YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 86 (CHAPTER 233)

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87 Days Until Strategy And the Uncertain End 

 Evester stood watching Crass fight with Karla. Her fist flew towards Crass as they trained. Dodging, she moved over the floor, seeking him out and kicking towards him. Her actions were refined, quick, and better than they had been weeks before. She was a slow learner, but her technique was spot on. 

“Kori always caught on faster with Kony.” Karla spoke up once she stopped moving. Evester was startled as she looked towards him. “Perhaps you think me cruel wanting to separate myself from them. But I can only become my own person if I am on my own.” He hadn’t even thought about the others. Had she been thinking about the others? Did she still think of herself compared to them even now? Evester never had the relationship the three had. He never bothered to compare himself to Europa and Endwin who were far unlike him. He wondered what it would be like to be forced to change and grow away from those you’d been born with. He could not. But she did, and she thought he was thinking of it.

“That’s okay.” Evester started down the stairs trying not to read too much into it. He approached them both. “Where are the soldiers?”

“Out on rounds.” Crass explained wiping his brow.

Karla pulled her hair from it’s ponytail, the curls bouncing about around her head, as her soft eyes narrowed into an intimidating look. She looked soft but her muscles flared. She was a killing machine, built for the fight and survival.

“You need to stop hanging out with Rayda.” Evester looked at the small girl who was becoming sharper by the passing days. 

“I picked this group for more than Uly and Crass.” Karla tossed out her hand. “Who knows what skills I’ll need in the future.”

“And here I thought you were…” Evester let the words drop and Karla’s smile twisted. He’d paid a lot of attention to Karla since she had arrived. Kori was always flamboyant, and Kony had always been there a step behind her to support her in the chaotic mess that he was. They were loud enough for everyone and Karla had always hovered back. Karla had become more than a background to the two of them, but he wondered what that would mean when they met up again. She would not hide in their shadow again. She was thinking about them coming together more now that it was so close. “They must be panicking without you.”

“Kori? Maybe. Kony, no. He’ll be fine on his own. Kori is the one who needs us both the most. We never needed her.” Karla shrugged. She was uncomfortable. She was worried of what they’d think of her. “What did you come for?”

“Trying to distract myself.” Evester admitted.

“Art?” Crass reminded him.

“I can only do so much, normal hobbies.” He had come to a standstill of work for Uly, and art, and trying to be normal for the day. He needed an adrenaline rush to clear his mind.

“Your kick is starting to hit again isn’t it?” Crass asked. “What does that mean now?” Now that they were facing the end war too early.

“It means that we have less time to prepare, and need to convince people to abandon cities.” Evester had planned it out and sent the request to the Xs and the Circles. He knew thy would listen now that Kim and his mother were pulling more control.

“Will they agree to that?” Karla asked.

“Not easily.” Crass crossed his arms. “What are you planning Evester?”

“Something that Uly will not approve.”

“You want to go to the X’s.” Crass realized what Evester had not thought of yet. He knew that Crass was right. They would have to go to the X’s, to make a show, to show the way that Heia had directed. They needed to push the general populace more. He also wanted to see Heia and Kim.

“I am missing Heia and Kim and —“

“To convince them?” Karla asked.

“To check on the ships.” Evester smiled at them. Crass sighed knowing it was an obvious lie and Karla laughed to herself. “Are you going to go with me? To make sure I don’t do something stupid.”

“Only if you let me know exactly how you plan to convince the X’s to it.” Crass answered.

“Where is the fun in that? Surprises keep you on your toes.” 

Crass’ facial expression didn’t shift much, but to Evester’s trained eyes, he could see how amused Crass was. Karla lightly punched Crass’ arm. “He’s going to be fine.”

“Not you too.” Crass breathed out.

“I didn’t just pick this group for Uly and you.” Karla smiled a smile like Evester’s and he felt his heart soar. With the two of them, he could get them into the centers, and convince the people for the cause, to abandon their homes. It was a foolish task, but Evester was a simple person.

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