YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 72 (CHAPTER 219)

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98 Days Until Loss And the Uncertain End (Part 1)

Evester honestly hadn’t cared much about the conversation between the siblings. He had things to prepare and reports to review. He had to make sure that the defenses were placed for construction and that the scientists were still under Uly’s control. He had painted a little, worked a lot, and been up all night fighting. He was planning on going to bed until Kori mentioned that Heia wasn’t with her. It was news to them all and seemingly a bad sign. 

“She’s where?” Kony asked from his side. Evester paused and listened from where he stood. He shot Rayda a look telling her that he was staying now. She silently shut the door.

“In an Under City last we heard from her.” Kori answered

“Why?” Karla asked. She did not look at those who listened. Uly shifted where he stood and pulled on Evester’s sleeve. Evester nodded to him and then he approached Karla ready to stand within her sight without her having to make contact.

“Because…” Kori was at a loss for words. “She wanted to help them.”

Help them with what? Evester asked to Karla as Kori struggled. Karla asked the question and changed the conversation to code and Kori began to explain. Heia had gone because she didn’t believe everything was being told to some under cities properly. Propaganda was always her worst enemy and now Heia was possibly missing. 

“Which city?” Karla asked letting them drift back to Heia where as the fronting conversation had made it seem as if Heia was caring and compassionate. It was important because of the attacks, the attacks that everyone had to deal with that night, ones that Karla most certainly had only shared in brief. She wasn’t going into it because she didn’t want to scare them. Uly would send the report update that night with the further attacks that were coming. Maverin was slow with his changed predictions, with them having to fight each night. Kori gave the city and immediately Evester was cross checking it in his mind from the list of attack locations that Maverin had listed. He looked back to Uly who held the actual list. Uly nodded when he made eye contact.

Tomorrow. If it was going to be attacked it would be tomorrow. Evester looked up to Karla and told her. She glanced around for a second masking her own surprise as her freaking out about her sister. Karla then spoke. “According to the new reports, doesn’t that city get attacked soon?”

“What?” Kony asked. The news was not hidden in code.

“New reports?” Kori asked.

“Uly and Maverin sent new ones. Maverin had redid the Project with the current state of affairs.” Karla revealed that the predictions had been sent to the leaders. This would force the governments to reveal what they had. “They are working on additional updates now.”

“When?” Kori asked quick. “When is the next attack?” She would have known but she was playing along to let the world know.

“I don’t know. I just know that Evester and Uly said they were happening everywhere for at least a week as an initial barrage and that we had to be prepared because it would not stop…” Until the final war, but she wasn’t going to say that. Not then. This was a message to the world. Karla had made the choice and Evester thought it was the right one. She had grown up fast. “Find her.”

“I will.” Kori agreed.

The rest of the conversation went simply enough and Karla turned off the camera and started crying. Her tears were real. She asked if she had done well, and tried to contain herself but she was afraid for her siblings.

“Heia will be okay.” Rayda told her.

Karla sighed, wiping her eyes. “Doesn’t stop me from being scared. When the Catastrophe came we thought we had lost everyone.” She couldn’t lose her family, not after how much they had fought to be with each other. 

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