anthony. “You can argue in your back rooms, try to get at me again. Do what you like. Whatever. However, tomorrow at sunset Estashia Igilistal will be holding a press conference and I am scheduled to speak.” There was a bristling in the air with the news. “And either I announce the Mages will be helping the Xs or I will be announcing the truth of Arcadia, Valaria, and all the other Tower collapses. With proof.”

“What proof?” Anthony’s eyes narrowed. He did not dare use the bond on Zeydar now that he knew Zeydar could manipulate it. He needed to control Zeydar before that. Dreams would be in everything and Zeydar was going to stay awake.

“What proof indeed.” Zeydar looked over them.

“Its humorous that you think he doesn’t already have it.” Kony sighed nailing the coffin closed. “Considering how well trained I already am.” 

They knew Kony’s training had not come from just his teaching or classes. They believed it had come from books and information. Kony compared and thus their minds obliged. They believed that Zeydar had books, he did, to teach Kony. They did not realize that Zeydar had used Kony as a conduit and thus Kony’s magic was different because of it. They didn’t need to know. They just needed to know that Zeydar had something he shouldn’t, which meant he could have more. Zeydar had given Kony the explicit instructions to make their heads spin. Kony had obliged.

Zeydar, honestly, had no proof, but that was the thing about lies. He had to commit to them. The rest of dinner was a pleasant experience, and the food tasted exquisite.

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