YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 70 (CHAPTER 217)

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100 Days Until Songs And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Heia slept through most of the day. She had given her footage to Trace when she had gotten back. Both had not been out nearly as long as Heia had, and had begun editing their footage and voiceovers immediately. When she woke up, Trace and Robee were going through the footage scene by scene.

“This is pretty great.” Robee tossed Heia a water bottle and a fruit bar and snack. As Heia began to eat she listened to the playback. They seemed to be going over parts again and again.

“Did you find much?” Heia asked him. She had not asked them much when she had passed out. Her job had been far more taxing than either of theirs had been.

“What we expected. Patrols. Sleeping people. No one knew.”  Robee then mentioned to Trace to replay the part again. The room went silent save the movie they were making. Heia munched on her food and wondered if Alan Penn knew she was in his city. If he did know was he sending people out to find her? Did he care?

“I captured some more footage earlier.” Trace spoke up some time later.. “Of how it is business as usual.” Trace looked to Heia. “Great job getting the disposal. However, that was stupid to do so.”

“I wanted to see how they would cover it up.” She also wanted to know how they were ruining the world more. “We are going to continue to watch to see what happens. But I need to make it clear that this stuff actually happened recently and not in the past.”

Trace sighed looking at the video. “When I said I wanted to make a video like everDanger, I never meant this.”

“Too bad.” Robee laughed. They did not have the others to edit it. Trace and Robee had done video editing when they were young, but they were neither good nor quick at it. Heia did wonder how long it would take them. As least she knew that they saved all the footage in three places. They’d need to hide the third in a place that hopefully would ever check. Lynx and Kim had taught them that, expecting them to get caught.

They were on their own here, but they had time on their side. EverDanger had prepared them for this.

“How long do you think it will take you to edit it?” Heia asked her sister.

“A few more days.”

“Then we prepare for a riot.” Heia told them both. She had thought about it and it was the next step that she wanted to push.

“A riot?” Robee asked.

“Oh. Excuse me. A protest.” But they both knew that protests for Xs were always labeled as riots in the end. “The day that we put up the footage, I plan to protest. Or rather put it up and then protest the next day.”

“Protest for what?” Robee went on interested in the plan almost instantly.

“Exposing the truth. If we can cause enough noise we may be able to signal to Uly and the others that they have to help take down the information block here.” It would also signal other protests everywhere else. “We will show them the truth.”

“We’ll get caught.” Trace reminded her.

“Worse things could happen.” Heia shrugged. “Get the video done. And if we get caught then we’ll deal with it.” Heia expected them to get caught and she would make sure they recorded the whole thing.

They had to get caught live. They had to make sure the world knew and that the city knew what was happening. She had to make the biggest scene that EverDanger had ever created, in order for change to happen. If Heia was going to get caught, if Alan Penn knew where she was, she wanted to make sure he could not kill her. She had to make sure he saw her, and had to bring her back. She needed Kim to make a riot for her.


Heia thought of her red hair and sweet smile. Heia wanted her so much and the ache grew with each day. She wanted the protest more, however, and if Kim were here, she’d agree. The protest had to happen. It had to get big and out of control. She had to shake the city and the world into action. No one was going to be left behind and forgotten. Whether that meant saving them, or forcing them to fight for themselves.

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