YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 80 (CHAPTER 227)

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93 Days Until Battle And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia breathed out, tasting the chill in the air, wishing and hoping for the battle to end quickly. They had been at it for hours. They had made a good dent into the enemy line, but the Aralax continued to come from nowhere. Heia was not certain there was a way to kill them. She did not understand how they functioned. They did not react to the deaths of their members in fear, but instead charged forward. This was not like the times in the car where they could disappear with Zeydar’s help. This was worse. This was true war and people were dying.

“You good?” Heia heard Kori’s voice sound from behind.

“Why are you out here?” Kim glared at her.

“Helping…” Kori answered, running past them, jumping up and knocking an Aralax down to the ground with a strike of her blade. She turned to her sister. “We are winning, casualties… We have lost people.”

“Any estimates?” Heia did not want to know the answer if her sister knew them.

“I’m not sure.” Kori shrugged. “You two look rough.” She handed them water. Heia drank it happily and looked about. Kim helped Heia to her feet and Heia surveyed the area. The battle had moved on ahead, and she could see the fire and glowing lights from somewhere ahead.  

“We should probably head back. There isn’t much more we can do.” Kim told them both. “The Aralax will retreat soon and it’s going to be clean up from this point on.”

“Do you think the message was sent?” To the Aralax, that they would not just keel over and die. To the Circles and Stars, that they would fight even if they would not. That it was better to press forward than to let them keep coming? That they needed the Military Mages to back them? There were so many messages Heia had hoped to send in her complaints and while they had been live. She hoped they were received.

“We will get the magicians.” Kori told her.

“How can you be sure?”

“Zeydar and Kony will make sure of it, and if they don’t Shawn will.” She was hopeful.

They had to act as a single force, had to. If they couldn’t do that much, then what was the hope in even praying for a survival? They needed each other, but they needed to know that they wouldn’t be backstabbed. Heia huffed and then nodded. The three headed back to the truck to find Lynx and Onyx. They recalled Trace and Robee, who returned a half hour later. While the battle continued on they left to go back home. Their fight was done for the night.

The battle saw the Aralax retreat an hour later, so said the radio broadcast. Immediately Kim started pressuring the Stars to send their mages as they had promised. Immediately they called for more assistance.

As Heia fell asleep in their apartment, she wondered if for once people would make it easier for her. She knew they would not. Plans ruminated in her mind as sleep took her completely.

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