YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 66 (CHAPTER 213)

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101 Days Until Storms And the Uncertain End (Part 2)

Zeydar looked over his class, his mind racing and trying to keep himself in control as he taught. Shawn had said he shouldn’t focus on it. Could not focus on it, had to keep going. He wasn’t wrong, but Zeydar was also at a loss. The news from Evester had come so suddenly. They were wrong and the attacks were starting sooner. The suddenness of it had Zeydar on edge. The final war was beginning and Zeydar had not yet broken himself free. He did not yet know his magic. He was not the asset he was supposed to be. How was he supposed to pull his part of the weight when he couldn’t even teach properly?

Every location was a zone of probable destruction. Every person was at risk. Yet no one knew. Those who did acted like nothing had changed. Which, much to Zeydar’s dismay, was correct. Nothing had happened. At least not to them. Yet the world was under attack and no one had said a word. The world buzzed about him and a headache was forming. He needed to either calm himself or prepare for a full mental breakdown. And he could not have a breakdown here. Not here. Not now.

“Any questions before we move on?” Zeydar hated this class. His general class was already past most of the formative years of magic: the De’lays, and the Marquis. They had learned past the reformation of Staff work, and the modification of the spell language. They knew that the Yasloughve Project had created Stars, by introducing the world to magic, but that it had been up to Stars to figure out how magic worked. They knew so much general history, but nothing had stuck. Unfortunately because they had to understand history to understand how magic worked, his assessments of the class were dismal at best. They knew the names, maybe a few years but none of the whys were present. 

Why had Mika De’lay decided to test the hypothesis of staff work and the creation of foci? Because the use of unfocused spells created havoc and disastrous ramifications. They said it but that was not enough. There was so much more. Yes, unfocused spells created havoc. However what did Havoc mean then? What was a Staff back then? Why was it so pivotal that Mika De’lay had tested Staffs again after it had been deemed a failure? Why had the idea of foci existed – lore, myth, story — and then discarded? Why had Mika De’lay decided to test the hypothesis of staff work and the creation of foci?

Why had Francis Marquis used diamonds as the center of Staffs to begin with before branching out to other gemstones? Why did he end up with Alexandrite in the end? How was it that because of the consistent use of Alexandrite, along with magic, that the stone’s properties were changed? In the study of the stone and its effects with magic, a new stone — the first of two commonly used in staffs –was formed. The stone was then named after the Igilistal who was in power at the time: Greyvial Igilistal. Grevidite was commonly used as the staff core to this day, as highly enhanced and excellent for the flow and containment of magic for a Star to control. Grevidite was able to continuously interact with magic, drawing and storing the power within itself for a Mage to use. Additionally the stone contained the properties of its sister and changed colors. However, due to its temperament, having been formed under magic heat and magic cooling, its color disparity became tied to magic and magic powers within a person rather than the stone itself.

It was ground Grevidite that was found in Holoblades, resulting in the color change of blue or orange. The Grevidite, that better reacted to magic itself, thus creating the disparity between Stars, and thus further advancing the classifications and the progress of spell casting as a whole. When the other stones, a black colored sister to opal that is used for magic limiting and a type of metal malleable by magic — only when under intense heat and pressure, otherwise its was as strong as the strongest metals — are used to form the staffs, it helps for better control of the Grevidite center. However, why was it that this was important in the face of magic and how has its discovery changed the world outside of just magic? What would have happened if it had never come into play, in theory for no one can truly be certain. Why had Francis used diamonds/ Why had he switched? Why did that matter?

There were all the answers of when and where but none of the whys. If they didn’t have the whys, then they wouldn’t understand how certain Staffs were better for certain individuals. They wouldn’t understand why most Class Two Mages and above had custom made staffs — because Grevidite formed with an individual’s magic in part is better for the caster. They didn’t know that much of Circle culture and infrastructure was based on it. They didn’t realize that the Towers, Cloudcities, and UnderCities relied on Grevidite. The creation of the stone had changed human survival. It was part of everything which was why magic was more potent now.

Worst yet, because they weren’t asking the whys. They were avoiding the most important question of them all.

Why had the Yasloughve Project created them in the first place? Zeydar knew but did they?

Zeydar looked around his class once more. No hands raised. “No. Then we move on.” He looked to his notes. “Your education has brought you to the modern era as it is already, and while I do think it is important to touch back on the past in order to complete your education we are left with the remaining question of this. Why is magic important? Historically.”

He looked to the eyes of those who were paying attention. Some of them gave him expressions that asked if he were serious. Others didn’t care. 

“Anyone?” Zeydar looked over the room.

“Because.” A girl began to answer when he called on her. “Magic is a fundamental part of society and without it, our current situation would collapse in on itself. Magic is used in many factories and protection units for the world, and powers many facilities and the likes.” It was the military. It was the cities. It was the air they breathed and the food they ate. Magic was everywhere, in everything, and those who controlled it could control the world should they so choose.

“No.” Zeydar let her finish before telling her himself. “That is an excellent answer for why it is important today, but not historically? Who else?”

“Because it changed the world?” Another student offered.

“Excellent answer but not the one I’m looking for.” Zeydar then paused. “Or not exactly. Does anyone want to expand on this idea?”

A few more answers were given, skimping around the idea and not falling fully into it. Zeydar looked to Shawn. “Who created the classifications?”

“Who?” Shawn looked up bored. He had been paying attention but acted as if he were not. Zeydar knew that Shawn was doing it on purpose, learning all he could without seeming like a threat. It was also why Shawn might have the answer to why magic was important. “You mean what. The Project did.”

“Right.” Zeydar turned to those in the room. “The Yasloughve Project told the world about the three classifications. X, Circle, Star. Those without, those with little, those with enough to be Mages. Why?” He looked over all those in the room. Too many looks of confusion. He would have to spell it out for them. “Okay how about this? What does the Yasloughve Project specify in?”

“Crisis management and the prediction of possible threats to society and the world.” Someone answered.

“So why did the Project create the classes?” He asked them knowing that they had the answer but didn’t want to say it allowed. “The machine is smart, people are not. It has taken years to decipher all of its predictions and people began to mitigate the damage with science and magic. However the machine doesn’t know exactly how we react and so that information has to go in, but when you ask yourselves the questions you will get the answers. What is the one event that was not mitigated despite the prediction and apt preparation time? From there you have the answer for the question: why did the Project create the classifications? And from there you should understand why magic is important.”

Because ultimately, magic was the best use of force against the Aralax. Magic was going to be the best thing for the population when trying to adapt to a new planet. Magic was the one thing that could protect the world, if they tried to. Magic was important because ultimately it was the only way the Project expected the people to survive. And with magic had come advancement, changes, the possibility of the space program actually working to fruition. Without it, much would not be possible. With it, humans had a fighting chance.

Zeydar had to collect as much magic in the air before they left. He would have to gather stones and store magic in them. Who knew what sort of magic the new world would hold. What if he lost all his abilities all together? Who would he be then? What if they got stronger? He had no idea and now he had more things he had to do before they were forced to flee the planet. How had he not thought of all these issues before? How had they slipped his mind. Here he was trying to give his students a lesson and instead all he had done was give one to himself.

Magic was everything now.

Historically, it was the only way to save the world.

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