YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 83 (CHAPTER 230)

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91 Days Until Bribes And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester looked over the information to give to the others. Uly flipped through the documents on his tablet, scanning them quickly, as Evester scanned his father’s hand written notes. Evester needed to know how to word it, how to release it. His mind was foggy from lack of sleep. He needed to rest later that night.

“This…” Uly put down the tablet. 

“If you’re right.” Evester looked to his father, cutting Uly off. “They are going to put everything into this war.” Why had his father considered not telling– no, he had been worried about telling the world for it to be forgotten. This could be the end before the Uncertain End, possibly.

“We have less than thirty days.” Uly shook his head. “There is no way we can have all the bureaucracy behind us by then. We won’t have the ships done by then. We won’t have the moving done by then.” They would have to fight united. In thirty days. There was no way.

“That’s why we have to get the whole world to focus on the war. If we lose here, there is no after.” Maverin told them both. “We can get them to focus on this. We can.” He was too hopeful for someone who had once lost all his funding and been laughed off as a quack.

“How?” Evester needed to know it was possible.

“Heia has created the possibility. If we use Kim and Zeydar to finish it off, we can.” Maverin answered the way he had before. “Since Heia’s broadcast, we have seen a large increase in X’s reaching to help the fight. We could get the military open it to teach more people to fight, and then, help create more explosives, and firepower, to knock down the human lives that could be lost.” Uly sighed at his words.

“It will be an all out offensive.” Evester reminded them both. There was only so much that he could make them do. There was only so much time.

“Right now we are seeing an increase in fighting all over the world. The War is already begun. But this is the end battle.” Uly’s voice was quiet, almost as if he had given up.

“If we can get past it, we will make it to the Uncertain End with nearly no issues.” Maverin disagreed. He believed in humanity. He believed they had a choice.

“But we would be fighting it fractioned.” Evester reminded them both. even if they had a chance, how would they get the world to react together when… when they acted as they did?

“That will have to be on Zeydar, Heia, and Kim. They can do it.” Maverin repeated.

“And what do we do?” Uly asked.

“Preparing for this.” Maverin tapped the last few lines of his predictions. “You finish your predictions. This is what really matters.”

“Natural disasters, and infighting.” Uly read it all again. “You’re certain?”

“The Project is predicting one faction turning against the others.” Evester pointed out. The Uly and Evester said together. “The Stars.” There was no one else it could be.

“Much of what happens between here.” Maverin tapped the battle to come on his papers showing them. He laid the paper on the ground. “And here.” He tapped the day of the departure of the stars. “Will be solidifying what culture will be like in the new world.”

“Less than two months.” Uly glared at the notes on the table.

“We have less than three months until we have to be off the planet.” Maverin shrugged. He was not pressed at all and in it, Evester felt more calm. His father believed in the effort he had already put in.

“Are we certain the Aralax will stop?” Uly asked above a whisper.

“They will be taking cover for what is to come. Their purpose of killing us was to make our suffering less. That and to take over our cities and civilizations in preparation of what is to come. If we start shipping people off the planet as soon as the last battle occurs, we can make it so that they will not attack us further. They will take what we leave behind.” Maverin smiled for the first time.

They were not ready to give it up yet, because the ships would not be done for at least six more weeks. Evester understood then. “The question is how to tell the world this, and how to strategically plan which cities to give up.” They’d need to move people as a world. Fractions but unified.

“I can figure that up.” Maverin collected the data and headed towards the door. He did not say another word but Uly and Evester exchanged a look that told Evester that they both knew Uly was about to call Europa. He nodded and left the room, laptop in his hand. He had an email to send and an alert to give out.

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