YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 71 (CHAPTER 218)

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99 Days Until Winning And the Uncertain End 

Evester kicked the Aralax bodies that laid spawn across the facility interior. The initial attack had not been as large as they had feared, closer to Maverin’s projected numbers than they had expected. It was less than fifty, a scouting team and an attack team all at once. It was not hundreds or thousands, and for that reason Evester was less nervous about future battles. More would come but they were ready. His instructions had worked. They had no injuries or casualties.

They’d have better defenses delivered within the week. Maverin had put in the request to the government for the supplies for the fencing and phaser lines, but installing them would take time, time they did not have. Not yet.

They had captured ten alive, which for the little that had come, was a lot. Ten alive. It was good numbers in fact, even if Evester had predicted a hell storm and they had captured the ten immediately into the night. Their training had come in handy, and hopefully that training had saved more around the world. Evester had not asked yet about the world since he had stopped paying attention to them. He didn’t want to know how the first two days had gone for everyone. He needed to know hot the first two days hd finished.

Based on the predictions no second attack would be coming for the warehouse for a while. Not a full fledged one at least. However they still had to be worried for scouting teams. They were in the middle of the Aralax strong holds and they couldn’t expect Maverin’s predictions to be completely right.

Not when they’d won. 

“The best thing we can do is create a minefield for now and hope that’ll ward them from coming too close.” Uly sighed as he watched Evester from the cameras. The recording was over. Their live show had been over since the last Aralax fell and Evester did his sign out for EverDanger. Uly had not been released but he was already giving orders as if he were. “We need to clean this place.”

“Only when we are certain we are safe.” Evester wanted to do one more patrol before they let the the scientists roam free.

His father had suggested using the bodies in the way that he had hidden himself in the mountains: as a disguise and to mask the place in the scent of the blood. That was, only after his father had done his studies on them. It would at least keep them hidden enough, because they had to assume that at the nights they were going to be continuously attacked from that point on. Until the defenses were set up, Evester’s team was going to be on high alert and Uly’s team would be more contained.

Even if they weren’t, they had to act like it and they had to keep acting like it until they had a good wide first defense other than them fighting. They could not have any casualties on live television. That was how they got blocked and they could not get blocked.

“When do they start trying communication?” Evester asked Uly about what the Scientists had been working on while the attack had been happening.

“As soon as your father shows some biologists how to carve the bodies for armor.”

“We are really going to do that?” Evester groaned. He knew it was the right idea but he did not want to do it.

“At this point, do we have a choice?”

Honestly they really did not. They had a few more hours until noon and Evester needed to get sleep for the next night. They still had to fortify their internal defenses and safe rooms as to ensure that they could stay tightly protected at least for the most part. 

“Contact?” Evester looked up to the sky through the windows. He wanted to paint. Why did he want to paint?

“Europa is sending me the official report tonight. Kony, Karla, and Kori have a scheduled call tomorrow.” Which meant that was how they’d get the information on what was important to know that the reports did not say.

“We will survive this.” Evester told him.

“We have to. EverDanger doesn’t just quit.”

“And you need to sleep.”

“I’ll sleep later.”

“No. You sleep now. And you sleep through the night too.” Evester needed Uly to do more for their future trip. He could not focus on their defense. Evester had to do it. Evester had to protect Uly. Evester could not paint, because he had to focus on the task at hand.

“I can’t do that.”

“You are going to have to. Train Karla to do what you do for reporting.” Heia would like it better if her sister was safe. “We need you to rest and to work on the space program. That has to come first.” Evester did not talk to Uly as his friend. He did not talk to Uly as his future brother. He talked to Uly as his leader.

“And it will.” Uly protested.


“I know Evester.” Uly was pissed. “I know what I have to do, but I can’t.” Evester could feel the tension and frustration at the edge of his skin. Uly had always been there through every ploy Evester has ever done. He was there and always could be known to be there. He was Evester’s greatest support. Evester needed Uly to get them through the end of the world and Evester was going to protect him to get there.

“I’m not going to die.” Evester had to convince himself of it.

“I’m not afraid of you dying.” Uly was afraid for the others, for their injuries, for a mistake. He had to have the control because that was who he was. 

“You have to get us off this planet and to a safe home Uly. You don’t get a choice.”

Uly knew that. He knew it wasn’t possible for him to work in the day and run the operation at night. He knew that it wasn’t possible for them to continue this way but he was also afraid of letting go. Evester heard his best friend struggle with it through his silence. He’d come to terms with it soon enough, even if it took a few days. The reports came back that everything was clear and that the scientists would be released. “I’m going to bed now Uly.”

He did not wait for Uly to respond before he signed off and walked towards his room. Uly had other things he had to do. Evester wanted to paint. Maybe he’d do a little of it before he went to sleep.

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