YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 81 (CHAPTER 228)

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92 Days Until Darkness And the Uncertain End  

Evester looked over his weapon in the light, a yawn on his lips and the taste of sleep on his tongue. When was the last time he’d felt this way? When he had been searching for Heiphillia the first time? No, after that. He had been on the run for too long to get good sleep. However, he had gotten sleep. After days of being awake Evester was starting to lose his mind.


He was snapped out of his thoughts by his father who had come to him in the day. Evester wished his father had assumed he, too, was asleep like everyone else assumed. “Yes?” He also knew his father knew that he was awake. Evester was unsure why he could not get himself to sleep. He had been unable to, since the Aralax attacks had happened. He had been unable to since he had started to understand the depths of his feelings and what it means.

“I’m running the projections.” His father announced upon arrival.

“More fights have moved up?” Evester asked as his father stepped inside the room.

“Almost all of them.” The news was not good. Evester thought of all the attacks that he knew about. Depending on how they had been moved up, things could get more dangerous. Evester no longer felt tired. He did not have the time to be tired. He did not have the time for sleep. That was why he was awake. He had to help Uly with more work. He had to make everyone’s lives easier so that he could have them as his support when he moved into the turbulent future.

New attacks made Evester think and ask. “Has the Uncertain End changed?”

“No. That remains the same.” Maverin sighed in relief. The Uncertain End had to be tied to something other than the Aralax, Evester assumed. He figured his father thought the same.

“But our lead up to it has shifted.” Evester said to himself, thinking about the situation that had befallen on him.

“Undoubtedly.” Maverin took a seat on a chair in the room, looking at Evester’s papers.

“And have you given the word to Uly, to warn the others?”

“Should we?” The answer was apparent.

Evester heard his father, and felt the chills run down his spine. His father was suggesting something he’d never have suggested in… His father was an Igilistal thoroughly, and there was a critical nature to the assessment that Evester understood. By not announcing the changes it allowed for them to control the situation to be as it was now. It might result in more causalities but it would not change the future drastically. “Are you—“

“We risk total annihilation if we continue down this path.” Maverin nodded, leaning forward, hands resting on his face.

“We risk that if we don’t.”

“The Aralax were not rushing to kill us before, but now that we can kill them, they will.”

“Are we trying to save the world or not?” He could just hear Heiphillia’s voice protesting the very idea that his father had suggested. She would tell him to give all the information. Evester had done that in part, and the results had been terrible. What would happen if they gave the information now.

“There will be little to save if we are all dead.” Maverin shook his head, conflicted on what to do. He had told everyone about the Catastrophe and was laughed off. If he told them now, they’d believe him, but would that save lives? “The governments are too busy playing politics to care about the lives of their people.”

“So how do we force their hands.” Would they have to give this information to the public? However, Heia’s show of rebellion proved that the governments were controlling information as it was. His mother would use the information to help but would the others?

“Get Zeydar to commandeer the Superiors.” It was not a suggestion but a command. He was telling Evester to make Zeydar do it. “Your mother has already controlled the Circles.”

“And the X’s?”

“We get Heia to take them over.” Maverin shrugged. “She already is.”

The idea of it was beyond Evester. What part of his relationship to Zeydar, told Maverin that Evester could make him do anything? Zeydar was working on it at his own terms. Evester couldn’t make him move faster.

“Its the only way. We need them to do what is right, and right now they are not thinking that.” Maverin nodded. “I’ll release the information and you will get them to act now.”

“Let alone Zeydar,” Who supposedly was connected to the Superiors in a way that they  could control him. “Heia can’t take over the X’s. She has to make the adults act.”

“She already does. Just tell her to twist it more. You know how. And if you don’t… Kim does.” The words struck Evester and he knew then that Kim would know how to manipulate the leaders. She knew exactly what to do and where to do it and how. If Evester released her to act accordingly without a care for her appearance to others, what would she do? His father left him saying that he was going to let Uly know that there would be a conversation between the three heroes soon. Evester thought of what he needed to tell them, when he saw them next.

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