YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 79 (CHAPTER 226)

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93 Days Until Battle And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia stood with her hair up, weapon out, and clothes neat for the upcoming fight that was sure to hit them. She was dressed in a new uniform. Kim, Lynx, and Onyx had too much time on their hands developing new EverDanger uniforms for them. It was black and blue. The metal glowed as if it were lit from fire on the inside. It made Heia feel powerful. Her hair was natural and defined with beautiful curls. She felt powerful with her eye liner and laid edges. Her afro was her halo and she was an angel of war in this moment.

“You needn’t be out there.” They had told her. She had disagreed.

“We’ll be fine.” Kim stepped up next to Heia. Kim too was dressed in the new EverDanger uniform. She was stunning and frightening all at once. Together they would get through everything. “Get through the night. Show the world what we can do.”

“And get back in before anything really changes.” Lynx agreed. They had come to the front lines for a war. They had grown tired of being told to stay inside. Heia had demanded it and was given it, to appease her. She was going to fight to show that she would not let the solders do it on their own. She’d protect them. She’d protect everyone, and hopefully it would inspire more people to join — not the military, but her.

Heia looked to Kim who starred off to the darkening horizon. Her hair was tied back to a ponytail, her roots thoroughly showing, in a different red than the red she dyed her hair. More orange, more natural, with the slightest bit of curl to it. Lynx and Onyx stood in matching clothes, masks on their faces and cameras on their bodies. Trace and Robbee looked natural in the uniforms, adjusting each other’s collars. The viewers would know who to look for.

“Alright.” Kori landed with a thud behind them. She had braids that were twisted back into a bun. “I saw movement up ahead. The line is ready for the ambush, but we know this is going to be worse than that.”

“The goal is survival.” Kim reminded them. “We get back to this truck at any and all costs. We show them that a faster battle is better than that of attrition, and make them use what we have taught them.”

Robee and Trace nodded, looking to Kori who was examining her gun, dancing about with little cares. Heia glared at her sister. “That means you Kori. If it gets harry, get back.”

“I’m fine.” Kori spun her weapon around. “I have the largest kill count. I’m not just going to die here.” In her fights with Kony, she’d taken them mostly out with Kony as her support. She did not have a partner here, but Kori never seemed to act like she wanted one. She was tasked with staying in the rear. “I’ll save who I can save.”

The plan was to assist on the initial assault. 

“They are going to try to overwhelm us with numbers.” Kim reminded them when the sounds of the explosives sounded, rocking the world and shattering the once quiet night. Heia snapped her head to the front lines seeing the fire rising in the sky as the sun dipped below the horizon. Hand up, Heia knew the cameras would be recording everything they did from that point on. All of them, live on the EverDanger channel. Warnings would be flashing for content warnings. There would be serious debate on what they would show or not.

“Remember. Respect the dead.” Was all that Kim said as she lifted her weapon and started her jog forward, Heia trailing after her, looking to the others who split off, leaving Kori who was glancing around like she was planning to do something stupid. Heia prayed for her sister.

“No time to focus on her. She’ll be fine.” Kim drew Heia’s attention back ahead. “Our goal here is to survive. We have to survive this onslaught.”

“This isn’t even the final predicted war.”

“No. It is only a battle. One we will win.”

The team split off. With it, Heia’s focus became Kim and Kim alone. She would make sure that Kim survived the night. Together the two raced off, headed towards the Aralax, knowing exactly when and where to strike. Holoblades glowing, the two slashed at the Aralax, cutting down those that came into their path. They charged forward, creating a path. Heia was not sure if the soldiers would follow, but when she looked back she saw that they had. They too, wanted to end this faster.

Heia nodded to them and stood on her toes ready to leap at any moment. Shadows shifted and Heia leapt forward, striking to kill.

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