YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 84 (CHAPTER 231)

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90 Days Until Stress And the Uncertain End 

Layla sat with Kony messing with his short hair making sure that it was cut to Superior standards, despite how she did not like it. It was still too long for Circle student standards, but Zeydar was not going to tell them. Zeydar knew she wouldn’t protest it, because she already had for multiple times Zeydar had asked for her help. She didn’t want her brother looking like a soldier when he was only a teenager. Zeydar could not blame her for it. She made his hair look great with her sheers, and his fade had a design going through it shaped like stars.

Zeydar wanted her to cut his hair. It had gotten long, and he had gotten many warnings from Majorie about it. He also did not want to get his hair cut to make more of a statement now that it did not matter.

“Any word from Heia?” Andre startled Zeydar.

“Only the usual, that she is actively trying to take over the X’s. Evester wants to have a talk.” And said that Zeydar is supposed to be taking over the Stars. Whatever that meant. He had been trying for months to get enough control over his powers to flip the bond on it self. There was literally nothing that he could do to do until he had better control over himself.

“Europa has been running around all morning.” Andre sat next to Zeydar at the table. “Any reason why?”

“None.” Zeydar knew it had to do with the expedited deadline. The news had dropped along with Evester’s message to him. The public already knew and Europa was trying to mitigate the damage as Estashia dealed with the Circle elites. Europa had also demanded that Zeydar figure out a way to take over the Stars, with the idea of a betrayal in the works. If there was one to occur, Zeydar was not privy to it.

He couldn’t even control his own powers, how was he supposed to take over the Stars? Why did everyone assume that he could already? Why did they think he was holding back as if he could done it by this point.

“You look stressed.” Kony glanced at Zeydar.

“I am.” Zeydar answered. “I am jittery, and my body shakes all the time.” He wanted Dreams more than anything, but Shawn, sitting near him, reminded him of what was at risk. He also wanted to talk to someone about the expectations, and the fact that seeing Evester’s note to him had made his heart pound. He had done too many indecent things to Evester’s memory, and now that he knew the book, it was worse. He had not had the time to think about what he had read. He was not sure he would have the chance for a while. “I have classes to teach, and yet everyone is acting as if there isn’t a war going on.”

Layla glared down at the silverware. “We can’t always remember those things.”

“Heia is out there Layla. You can’t act like that.” Andre chastised her. 

“I didn’t want her out there.”

“And we can’t stop Heia from doing anything.”

“No.” She agreed reluctantly.

Kony swatted Layla’s hand from his head. “Heia will be fine. The question is how we are going to help her.”

“Us?” Layla asked.

“Or are you going to have her act as the big sister again?” Kony asked her. Layla’s eyes narrowed. Zeydar was paying attention but not by much. He was able to tell that there was family drama blooming and he wanted no part. Zeydar went to leave his seat when Shawn placed his hand out keeping Zeydar there. “Layla. I know that this situation is not what you are aiming for, but it is what we have.”

“What do you want me to do Kony?” Layla snapped.

“Europa Igilistal is in the next room, why are you and Andre learning anything from her?”

“That’s rude.” 

“But necessary.” Kony glared to Andre. “We have the chance to learn from the best of the best, the top of the top, from the Igilistals who can help us make X’s integrated, and instead you are sitting here looking out windows and wishing for the best. Layla, you could be helping her!”

“With what?”

“Anything?” Kony shook his head. “Policy, decisions, as her secretary. Making yourself important. Instead you are sitting here. And you, Andre, could be assisting Endwin with his talks with the other Circles. There is so much and you were both good at it. The apocalypse doesn’t have to take away what you used to be good at.” Kony glared at them both before he left the room, leaving Zeydar feeling odd.

Shawn continued to eat and Zeydar was left with more questions than he had before. Did this mean that all their groups were incorporating? Was this what it meant by the power of the Igilistals? Did he want to be a part of the system? Was he using the lack of his abilities and his classes, and his fears as an excuse not to take control? He wasn’t sure what would happen when he took control. He wasn’t sure what it would mean to be a part of the Igilistal family and to take full control of that.

The brown leather book appeared in his memory as if it were on the table before him.

He ignored it and continued eating.

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