YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 85 (CHAPTER 232)

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89 Days Until Attention And the Uncertain End 

Heia sat in the room with the others, looking over her weapon and glancing to Kim who was nodding off against the bed. Heia counted each time that Kim’s eyes flickered closed and then popped back open. How many nights had she gone with limited sleep? How much more would she have to do? Evester had sent them a coded message: Begin the game, Kim. Heia still did not know what it meant but from then on Kim was different. She acted different. She was making plans and seeking meetings at a break neck pace, as if she had been waiting to be released for too long.

“Heia.” Kori called to her again.

Heia’s attention snapped to her sister in a second. “Yes?” 

“Were you paying attention to me at all?” Kori asked.

“Unfortunately, no I was not. I’m sorry.”

“You’re the worst.”

“Kony with Layla.” Trace reiterated. “Around now, he’ll be going crazy with her. She babies him too much, and if he’s trying to be a superior, she’ll be trying to remind him that he’s a child at every turn.” She looked to Heia. Heia knew it was a problem but not why it was her problem. Her problem was Kim who was doing things to make meetings that Heia was not invited to, and would not explain. What did Heia not know? What was Kim not telling her.

“Kony will put her in her place.” Kori stated again. “The question is how to make them do something. Layla could help us, but she is so adamant about not doing it.”

Heia thought of her sister who had always focused on herself. She had done everything she could to make people pay attention to her. She was going to get out, she had always told them. She and Andre were focused on their work, on their jobs. It was why Heia had to take care of her family. Layla had always hated Heia, for multiple reasons. Heia had what Layla always wanted, and tried to do but failed.

“Layla was never made to lead.” Heia agreed.

“But she was meant to follow.” Kori went on.

“You mean Europa.” Kim cut in awake again. “Europa won’t take an assistant. I already told you guys.”

The admission was news to Heia, but she had to imagine that Karla must have had the thought. Layla and Andre couldn’t be the only two of their family that didn’t do anything. However hearing that Europa would not take the bait, made her heart sink. If the two did nothing, then how would they learn to control the relationship between Circles and X’s?

“What if we made her needed?” Heia asked.

“How?” Kim asked. Her eyes narrowed. This was not Heia’s Kim. This was not the sweet woman who looked at her with half lidded eyes of adoration. This was an imposter in her skin, who had taken over and not explained why. Heia thought it was foreign, but also alluring. Heia wanted to know more, for less moral reasons. This Kim was powerful. This Kim was The Talented.

“The Prime Minister won’t talk to anyone because he refuses. If Layla is there as a support of the X’s we could get their faith in the Circles more, no?” Kori offered.

“You are bringing this up because he is to speak to us all in a few days, aren’t you?” Robee asked.

“Do you think we can do it? We need the relations open.” Kori rolled her eyes.

“We need military mages.” Trace shook her head.

“Kony and Zeydar will get them.” Heia was certain about that. “But the X’s would need a face on that side to assure that they will. Shawn is already with the Stars. We need someone with the Circles. They have to do it if they have not already thought of it themselves.”

“Exactly.” Kori nodded.

“We can’t make them do anything, but we can hope that they will.” Kim yawned. “Now. Its time to get to bed. We don’t know when the next attack is, and we have things to do tomorrow. We can’t save the world sleep deprived.” She couldn’t do her new mission with the lack of sleep.

The room was hushed in a second, before Lynx was up, and getting ready for bed and everyone followed her in seconds. Kim was asleep before Heia finished washing her face. When Heia woke the next morning, Kim was gone.

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